In a recent interview, Nicolas Cage revealed that he and his wife Riko Shibata are expecting a daughter. The Pig actor made the momentous announcement during a visit on The Kelly Clarkson Show, revealing that he will name his child after the late John Lennon and his father, August ‘Augie’ Coppola.

I’m going to give everyone some major news,” Nicolas remarked. “I’m going to have a little girl,” she says. He revealed more exciting facts about his wife Riko Shibata’s upcoming kid. “Her name will be Lennon Augie, after my father, August Coppola,” he continued, alluding to August Coppola’s late father, who died in 2009.

Nicolas Cage announces he is having a baby girl with wife Riko Shibata.
Nicolas Cage named his wife Riko Shibata’s daughter after the late John Lennon.
Photo Source: Instagram

For short, I’ll call her Lenny. “I’m ecstatic,” Cage remarked of becoming a father to a girl. “It’ll be the most exciting adventure of my life. So, let’s get started.” In January, Cage and Shibata’s pregnancy was confirmed exclusively by PEOPLE. “The soon-to-be parents are overjoyed!” exclaimed the couple’s publicist.

In the April issue of GQ, Cage revealed that he and Shibata had already decided on a name for their child, naming him Akira Francesco for a boy and Lennon Augie for a girl. “My father’s nickname was Augie. And my uncle [Francis Ford Coppola] has chosen the name Francesco, ” he added. Similarly, Michael Cera welcomed their first child in March 2022.

Cage then said he and wife will be calling their daughter “Lenny for short.”
Nicolas Cage is with his wife.
Photo Source: Instagram

After pulling up the ultrasound on his phone, he continued, “It’s delightful, in my opinion. It’s similar to edamame. A little bean.” Cage also has sons Kal-El, 16, and Weston, 31, from prior relationships; thus, this is his third child. According to Access Hollywood, the actor is “pleased” to be a parent once more. Also, Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child on February 7, 2022.

I miss going to the toy store now that my boys are all grown up. He stated, “ I miss rocking in the rocking chair and singing lullabies, “Earlier this month. “I’m excited to get back to work on that.” On Feb. 16, last year, Cage and Shibata, his fifth wife, married in a “very tiny and intimate wedding at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas” in honor of his late father’s birthday. In a statement at the time, he said, “It’s true, and we’re extremely thrilled.”

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