Andrea Bock’s Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Ty Pennington

Andrea Bock first met her celebrity boyfriend, Ty Pennington around 1997. They gradually took the relationship to the next level and have been together. Ever since the lovebirds are also popular as the spike-haired couple due to their matching hairstyles.

TY Pennington dated Andrea Bock for two decades.
Ty Pennington, girlfriend Andrea Bock.

Bock and Pennington remained in a relationship for nearly two decades but never thought of marriage. The duo refused to follow the traditional dictates but embraced an enviable relationship based on mutual love and respect. They eventually broke up in 2009.

Andrea Bock never had any children with her boyfriend, Ty Pennington. Also, this might be by mutual agreement. Both parties enjoyed each other’s company and never lagged in showing their affection on PDA. For now, Ty is currently dating his new partner, Kellee Merrell. They got engaged on Wednesday, July 28 2021.

Andrea Bock’s Career and Her Net Worth

Andrea Bock wished to become an actress since childhood, but she became a part of the off-camera crew. Bock started her career with the show Trading Spaces alongside Ty Pennington. Andrea worked with Ty on the popular show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as well.

Andrea Bock main
Andrea Bock worked behind the camera crew.
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She has been working behind the scenes to run smoothly, while her ex-partner has been starring in the shows. Since the show’s launch, Andrea stood by her partner’s side and joined him on notorious shows such as American Diner Revival, among others.

Even though Andrea’s career has not had many details, it’s been said she earned a decent amount from her career. So can you guess how rich Andrea Bock is in 2022? According to genuine sources, Andrea possesses a net worth as high as $500,000. Whereas her former partner, Ty Pennington enjoys a $12 Million net worth with a salary of $75 Thousand Per Episode.

Rumors/Cheating Scandals

Back in 2007, rumors swirled that Andrea Bock’s partner cheated on her with a stripper. While she was still dealing with the situation, Pennington was arrested for driving under the influence.

Both of the incidents rightfully devastated Bock. Therefore, she decided to take a break from the relationship. The pair later patched things up and recommenced their relationship. At that time, Pennington pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge and received 36 months of a probationary sentence. Additionally, he was fined $15000 and ordered to undergo 90 days alcohol education program.

Andrea Bock Short Bio

Andrea Bock was born in the 1960s in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The blonde beauty hasn’t talked about her parent and whether she has any siblings or not. However, the starlet claims she attended Sprayberry High School, where she met her husband hopeful, Ty Pennington. Later, she studied at Kennesaw State University and also Savannah College of Art and Design.

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