Aitana Derbez is the daughter of the well-known Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez and singer and actress Alessandra Rosaldo.

Aitana Derbez’s Wiki/ Bio

Aitana Derbez is the daughter of two well-known figures in Mexico and beyond Eugenio Derbez, a renowned actor, comedian, and filmmaker, and Alessandra Rosaldo, a singer and actress. The celebrity kid was born on August 4, 2014, in Mexico City, Mexico, and holds Mexican nationality. Her ethnic heritage is a mix of Spanish, French, Italian, and Lebanese.

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Aitana Derbez shares three half-siblings. Image Source: Instagram@aitana_derbez

Moreover, among her siblings, Derbez is the youngest, with three half-siblings from her father’s previous relationships: Vadhir Derbez, José Eduardo Derbez, and Aislinn Derbez.

About Aitana Derbez’s Parents’ Love Relationship

The adorable kid Derbez’s parents, Eugenio and his beau Rosaldo are a well-known and affectionate couple in the Mexican entertainment industry. The love mates first crossed paths in 2006 while working on the comedy TV show La Parodia.

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Aitana Derbez is the daughter of Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo. Image Source: Instagram@aitana_derbez

Moreover, the love duo’s immediate connection led to dating, and they’ve been together for over 15 years, despite facing challenges and external criticism.

In 2012, the celebrity pair tied the knot in a lovely ceremony in Mexico City, surrounded by loved ones. Their daughter Aitana was born in 2014, making her the youngest of Eugenio’s four children. Also, get to know about Nicole Sheindlin ‘s love life.

Furthermore, the renowned couple also share their family experiences in their reality show, De Viaje Con Los Derbez, where they showcase their adventures, couple dynamics, and parenting challenges. This happy and close-knit family enjoys traveling, laughter, and quality time together.

Who Is Eugenio Derbez?

The media sensation Eugenio, born in Mexico City in 1961, is a Mexican actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He began his acting journey at a young age, making his TV debut at just 12 years old.

Over the years, the star has starred in numerous films and TV series, including “The Book of Life,” “The Angry Birds Movie 2,” and “CODA.” He gained widespread recognition, being named the most influential Hispanic male in the entertainment industry by Variety.

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Aitana Derbez’s father Eugenio Derbez is well-known actor and comedian. Image Source: Instagram@aitana_derbez

In the 2010s, the household name expanded his career to American films and TV series, appearing in productions like “Jack and Jill,” “Girl in Progress,” “Rob!,” and “Miracles from Heaven.” Also, he lent his voice to Spanish-language versions of various American films, including “Dr. Dolittle,” “Mulan,” “102 Dalmatians,” and the “Shrek” franchise.

To add more, Derbez also ventured into directing, starting with the Mexican soap opera “No Tengo Madre” in 1997. His directing highlight came with the 2013 film “Instructions Not Included,” which became the highest-grossing Spanish-language film in U.S. history.

Aitana Derbez: Rising Star of Reality TV

Well, the 9-year-old Aitana is a Mexican reality TV sensation from a star-studded family. She gained fame through her role on the family reality show “De Viaje Con Los Derbez” in 2019 and also made waves on “Deshecho en Casa.”

However, the celebrity daughter hasn’t still made a renowned name and position in the show biz industry like her parents. Fans are excited about her debut in the entertainment industry however Derbez hasn’t decided her upcoming career. See another celebrity kid Kodah Dash Dyrdek.

How Is Aitana Derbez’s Relationship With Her Grandmothers?

The pretty girl Derbez is the granddaughter of Silvia Derbez, a renowned Mexican actress, while her maternal grandma is Gabriela Barrero.

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Aitana Derbez has a good bond with her grandma. Image Source: Instagram@aitana_derbez

Moreover, the star kid shares a special connection with both her grandmothers, who are big names in the entertainment world. Silvia, her paternal grandmother, has had a remarkable career in acting for over four decades, appearing in many movies and TV shows, including the popular series ‘La Familia P. Luche’. She’s also a successful producer and director.

On the other hand, Barrero, her maternal grandmother, is a well-known singer and actress in Mexico, featuring in various films and TV series like ‘DKDA: Sueños De Juventud’, ‘Aventuras En El Tiempo’, ‘Amarte Es Mi Pecado’, and ‘Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti’. Gabriela is also a talented songwriter with several albums to her name.

In addition, the media star shares a strong bond with both her grandmothers, often seen enjoying quality time together. Her parents frequently share heartwarming photos of Aitana with her grandmothers on social media, highlighting their close relationship.

What Is Aitana Derbez’s Net Worth?

Well, Aitana is becoming famous in Mexico, and she’s started doing small roles on Mexican TV shows. But at just 9 years old she hasn’t made a net worth of her own to date. This might grow as she keeps appearing on her family’s reality show and other projects. Her parents have even set up a trust fund to protect her money for the future.

Likewise, Aitana’s dad, Eugenio, is a super famous actor and comedian in Mexico, with an estimated net worth of $30 million. He’s been in lots of movies and TV shows and has even made his own movies. He’s also into real estate and owns properties in Mexico and the United States.

Furthermore, her mom, Alessandra, is a singer and songwriter who’s released two albums and has about $3 million. She’s also an actress and TV host who appeared in Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti,  Instructions Not Included, and Pulling Strings.

Is Aitana Derbez Available On Social Media?

The TV personage, Aitana is an emerging social media sensation, particularly on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Her official Instagram account boasts over 480,000 followers with the username @aitana_derbez and continues to grow steadily. On this platform, she frequently shares snapshots and videos of her family life.

Besides, the cute celebrity kid maintains a YouTube channel where she uploads engaging vlogs and other entertaining content. Her rapid rise in popularity is positioning her as one of the most prominent influencers in Mexico’s entertainment scene. As her fame continues to soar, Aitana is expected to become even more active across various social media platforms.

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