Kodah Dash Dyrdek, the elder son of entrepreneur and actor Rob Dyrdek, and American model Bryiana Noelle Flores, is a prominent figure.

Kodah Dash Dyrdek’s Wiki/ Bio

Born on September 9, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, Kodah Dash Dyrdek is a mix of different backgrounds. He’s in elementary school in LA and really enjoys skateboarding, playing sports, and being around animals.

Kodah’s got a little sister, Nala Ryan Dyrdek, who came into the world on December 29, 2017. Nala’s a lovely and kind girl who has a thing for dressing up in adorable outfits and adding cool accessories. See another celebrity son Future Zahir Wilburn.

About Kodah Dash Dyrdek’s Parents’ Married Life

The celebrity son, Dash’s parents Rob Dyrdek and Bryiana Noelle Flores are a famous couple who got married in 2015. They first met in 2013 when Rob reached out to Bryiana on Twitter. He invited her to a special date involving a helicopter and helping animals in need.

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Kodah Dash Dyrdek with his parents and sister. Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, the duo’s love story took an incredible turn when Dyrdek proposed to his now wife at a Disneyland show, riding an elephant and asking her to marry him. They tied the knot just five months later in a cozy ceremony. For more than seven years, their marriage has been filled with joy and mutual support. The love mates often express their feelings for one another on social media and share family adventures with their children.

Likewise, the lovely pair also faced tough times together. The pretty woman Flores was diagnosed with a rare and serious blood disease, aplastic anemia when she was just 10. Through thick and thin, Rob and his beau Bryiana’s love shines. They’re a wonderful example of a strong celebrity marriage. With their children, Kodah Dash and Nala, they create a warm and caring home where love always comes first.

Who Is Rob Dyrdek?

Meet Rob Dyrdek, a super-talented guy from America. He’s like a mix of a business boss, a movie star, a TV personality, and a super cool skateboarder. Born on June 28, 1974, in Ohio, he’s been awesome right from the start.

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Kodah Dash Dyrdek’s father is a renowned TV person. Image Source: Instagram

Imagine this: When Rob was just 11 years old, the media star fell in love with skateboarding. By the time he was 12, he was already showing off his moves in local skate contests. And guess what? At 15, he became a professional skateboarder! That’s like being a pro superhero on a skateboard. Cool, right?

Companies loved his skills so much that they supported him. There was a local skate shop called Surf Ohio and an even bigger company called Gordon and Smith Skateboard Company (G&S) – they both thought Rob was amazing.

But that’s not all! When the 49-year-old star was only 16, Dyrdek started his own company called Alien Workshop. It’s like he had a secret club for skateboarding fans. And he didn’t stop there – he created more cool stuff, like a big skateboarding contest called Street League Skateboarding in 2010.

You might have seen Rob on TV too. He was in a show with his best friend called “Rob & Big.” They did fun things together and people loved watching them. After that, Rob was in more TV shows like “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.”

Moreover, the household name didn’t only stick to TV – he even acted in movies like “Street Dreams” and “Righteous Kill.” He’s a busy guy, but he’s also really kind. In 2003, he started the Rob Dyrdek Foundation to help kids and build skate parks. That’s like being a real-life hero!

In addition, the celebrity has won lots of awards for skateboarding and being great on TV. He’s so awesome that they even put him in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame! He’s a big deal in the world of skateboarding and has done lots to make it even cooler.

Who Is Kodah Dash Dyrdek’s Mother?

The 6-year-old star kid Dash Dyrdek’s mom, Bryiana, is a model and also does business stuff. She was even in a magazine called Playboy and became a playmate of the month! She’s in charge of companies called Iconic Beauty and Iconic Wine Beauties. Likewise, she is also an Instagram model.

When the gorgeous woman Bryiana was just 10, something serious happened. She got a rare and tough sickness called aplastic anemia. She had to go through hard treatments like chemo and get special blood and platelet help to stay strong. But guess what? Her wish came true! The Make-A-Wish Foundation let her meet her favorite singer, LeAnn Rimes, and go to one of her shows. How cool is that? Also, het to know about Felice Schachter.

What Is Kodah Dash Dyrdek’s Net Worth?

Kodah is having a great time with his mom, dad, and little sister Nala Ryan Dyrdek.

Even though Kodah is still a kid and not working, his parents have been super successful. They have a lot of money together, more than $100 million! His dad, Rob Dyrdek, has an amazing worth of $100 million from his successful career. And his mom, Bryiana Noelle Flores, has more than an astonishing net worth of $3 million from her modeling work.

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Kodah Dash Dyrdek lives a luxurious lifestyle. Image Source: Instagram

Further, his parents Dyrdek and Noelle have bought a bunch of houses as time passed. One of them is a super big mansion in the Hollywood Hills that cost $3.3 million! Imagine, it’s 8,000 square feet with seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and even a pool and spa. They also have another house in Encino, California, which they bought for $2.2 million. This one has five bedrooms and bathrooms.

Social Media Presence

Kodah is still too young to use social media, so you won’t find him there. But his dad, Rob, is a social media champ! He’s got more than 7.8 million people following him on Instagram with the username @robdyrdek. He shares a creative and entertaining post to engage his audience.

While talking about his mother, she has amassed over 674 thousand followers on her official Instagram page @bryianadyrdek. She posts about her personal and professional life and entertains her followers through her social media posts.

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