Karina Martins from 90 Day Fiancé apologizes to her husband after making false accusations of domestic violence. 

Karine Martins apologizes to her husband Paul Staehle after accusing him of domestic violence and sexual assault last year. She filed a complaint about him getting a restraining order after a fight during the lockdown period in July 2020.

Not only Martins but her husband, Paul, also got a restraining order for his wife the following month. However, the couple seems to have reconciled over their differences as they’ve moved back in together and relocated to Brazil.

Karine Martins and her husband Paul Staehle
Karine Martins and her husband Paul Staehle.
Photo Source: US weekly

In an Instagram story, the 25-year-old shared, “Hello everybody. I’m here to apologize about the accusations about Paul, [they are] false. The translator who tried [to] help me was wrong and did not understand me cause my English is no good,” who is of Portuguese background.

She profusely wrote, “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, Paul,” to which her husband replied in his own story, thanking her for “being an amazing wife to me and mother to our [two] amazing children.” Adding on, he also said, “I am truly sorry I am far from perfect,”. “I do not blame you for past events. I blame myself. I hope and pray [folded hands emoji] our family will continue to thrive and heal day by day. I will dedicate myself every day to understand you better and not be so annoying and frustrating.”

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In the accusation, The 90 Days Fiance said that her husband had pushed her after an ugly fight while grabbing her breast and sexually abusing her. She also mentioned that he threw things at her holding her green card and documents so she couldn’t leave him. As of now, the couple seems to be doing fine in their hometown in Brazil.

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