American actress Zuri Adele is in the limelight for portraying Malika Williams in the TV show Good Trouble. She is based in the United States of America and is an activist and humanitarian in addition to being an actress. 

Born on the 10th of April in the year 1990, Adele was raised in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She spent her life growing up in Brooklyn, learning new things. According to her birth information, she holds the zodiac sign, Aries.

Net Worth

Zuri Adele is estimated to have a net worth of a staggering $1.3 Million in her possession. She has amassed this huge sum throughout her professional career.

Adele has not disclosed her salary, but being a veteran and versatile actor it can be safe to assume that, she receives a good amount. Some of her projects include Good Trouble, Split Milk, Under the dome, and so on.

Besides acting, she also worked as an acting instructor at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, as well as UCLA.

With all this fortune, Adele is spending a quality life in the United States.

Relationship Status – Zuri Adele Partner

Currently, Under the Dome actress, Zuri Adele is living a single life and is focusing on her career. She has not officially said anything about involving in a relationship.

Zuri Adele and her co star Surunas Jackson 1
Zuri Adele and her co-star Sarunas Jackson.
Source: Essence

She is known to have a boyfriend with whom she had a painful breakup during their trip to Phoenix. Fortunately, her sister, like her friend Tammy Warren helped her through her rough time.

However, Adele is rumored to be romantically involved with her co-star. In addition to this, she is bisexual person.

Also, Adele has said that she is open to experimenting with Consensual Non-Monogamy.

Educational Background

Adele is an educated person who had a clear understanding of whom she wanted to be in the future. Having a clear vision has saved her from worrying about selecting a suitable course to pursue. As an acting enthusiast, she was enrolled in Spelman college for acting.

Zuri Adele on the day of graduating from Spelman college
Zuri Adele on the day of graduating from Spelman college.
Source: Instagram @Zuriadele

Furthermore, she went to the British American Drama Academy, and UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television (TFT). Currently, Adele is attending classes at the University of California, Los Angelos for receiving her Master’s degree in fine arts.

Rumored To Be Dating Sarunas J Jackson

Sarunas J Jackson is an acting professional who has made his appearance in movies and TV series like Insecure, Good Trouble, and so on. In Good Trouble, Jackson played the role of Issac Hall, who is the love interest of Malika Williams, played by Zuri.

Zuri Adeles love interest Sarunas Jackson 1
Zuri Adele’s love interest Sarunas Jackson.
Source: Good Trouble wiki fandom

Not only on the screen but Sarunas and Zuri are rumored to be in a relationship. However, the couple has officially not been admitted. They are often spotted together and have posted some pictures on Instagram together which signals that there is more than just a professional relationship.

Identifies With LGBTQ+ Community

Adele is a proud bisexual and a member of the LGBTQ+ community and is a strong supporter of the community. She talks about the rights of bisexuals and encourages others to embrace themselves rather than hide their real identities.

According to Adele, Good Trouble has made her confident and inspired her to be her true self while portraying Malika.

Family Background

Adele was born into a religious family that is dedicated to artistic expression, spirituality, and education. Therefore, she is also influenced by her family. She was raised to maintain discipline, and with great values.

Her mother Elaine Ray is an author while her father Darryl Allardice is a storyteller as well as a writer. Her family member also consists of a sister alongside her parents.

Her mother could not pass the ‘brown paper bag test’ and how she didn’t pass it, so she couldn’t be a flight attendant.

Father – Darryl Allardice

Adele’s father, Darryl Allardice, is a recognized poet and storyteller. He resides in Brooklyn and has performed all over the world. Adele claims that Allardice is a highly busy figure who, in addition to performing, bikes all around Brooklyn and instructs young people.

Zuri Adele with her father 1
Zuri Adele with her father.
Source: The Wiki

But due to his severe blood cell disorder, and sickle cell anemia, Alladice’s gregarious lifestyle has slowed down. Adele shared in a tragic December 2018 tweet that her father had been hospitalized for disease-related complications on Christmas Eve just days earlier. At the moment, she was traveling to Brooklyn to see him.

However, her father is doing well now.

Mother -Elaine Ray

Adele’s mother, Elaine Ray, is a noted journalist and author. Ray served as an editor and writer for Essence and The Boston Globe during her illustrious career. She led Stanford University’s communications team as well.

Zuri Adeles Mother 1
Zuri Adele’s Mother.
Source: The Wiki

Following recognition for her short stories and journalism, Ray continued on to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop to earn her MFA in creative writing.

Zuri Adele Fellowship For HBCU Alumni

To support the MFA candidate studying TFT’s narrative and performance, the Zuri Adele Fellowship for HBCU Alumni is for that sole purpose. The HBCU offers more than just textbooks with westernized content.

The tales and content are presented with a more African viewpoint. More than 107 unaccredited minor institutions have contributed to the accomplishment of this program. The Zuri Adele Fellowship for HBCU Alumni has developed a strategy to bring together artists from different backgrounds and enable them to work and collaborate within the organization.

As Malika Williams In Good Trouble

Good Trouble is the spinoff of the freeform show The Fosters. Adele has played the role of Malika in the show that she was destined to play.

Good Trouble Season 4, Episode 10 | Malika Opens Up To Luca | Freeform.

According to Zuri, she felt like the character is her soulmate. The character also boosted her confidence in and embraced her true identity.

As Yoga Instructor

Adele has involved herself in many domains, and one of them is yoga instructing. She has practiced yoga herself for many years for mental and physical health.

With years of practice and continuity in yoga, she is now a certified yoga instructor. Additionally, pioneered the Be Accessible Scholarship at Modo Yoga International with the intention of making fitness more available to people of African descent.

Zuri Adele Height And Physical Appearance Details

Good Trouble star, Zuri, stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 7 inches which is equivalent to 170 cm. Likewise, she has maintained her weight of around 61 kg, i.e., 135 lbs. She has a decent body with curves.

Zuri Adele in white shirt and blue jeans 1
Zuri Adele in a white shirt and blue jeans.
Source: IMDb

Additionally, Adele has light brown curly hair and dark brown hair, which perfectly matches her appearance. Moreover, her looks are enhanced by the beauty products she uses and her style.

Zuri Adele Tattoo

The other distinctive trait besides the High cheekbones and deadlock hair in Adele is the Tatoo on her body. She has a tattoo on her chest.

Zuri got her first tattoo while she was playing in Good Trouble. All her friends and co-star of the series held her hand and started singing to celebrate her first tattoo.

Social Media Presence

Adele is a media personality and is quite active on the social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She constantly posts on those platforms and engages in interaction with her followers.

Her Instagram account is @Zuriadele which has more than 62k followers. She has posted her personal as well as professional life on Instagram. Her lifestyle can be assumed by looking at her Instagram Profile.

Similarly, Adele uses Twitter to tweet as well as retweet her opinion on different topics. She has pinned the post of The Real Day Time, which has featured her. Her account is @Zuriadele which has more than 2k followers.

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