Bridget LaPaglia’s Birthday, Age, and Early Life

Bridget Lapaglia was born on January 6, 2003, in Australia. She is twenty years old and holds Australian nationality. Her father’s name is Anthony LaPaglia, and her mother’s name is Gia Carides. Moreover, her father is an Australian actor who is best known for his role as Jack Malone in the television drama Without a Trace (2002–2009), for which he received a Golden Globe nomination in 2004.

Bridget LaPaglia is 19-year-old.
Bridget LaPaglia with her friends.
Photo Source: Instagram

Further, the gorgeous young lady’s mother is an Australian actress who is most known for her roles in Strictly Ballroom, Brilliant Lies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Big Little Lies as Liz Holt, Susy Connor, Cousin Nikki, and Melissa. Her parents divorced after 17 years in April 2015.

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Daddy Anthony displays his love for her only child on Instagram, reminiscing about her upbringing and the valuable time together. The father-daughter combination appears to be on vacation, and they have a very close relationship.

Whereas the Mother-Daughter relationship between Gia and Bridget is also on good terms. They were spotted together in NYC at the premiere of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

In addition, the celebrity child received good grades at the end of high school. LaPaglia completed a bachelor’s degree Bachelor at a state institution in the United States.

Bridget LaPaglia’s Net Worth, Career, And Instagram

The 20-year-old Lapaglia is a media star whose net worth has yet to be determined. She is not only well-known for her celebrity parents, but she has also worked hard to establish a profession for herself. In addition, Bridget is currently launching her own identity via her talents in fashion, design, and the arts.

Bridget LaPaglia's father is a millionaire.
Bridget LaPaglia is living a lavish lifestyle.
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Moreover, the beautiful star kid has more than 41.4k Instagram followers under the handle @bridgetcl. According to her Instagram post, she enjoys creating garments and is a skilled artist who creates sketches and paintings. She also has more than 1405 followers on Pinterest, where she pins her interests and ideas. This incredibly gifted artist, who is skilled with pens and colors, is continuing to pursue her passion for the arts by creating and selling her creations.

On the other hand, her father, Anthony, is a multi-millionaire. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of $9 million. Similarly, her mother, Gia, has an estimated wealth of $3 Million. Bridget is living a lavish lifestyle and trying to earn by herself.

Bridget LaPaglia’s Relationship Status. Is She Dating Anyone?

Regarding her relationship, Bridget LaPaglia shared a photo of herself with Drew Weidhaas, with whom she attended Prom, and he is presumed to be Lapaglia’s boyfriend. She posted a photo with him.

Bridget LaPaglia is living a happy life.
Bridget LaPaglia with Drew Weidhaas.
Photo Source: Instagram

However, It isn’t confirmed that Drew is her partner. Bridget hasn’t officially declared her relationship status. She might be single and enjoy her singlehood. We’ll let you know if any information about her partner is disclosed. However, the gorgeous celebrity daughter remains private when it comes to her love life.

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