Zoe Grace Quaid is a famous kid because her parents, the well-known American actor Dennis Quaid and his ex-wife Kimberly Quaid, are big stars. She’s always been in the spotlight because of her famous folks.

Zoe Grace Quaid’s Wiki/ Bio

Zoe Grace Quaid is Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington‘s daughter, born alongside her twin brother Thomas Boone Quaid through surrogacy on September 8, 2007. She arrived at 8:26 a.m. at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, just two minutes after her brother. Zoe weighed 5 lbs. 9 oz. at birth, while her twin brother weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz.

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Zoe Grace Quaid with her parents and twin brother.

Soon after they were born, Zoe and her brother got very sick with an infection. They were taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where they accidentally got too much medicine. However they are living a healthy lifestyle as of now.

Is the A Daughter Of Millionaire

The 16-year-old Grace is still a kid and hasn’t started a career yet, so her money details aren’t out. But her dad, Movie 43 star Quaid, is a famous actor worth $30 million from his long acting career and making shows and movies since 1994.

On the other side, Her mom, Kimberly Quaid, has $3 million, including $2 million from her divorce from Dennis and earnings from being a real estate agent.

Zoe Grace Quaid’s Parents Were Married For 12 Years

Zoe’s parents, Dennis and his former partner Kimberly, were married for twelve years before they split in 2018. Let’s check out their married life and what led to their divorce.

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Zoe Grace Quaid’s parents are no longer together.

Before Kimberly, Innerspace actor Quaid was married twice. First, to actress PJ Soles on November 23, 1978, for five years, then to actress Meg Ryan on February 14, 1991, for over a decade. He and Meg had a son named Jack Henry Quaid.

Besides, Dennis and Grace’s mom met in the early 2000s and got married on July 4, 2004. They had twins, Zoe and Thomas, in 2007 through surrogacy.

In addition, the celebrity duo’s marriage hit a rough patch in 2012 when Kimberly filed for divorce, but they got back together. However, in 2016, they separated for good and finalized their divorce in 2018.

Dennis Quaid Is Now Married To Laura Savoie

The 69 year old Quaid and Laura Savoie are married. They got engaged in October and secretly tied the knot in Santa Barbara on June 2, 2020, at a beachfront resort. Quaid, 66, and Savoie, 27, said their traditional vows and exchanged Bulgari rings.

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Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie at their wedding. Image Source: Instagram@@dennisquaid

Moreover, the love birds met at a work event in May 2019. Savoie is from St. Louis and studied accounting at Pepperdine University. She also got a master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and was working on her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin when they met.

However, originally planning a Hawaii wedding in April 2020, the love birds changed their plans due to COVID-19 and eloped in Santa Barbara. They’ve shared that their strong faith is crucial to their bond and happiness.

In December 2021, the Far From Heaven star and his third wife launched Bonniedale Films. Quaid mentioned their age difference isn’t something they dwell on, and their shared faith is vital for their marriage. They’ve traveled a lot together, and Quaid proposed during a trip to Oahu. Despite the age gap, they’re deeply connected and attribute their successful marriage to their faith.

Zoe Grace Quaid’s Social Media Life & Relationships

The celebrity daughter Zoe Grace is still pretty young and isn’t into social media including Instagram. She likes keeping things private and working on herself. But as she grows up, she might want to share her life with everyone.

Right now, at 16, Quaid isn’t into dating. But with her good looks, talent, and nice personality, she might catch some attention later on. People are curious to see what amazing things she’ll do as she gets older.

Who Is Dennis Quaid?

The TV star Dennis is a famous American actor and musician known for his roles in lots of movies and TV shows. Interestingly he is the brother of Randy Quaid, Brandy Quaid, and cousin of Bo Brinkman (Dakota Brinkman‘s father). He was born in Houston, Texas, back in 1954 and left college in 1974 to chase his dream of acting. His big break came with the movie Breaking Away in 1979, which won an Academy Award.

After that, the household name appeared in loads of films like The Right Stuff opposite Billy Green Bush (Lindsay Greenbush‘s father), The Parent Trap, and The Day After Tomorrow, among many others. He has been nominated for awards multiple times, even getting a Golden Globe nod for Far from Heaven in 2002. He also played President Bill Clinton in an HBO movie called The Special Relationship.

Aside from acting, the big name loves music and plays in a band called “The Sharks”. He’s got a flying license and is pretty good at golf too, with a handicap of five. Quaid has had an amazing career in both acting and music.

To add more, Quaid’s acting got him some award nominations, like for playing President Bill Clinton in a movie called The Special Relationship. He’s been busy acting in movies and was in a TV show called Lawmen: Bass Reeves as Deputy US Marshal Sherrill Lynn. Likewise, he is set to appear in Reagen, The Substance, Little Mouth, and Saurus City.

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