Yasmine Yousaf is also known as Yazzy is a Pakistani- American rapper and songwriter who is popularly known as a band member of the popular EDM genre Krewella band.

When the band was formed it was of three members which includes Yasmine, her sister Jahan and Kristopher Trindl but now it only has her and her sister as the members.

Early Life Of Yousaf

Yasmine was born on the date of 18th of February in the year 1992 and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She was born in Houston, Texas, and is of mixed ethnicity with her father Sohail Yousaf being of Pakistani descent and her mother Neda Yousaf being of German-Polish ethnicity. She has two sisters named Aisha Yousaf and Jahan Yousaf.

Yousaf was raised in Houston where since childhood she was a bold and outspoken person who was interested in music, especially rap music. She completed her formal education in Texas and her high school at Glenbrook North High School located in Illinois.


Yazzy began her career when she moved to Illinois for higher studies, she met Kris Trindl, and along with him and her sister Jahan Yousaf they formed an EMD band called Krewella. They formed the band on the date of 8th June 2010 and to make it memorable all three members of the band at the time got themself a tattoo of 6-8-10. The band’s first song came out titled Killin’ It produced by the label Monstercat and the song became sensational around the globe.

Yasmine in her career has been part of many memorable songs of the band which include songs like Live for the night from the album Get Wet, Be There from New World Part1, Greenlights from the album Zero, and others that have been listened to and enjoyed by fans the globe.

Yasmin and her sister Jahan doing a concert in Houston.
Yasmin and her sister Jahan doing concert in Houston. Source: Instagram@ yousaf_yasmine.

Being part of the band she has performed in various music festivals around the world as she has performed in Ultra Music Festival, Sunburn Festival, Setreosonic Festival, and other global festivals. She along with her sister currently are still members of the band and are reaching new heights as the time progresses.

Net Worth

Yasmine Yousaf has been a sensational singer and her band Krewella is still one of the top EMD bands around the world which has helped her to earn some good money in her career. She has been a star who is touring and performing along with her sister in different festivals and places which has certainly made her financially strong.

According to various reliable sources, it is believed that her estimated networth is $3 million with her annual salary being $65k. Her singing career is her primary source of income.

What Are Yasmine’s Hobbies And Interset?

Yazzy is a fun-loving woman who likes to do various different things apart from her singing profession. She is a huge admirer and lover of Bollywood movies and likes to watch most Indian movies, also she has described Bahubali and Dangal movies as her favorite watched in recent times. She also likes listening to Bollywood music.

Her other hobbies have been watching sports mainly cricket where she supports the Pakistani National Cricket Team and also enjoys Cooking along with traveling to different places.

Physical Appearance

One Minute singer Yousaf is a good-looking and attractive woman who has caught the attention of many through her singing and her beauty. She is a woman of decent height with her height being 5 feet 4 inches(164 cm) and her body weight is 51kgs.

Yasmine Yousaf wearing a Black jacket and grey t-shirt posing for pictures
Yasmine Yousaf during a photoshoot. Source: Instagram@

She has a well-maintained body and her body measurement is 30-26-32 with her chest size being 30 inches, waist 26 inches, and Hip size 32 inches. Her hair color is Black and she has beautiful brown eyes.

Tattoos Of Yasmine Yousaf.

Yasmine loves to decorate her body with different artistic tattoos and has had multiple tattoos on her body so far. She has a paisley design on her neck which is a half ying-yang and the other half of that is on her sister Jahan’s neck. On her left arm, she has a lightning bolt tattoo. She has got a henna-inspired tattoo spread through her four fingers.

Likewise, she has a raven on top of a human skull having a third eye on its forehead tattoo on the backside of her right hand. Yasmine has a matching tattoo called Krewlife with her team members of the band Krewella which is located on her right arm. On her right Forearm, she has a zombie-faced Kurt Cobain Portrait which was designed by one of her fans.

Yasmine Yousaf showing off some of her tattoos.
Yasmine Yousaf showing off some of her tattoos. Source: Instagram@yousaf_yasmine.

On her upper right arm, she has a tattoo of a skull pierced by a dagger, on the left side of her chest, she has four black six-pointed stars which represent her hometown. She has her sister named Aisha tattooed on her back. She has a large writing tattoo written in Latin “Certum est quia impossible est” which translates as “It is certain because it is impossible”.

Social Media

Yousaf accesses social media Platforms on Instagram through the username @yousaf_yasmine. But the main attraction or connection of her presence on social media comes through Krewella’s account to connect it with her fans and has made a huge online fanbase for her band through social media.

They are active on Instagram and have a verified profile with the username @krewella and as of May 2022, they have total followers of 672k. They post content related to the band and also some of the personal moments of the sisters on their official Instagram profiles. They also have a profile on Twitter with the username @Krewella and is a verified profiles with 647.8k followers as of May 2022.

Relationship Status

Yasmine Yousaf is currently in a relationship with Leighton James. The couple has been dating for some time now and is seen together during musical concerts and other events. They have been dating for a long but the exact details regarding their meeting or who Leighton James is haven’t been disclosed yet.

They both however are seen as happy with each other and may their love continues. there hasn’t been any information regarding marriage or engagement so far at the time of writing this article.

Rumors About Yasmine Yousaf

Yasmine Yousaf has been able to keep herself private and much information regarding her is not discussed in the media as she doesn’t like to be talked about other than her work.

There have been no rumors going on regarding her at the moment in the media which had caught the attention of her fans.


Yasmine Yousaf along with her sister Jahan Yousaf came under huge controversy in the year 2014 when one of the founding members of the band Krewella Kris Tindrl was announced to be leaving the band.

The controversy began when Kris filed a lawsuit against the two sisters for $5 million in damage as he claimed that he was wrongfully Kicked out of the band whereas the sister claimed that it was due to his alcohol and drug consumption he was made to leave the band.

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