Joann Winkhart is best known as Criss Angel‘s ex-wife, an American magician, illusionist, and singer. In addition, she was a model at the time. She also frequently appears on the show Mindfreak with her ex-husband Criss, and the two of them form an incredible team.

The celebrity ex-wife is the proprietor of The Refuge and & K. Pacho Restaurants and a fashion model for Long Island Pulse. Criss and Joann have been together for a long time. However, immediately after their divorce, the pair had a high point. Stay on the page and read the article to learn more about the lovely Joann Winkhart.

Joann Winkhart’s Married Life. Who Is Her Husband?

Joann Winkhart is happily married to her long-term companion, Rich Cave. Before tying the knot, they could have been dating for a long time. She prefers to keep her personal life hidden from the public eye. As a result, she has withheld information about her marriage and husband from the press. After their wedding, they did photoshoots for “Long Island Pulse” inexpensive costumes.

Joann Winkhart is married woman.
Joann Winkhart with her husband.
Photo Source: Instagram

The couple enjoys a peaceful and blissful existence, with no symptoms of divorce or extramarital affairs. Based on her Instagram photos, Joann looks to be thrilled that she has found love with Rich. Joann’s personal life has likewise never focused on speculation or controversy.

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The beautiful lady is an animal enthusiast who is eager to defend animals to prevent them from becoming extinct. She is an HSUS District Leader Volunteer who is doing an excellent job advocating for animals. The stunning activist has used her platform to support animals who don’t have a voice.

Joann Winkhart’s Relationship With Criss Angel

Criss Angel, an American magician, was JoAnn Winkhart’s ex-husband. They met in high school and began dating after that. They married in 2002 after dating for several years. The ex-couple married in a private ceremony only their closest friends and family were invited.

Joann Winkhart is the ex-wife of Criss.
Joann Winkhart’s ex-husband, Criss Angel.
Photo Source: Instagram

Further, Joann and Criss could not manage their marriage, which resulted in divorce in 2006. Their divorce has yet to be determined. After years of arguing, the ex-couple decided to split up since they had no children.

JoAnn said that the magic in their marriage had faded and that he had abandoned her after becoming stardom. Winkhart’s lawyer also claimed that the magician did not share his fortunes from his great career with his wife. It’s unclear whether Criss paid spousal support to his ex-wife, JoAnn.

After their divorce, Criss got married to Shaunyl Benson in 2015.

Quick Information on JoAnn Winkhart

An animal rights activist, JoAnn Winkhart was born in November 1969 in New York. The daughter of Richard Winkhart completed her education at East Meadow High school where she met her first beau Criss Angel.

Winkhart is a model by profession. From her profession, JoAnn is estimated to have made a net worth of $800 thousand.

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