JoAnn Winkhart’s Wiki/Bio

Joann Winkhart was born to American parents somewhere in the United States of America. The gorgeous lady was born on 5th December 1969 in Aurora, Illinois, USA. The media personality is 54 years old and holds an American personality. She is the daughter of Richard Winkhart.

JoAnn Winkhart was born to American parents somewhere in the United States of America.
JoAnn Winkhart is a well-known model.
Source: Instagram

It’s still unknown whether the lady has any siblings. Joann is an American by nationality, yet she comes from a diverse ethnic background. East Meadow High School in New York was where she finished her high school education. Joann has kept her old life hidden for a variety of reasons.

JoAnn Winkhart’s Net Worth

Winkhart rose to notoriety after marrying Criss Angel who is the son of Dimitra Sarantakos. Even after their divorce, she is still well-liked by many people. Joann has never revealed her net worth to the public, despite her notoriety. She is also a model. Therefore her profession may have paid well. According to, the average yearly compensation for a model is $48,335,, with the maximum pay being $91 thousand.

The artist could also have obtained a multimillion-dollar divorce settlement. After taking into account all of her earnings, she may have a net worth of $800,000. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, is worth a staggering $50 million. He is one of the wealthiest and highest-paid magicians, according to sources.

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To add more, Criss earns $16 million per year and is the owner of a $70 million-a-year company. Criss has also been on America’s Got Talent as a judge among celebrities, including Howie Mandel (Riley Mandel‘s Father), Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Julianne Hough.

How Is JoAnn Winkhart’s Professional Life?

The gorgeous lady Winkhart is famous for being the former wife of Angel, a magician and singer from the United States. Besides this, she is successful as a model and a champion for animals.

As a model, the beautiful woman has posed for Long Island Pulse and has also taken on the role of owning The Refuge and & K. Pacho Restaurants. Beyond her modeling career, she is passionate about animal welfare.

In addition, JoAnn volunteers as an HSUS District Leader, advocating for animals and raising awareness about their well-being. She uses her Twitter platform to share messages about loving and caring for animals, and she actively participates in various animal-related events as a dedicated volunteer.

JoAnn Winkhart’s Current Relationship Detail

Joann Winkhart and her long-term partner, Rich Cave, are blissfully married. They could have been dating for a long time before tying the marriage. She loves to keep her personal life private. Thus she hasn’t given the press any information about her marriage and husband. They had done photoshoots for “Long Island Pulse” infancy outfits after their wedding.

Joann Winkhart and Rich Cave is in the frame.
Joann Winkhart with her husband Rich Cave.
Image Source: Instagram

Without any signs of divorce or extramarital affairs, the couple is living a happy and blissful existence. Joann appears to be overjoyed that she has found love with Rich, based on her Instagram posts. Joann has also never been the subject of any rumors or issues involving her personal life.

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JoAnn Winkhart’s Relationship With Criss Angel

JoAnn Winkhart was married to Angel, an American magician. They met in high school and eventually began dating. After dating for several years, they married in 2002. The couple married in a secret ceremony attended only by their closest friends and family members.

Read Details of the Relationship between JoAnn Winkhart and Criss Angel

Unfortunately, the former lovemates were unable to manage their marriage, which ended in divorce in 2006. The cause of their divorce is still unknown. The couple, on the other hand, did not have any children from their marriage. Criss married Shaunyl Benson, an actress, in 2015 after their divorce. The couple share three kids, Johnny Crisstopher, Xristos Yanni, and Illusia Angelina

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