Wesley Phillip Dirks is an American celebrity kid. He has been featured in her famous mother’s Instagram posts since birth. He is in the limelight because of his blood tie with famous surfer Bethany Hamilton.

He falls into the class of celebrities that gets famous because of their link with mainstream celebrities. His mother, Bethany, is a 2005 national title winner surfer and is an author of many books.

Early Life

Phillip was born on 27th March in the year 2018. He was raised in a city in the United States by his parents. He is still very young and is spending most of his time with his siblings. His birth was covered by People Magazine, Today Show, etc.

He is American-born and holds the nationality of America. He has not yet disclosed his religious beliefs. According to modern astrologers, he is born under the Zodiac sign Aries. He belongs to the ethnic group of Dutch-German ancestry.

Academic Life

Phillip is a young person and is attending classes to grasp knowledge. However, he has not disclosed his academic details and the educational institution he is going to gain knowledge.

Most probably, Phillip is going to a local school in his hometown. His parents are trying to keep his personal information undisclosed for privacy and safety.

Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Phillip is a bright and cute boy. His appearance is appreciated for his blonde hair and attractive blue eyes. Although he has not disclosed his height and weight, the celebrity kid has decent height and weight regarding his age. He is built in regular body type and has not put on excessive weight.

Wesley Phillip Dirks in blue jeans
Wesley Phillip Dirks in blue Jeans
Source: Instagram @bethanyhamilton

However, Phillip has not disclosed his height, weight, and dress size figures. shoe size, etc. He is still a kid, so he has no tattoos or piercings. He will grow up to be a handsome man in the future.


Phillip is born into a family of Dutch-German ancestry. His mother, Bethany Hamilton, is a renowned surfer, and his father, Adam Dirks, is a teacher. Tom and Cheri Hamilton are his maternal grandparents. They both work in the film industry as producers. He has two maternal uncles.

Wesley Phillp Dirks with his siblings and parents
Wesley Phillip Dirks with his siblings and parents.
Source Instagram @bethanyHamilton

Although his parents are busy, they have allocated time to spend with their children. They are often spotted in public together. Phillip has received all the necessary love, care, and support from his parents. He has got a good upbringing.


Phillip has two siblings whom he calls brothers. He is the second-born child of Bethany and Adam. His older brother is Tobias Dirks, and recently on February 14, 2021, the family welcomed another son and brother of Phillip. His younger brother is named Micah Dirks.

Phillip has spent most of his time with his older sibling growing up. He seems to be close with both his siblings.

About Bethany- His Mother

Wesley Phillip Dirks’s mother, Bethany Hamilton, who was born in Hawaii on the 8th of February 1990, began competitive surfing at the age of eight. Her promising career was temporarily interrupted when a shark chewed off her left arm when she was 13 years old, but she quickly resumed surfing and won a national title in 2005.

Bethany Hamilton with surfing boat
Bethany Hamilton with surfing boat
Source: Instagram @bethanyHamilton

Hamilton, a prominent author, and public speaker, has been in several popular reality TV shows and has shared her experiences in documentary films.

Wesley Phillip Dirks’s Relationship Status

Wesley Phillip Dirks is presumably single right now. He has not made his relationship public. He is still too young to be in a relationship. So, the celebrity kid is not linked romantically with anyone yet.

This youngster is clearly having a good time with his family and friends. Phillip is single and far too young to be involved in a relationship. With his charm, talent, and beauty, he will undoubtedly attract many lovers in the future.

When it comes to her parents’ love lives, Bethany and Adam married on August 18, 2013. The family is content and enjoys spending time together. Blanchard, who is the best friend of Bethany, also becomes the bridesmaid at their wedding.

Career Highlights

Wesley Phillip Dirks is still a school-going kid and has not yet started his professional career. He is only in the limelight because of his famous surfer mother, Bethany Hamilton.

Talking about his mother’s career, Bethany is an actor, writer, and expert surfer. She is widely regarded as an Inspirational Public Figure for her bravery. She began competing in surfing when she was eight years old. In addition, he has won a variety of tournaments and competitions. Unfortunately, Bethany’s left arm was amputated as a result of the tiger shark bite. Despite the fact that she had lost one arm, she never gave up and never stopped surfing.

Bethany Hamilton Surfing

She also won the national title in surfing in 2005. She is the author of the autobiographical book ‘Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board,’ which was transformed into the 2011 film ‘Soul Surfer.’ Similarly, in 2014, she starred in the film ‘Dolphin Tale 2‘.

Net Worth – The Richness Of Wesley Phillip Dirks

Wesley Phillip Dirks is still young and has not started his professional career, so he has no net worth. However, he enjoys a lavish and comfortable living from his parent’s net worth. His mother, Bethany Hamilton, is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping $2 Million.

Her primary source of income is her surfing career. She won the national title in surfing in 2005. She also has a substantial income from her other career. She is also an author and has written many books, including Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board. She has also been featured in the movie ‘Dolphin Tale 2‘.

similarly, his father is a teacher. However, there is no information about his income.


Phillip, like his mother, is interested in surfing. Whenever he has free time, he goes surfing with his family. He is seen spending time in the sea with the wave and surfing the board.

Like his mother, he would also one day become a great surfer. He is also seen traveling a lot with his family.

Shark Attacked His Mother

Bethany was attacked by a shark while surfing in Ha’ena, Kauai’s Tunnels Beach. She was only 13 at the time, and she went surfing with her best friend, Alana Blanchard, as well as Blanchard’s father and brother. Bethany’s left arm was amputated after she was mauled by a 14-foot-long tiger shark.

Shark attacked Bethany

Bethany felt a sudden heavy pressure on her left arm and was pushed back and forth for a few seconds while resting on her board. It had happened before the flurry had passed. She didn’t feel any pain at first, but the water surrounding her became red. Her stunned friends soon noticed that her left arm had been cut almost to the shoulder.

Holt Blanchard, with his quick thinking and calming nature, saved the life of Bethany from this dreadful incident.

Social Media Presence

Phillip is not active on social media. He is not present on social media. His official account is not found on any of the major social media platforms. Maybe, he is not allowed to use social media because he is still too young.

However, his photo is featured on his mother’s Instagram. His mother is very popular on Instagram and goes with the username @bethanyhamilton. She shares the moments from her personal and professional life on Instagram. She has collected over 2M followers on Instagram.

Astrological Information

Phillip was born under the sign of Aries, according to contemporary astrology. A diamond is his lucky stone. Leo is the ideal fit for marriage. Likewise, red is his lucky color, and 5 is his lucky number.

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