Wanda Ventham is a famous English actress who is famous for her role in the UFO. She is also known as the mother of Benedict Cumberbatch. She was born on 5th august 1935 in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Ventham was not an ordinary child at her time. She was a very active child compared to others; she spent most of her time playing sports. One of her friends once told that she was quite concerned about her beauty from childhood.

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Wanda Ventham when she was young gave photoshoots. (Source: Listal.com)


Ventham was the daughter of Frances Holtham and Frederick Howard Ventham. There is not much information about her parent’s profession or business. Her father was born on 27 March 1910 in Lewes, Sussex, England. He was the second child after his sister Edit Maud Ventham. He was the son of Frederick William Ventham and Mabel Waters.

Ventham’s mother was born Gladys Frances Holtham in Kensington, London, England on 17th January 1910. She was born to Selina Mary Walner and Francis Leonard Holtham. Ventham’s parents were married in December 1930 in Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom.

Marital Life

During Ventham’s college days she was very close to James D. Tabernacle. They were a close friend and later fell in love and married in 1957. After marriage, they gave birth to Tracy Peacock. Tracy Peacock died of cancer at the age of 62 after dealing with more than 7 years of cancer. Ventham and Tabernacle ended their marriage in 1974 through a divorce.

After divorce Ventham married Timothy Carlton in 1976. She got a chance to meet Carlton first in the shoot of A Family At War. They were secretly dating until they married each other.


Colonel Virginia Lake of the UFO was a talented student in her student life. All teachers appreciated her and she completed her primary education at the local school. She used to take part in different dramas and speech competitions. In an interview, her childhood classmates also said that many boys were die-hard fans of Ventham.

As Ventham was growing up she decided to choose her career as an actress. She appreciated the drama class most. She is a graduate of the Royal School Of Speech And Drama in London, United Kingdom. In The Royal School Of Drama And Speech, she was active from 1953 until she graduated.


While she was educating in college Ventham was also doing dramas at a local theatre at the same time. After college in the evenings, she used to spend her time in theaters working small roles. As the time spent she became more talented and experienced and at the end of college, she got a chance to work in The Teenage Daughter as Gina.

Ventham’s portrayal as Colonel Virginia Lake in UFO is an all-time appreciated role. People were exclaimed and amazed by her beauty and acting at that time. Her same role in Invasion: UFO (1974)and her role as Mrs. Holmes in Sherlock (2010) are other all-time famous careers in Ventham.

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Ventham as Colonel Virginia Lake in UFO (source: Flickr.com)

Ventham is always considered among the talented actress for her exclamatory career life. She has worked in more than 19 films, more than 44 televisions, and more than 7 theatre dramas. She is a very versatile actress and she is a role model for young ladies and girls who are interested in acting.

Physical Appearance

Ventham is more than 80 years now but she is still beautiful and healthy. In her youth, she looked very attractive due to her perfect body. She was one of the most beautiful actresses of her time. She has a very reflective eye and a perfectly pointy nose.

Ventham is now more than 86 years old but she stills is young in her thought. She is among the most glamorous senior actress among senior actresses in the film industry. She has slightly bowed appearances due to her old age. She is still well-conscious about her health and many people are taking care of Ventham at the right moment.

Social Media

Despite earning a very big popularity Ventham is well-concerned about her privacy. There are no official social sites under her name. She appears at many award functions but refuses to give interviews most of the time.

Net Worth

Wanda Ventham’s net worth is $3.5 million which she earns from different royalties and other businesses. She spends a lavish life but now she does not spend her money on useless luxuries as earlier. Earlier she used to spend her money on different luxuries like cars, jewelry, makeup, etc.

Nowadays, she spends her money on expensive Outfits. She is seen in different expensive outfits for different award functions. Her outfits are not very different from normal outfits but the difference is she pays a very big bunch of money for them. It is said that she also spends her some part of income on trusts and charities but there is not much clue.

Ventham’s Famous Son Benedict Cumber Batch

Ventham and Timothy Carlton gave birth to Benedict Cumberbatch on July 19, 1976, at Queen Charlotte’s And Chelsea Hospitals in London, United Kingdom.

Benedict Cumberbatch was born Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch. He is best known for the portrayal of Doctor Stephen Strange who is a neurosurgeon in the marvel film Doctor Strange marvel film series. He is most appreciated for his bold and attractive voice for the most.

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Ventham with her son Benedict Cumberbatch buying fruits. (Source: Justjared.com)

Early Family History

Cumberbatch belongs to a very high society family in the United Kingdom. His great grandfathers were well famous in their time. His great-great-great-grandfather Abraham Parry Cumberbatch was a famous and wealthy slave owner in Barbados, Jamaica. His great-great-grandfather Robert William Cumberbatch was a British Consul in Turkey and Russian Empire.

Benedict’s great-grandfather Henry Arnold Cumberbatch was a diplomat and he served as a British Consul in Turkey and Lebanon. His grandfather was an officer of the British Royal Navy and he was active as a submarine commander in both world wars. His grandfather had a very big name and respect in the British high society. His father Timothy Cumberbatch is a famous English actor.


Cumberbatch started his acting career when he was just 12 years old from his school. He was seen in different Shakespeare works at school. He was first seen for the role of Queen Titania, Queen Of Fairies, In A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His first ever major role as Minister Willaim Pitt Young, in the movie Amazing Grace in 2006.

He has worked in many theaters, movies, and televisions so far; one of his latest works is The Power Of Dog. He is also involved in political activities as well. He was involved in different protests against different wars since 2003. His first involvement was in protest against Iraq War in 2003 and the latest was he was among the ones who voted to make the United Kingdom still a member of the European Union.

He has worked in different sectors like production, music, and narration. He has narrated many documentaries on National Geographic and Discovery channels. You can find his narration in The Tempest, Casnova, etc.

Net Worth Of Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch’s net worth is $41 million which he earns from movies, royalties, production, etc. He is also involved in different charity works. He is from a well-established family so from early life he is having a very lavish life.

Cumberbatch also donated to the Syrian Refugees and is involved in different electricity, and water projects in poor countries. Cumberbatch travels in luxurious cars like Rolls Royce, etc. He spends his money on different political activities also.

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