Troy Wardwell is an American writer and producer. He is best known for his collection of short films, with notable works such as Amanda’s Return, Always with You, and One Test Two Trust.

How Old Is Troy Warwell?

Troy Warwell, a famous person from the United States, was born on Thursday, December 22nd, 1977, in the Bronx, New York City. He is currently 46 years old.

Troy Warwell’s Parents

The Always With You writer, Warwell is thankful and happy to have such an amazing mom in his life. He loves his dad a lot, but sadly, his father is no longer with them. Everyone in the family loved his dad, and they affectionately called him Mr. Philip or Uncle Philly.

During Father’s Day, the media star shared a picture of himself when he was young, standing with his dad. Even though his dad is not here, he still spends a lot of time with his mom, who is alive and well. On Mother’s Day, he posted a photo of his mom with a sweet caption that said:

“My rock. My Strength. My momma. Love you more than you ever could know #IWillLetYouWinInSpadesToday #happymothersday”

Was Previously Married To Jazz Smollett

I Want You alum Jazz Smollett became famous when she and her then-partner Troy shared the news of their wedding. They got married with their close friends and family around. See another celebrity partner Teresa Earnhardt.

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Troy Warwell was married to Jazz Smollet for 7 years.

Similarly, the love birds met each other in the early 2000s and only got married in 2012. Unfortunately, their love story didn’t go on forever, and they decided to separate in 2019. So, their marriage lasted for seven years.

Do Troy Warwell And His Former Partner Share Kids?

The 46-year-old Warwell is a proud father, and he has a daughter named Nylah from his past marriage to Smollett. They gave their daughter the name Nylah.

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Troy Warwell shares a daughter Nylah with his former beau.

Moreover, Nylah was born in 2014, two years after her parents got married. Even though her mom and dad don’t live together anymore, it doesn’t seem like their divorce has caused any problems between Troy and his daughter.

What Is Troy Warwell’s Current Relationship Status?

One Test Two Trust director, Troy had a marriage before, but it didn’t make him stop believing in love. He’s now with someone named Penn Vakker.

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Troy Warwell with his lover.
Image Source: Married Celeb

In the past, he was in a relationship with a famous person. One downside of being with a celebrity is that your private life is always in the news. But now, he’s dating someone who isn’t famous, so he’s not dealing with that media attention.

Warwell’s Ex-Wife, Jazz Smollet Is An Actress

The pretty woman Jazz was born on April 1, 1980, in Santa Rosa, California. Her parents are Joel Smollett and Janet Smollett. Her mom is African-American, and her dad is Jewish.

Sadly, her dad Joel passed away from cancer many years ago. Jazz has five siblings: one sister named Jumee, and four brothers named Jocqui, Jojo, Jake, and Jussie.

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Jazz with her daughter.
Image Source: Instagram@jazzsmollett

When the actress was just fourteen, she started her TV career on a family show called “On Your Own” with her siblings. It was only one season long and produced by ABC. Smollet played a character alongside comedian Ralph Louis Harris.

In 2007, the TV star acted in a short film called “I Want You” as Lennox Jone. It was directed by Nefertite Nguvu, and she also had a small role in “Always with You.”

Likewise, in 2016, Jazz began a new project called “Smolett Eats,” a show about food and family recipes, featuring her brother Jake. She has appeared in movies like “The Reel Story: 12 years as a Slave” and “Silent Spaces” (2013). She also acted in the film “Amanda’s Return” in 2009.


The Afro-American origin Warwell, is a talented person who has done a lot in the entertainment world. He’s a writer, producer, and director, and he’s been part of many different projects like movies, TV shows, and plays.

Starting as a writer, the charming personage has been busy creating and working on various projects. Some of the things he’s known for are “Amanda’s Return” (2009), “Always with You” (2009), and “One Test Two Trust” (2010). People in the entertainment industry have noticed his skills, and he’s received nominations and awards for his work.

Besides writing and producing, the household name has also directed some projects. His ability to tell stories and his good sense of how things should look are clear in the work he does as a director.

Is Troy Warwell Active On Social Media?

The big-name Warwell shares stuff about his life on Instagram, where he’s known as @troynycla. He has amassed over 3.9 thousand fan followers on Instagram.

His posts show what he’s into, what he achieves, and moments from his personal life, including his work, sports, and being a dad.

Besides, the TV star adds humor to his posts, especially when he talks about being a “part-time vegan.” It’s his playful way of joking around. Even his Instagram bio shows off his clever wit and humor.

Physical Appearances

Troy is really tall, standing at 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm). He looks strong and has a confident and commanding presence. E

Even though he doesn’t have hair, his expressive face and intense black eyes make him interesting and kind of mysterious.

How Wealthy Troy Warwell Is?

The talented Warwell used to be married to the well-known Jazz Smollett. Being married to a celebrity gave him more attention, and he made a good amount of money. While he hasn’t shared the exact number, sources estimate his net worth to be around $1 million.

On the contrary, 44-year-old Smollett, his ex-wife, is a famous TV personality who found success in producing. Her work has earned her an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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