Tristan Prettyman is an American singer and songwriter who was born in San Diego, California. Her actual birth name is Tristan Ann Prettyman.

She was born on May 23, 1982, and her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is mostly known for her album Hello…X and Cedar + Gold. Before releasing her albums independently she was signed to a company named Virgin Records until 2013. She had released some of the major albums during those times.

Physical Feature

Tristan has a very beautiful and appealing body. She looks very fit and has a body like an athlete as she was active in sports too.

She has Beautiful brown hair complementing her beautiful brown eyes. She stands tall about 5 ft and 7 inches and weighs about 58kgs. Her physical feature is very attractive which gets her lots of attention from fans.

Learned Surfing at Twelve in San Diego

Tristan spent her former life in her home town Del Mar, in San Diego. She did her schooling at a school in her hometown named Torry Pines High School. There is not much information about her parents and other family members.

She used to actively participate in Extra Curriculum Activities from her childhood. She started focusing on surfing and took part in National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) from her school level. She even got ranked 5th while she was in her middle school at the age of 12 later she also took part in a competition when she was in high school.

Prettyman’s Dating History

Tristan Prettyman had been dating at least two guys in the past according to the rumors but we cannot write about peoples dating history without exact information or confirmation. It was confirmed that he was engaged to Jason Mraz however, it lasted for about a year only. It was said that they had been dating each other before their engagement.

later she got married to an American Entrepreneur Bill Maris in 2014. they had a son together however, this marriage didn’t last that long too. They were together for only about four years. They have parted ways and are living separately today.

Why Did She Decide To Divorce?

Prettyman and Bill decided to split their ways in 2018 which Prettyman has announced herself in her blog. They didn’t speak much about their divorce and gave no information to people about their reason to part away.

Many people had accused her of divorcing her husband to fuel up her musical career. People came to the conclusion that she needed some storyline to awaken her creativity. However, this was not the reason and they wanted to keep their privacy. Whatever the reasons might be, it was a mutual decision and they are doing well in their lives now.

Is Tristan Prettyman Dating Anyone Currently?

After Prettyman’s divorce, she was single for a very long time but recently she made a post about her new partner. She made a post on valentines day expressing how happy she is to be with her new boyfriend. She is dating Samuel Whiting currently.

Tristan Prettyman and her boyfriend in their swimsuits near a river
Tristan Prettyman and her boyfriend Samuel Whiting Picture source Instagram: @tristanprettyman

She had posted a very cute video mentioning him. He is a Certified Wim Hof Instructor and they seem very happy and grateful to have each other. Fans were very happy to see her moving on in her life. Many other celebrities congratulated her in that video.

Career Highlights

Prettyman started her career by singing in some local bars and restaurants. she was a former Roxy Model and later she continued her career as a songwriter and a singer. She released her independent album twenty-three in 2005 when she was twenty-three years old.

She then started releasing her independent albums back to back. She started getting a good amount of appreciation for her work. Her albums started hitting the billboard and People started enjoying her songs. Her songs were selected as the top 23 on Billboards.

Her bond with her Child

Prettyman and her husband had given birth to a beautiful baby boy and his name is Kylo Evergreen Maris. After her divorce from her husband Bill Maris, she took custody of her child. She now lives with her son and she shares a very precious bond with him.

Tristan Prettyman with her son taking a mirror selfie
Tristan Prettyman with her son Kylo picture source: @tristanprettyman

Prettyman usually posts about her son on her social media. She shares lots of experiences about the journey of motherhood. she has been sharing all the goofy pictures with her son. hey, both seem very happy and playful together. she spends most of her time with her son. Kylo grabs all the attention of the followers with his cuteness.

Hobbies And Interests

Prettyman always had a major interest in the entertainment sector. Her creative mind goes very well with the interest she has. She has the greatest interest in music and writing song but besides that, she is very interested in extra activities.

She was always a huge fan of surfing she even took part in many competitions during her childhood. She even likes to travel and explore different new places. She is very adventurous and takes an active part in adventurous activities.

She also likes gardening especially growing her food. She loves to grow fruits and vegetables in her yard and she keeps posting pictures of her harvests on her social media account. She has made a separate highlight on her Instagram as Edible Yard where she posts about her plants.

Net Worth

Tristan Prettyman has been able to amass a good amount of fortune. Her hard work and dedication led her to gather such a good amount of fortune. According to magazines like Forbes, Business insider, and Wikipedia her net worth is around $1.5 million.

Her net worth includes all the assets and royalties she has earned till today. She was able to collect this sum by working as a model and late working as a pop singer. Her hard work and dedication led her to success.

Social Media

Prettyman seems quite active on her social media account which is why she has got a good engagement as well. She is active on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. She has a good number of followers on both of her accounts. She has about 27.2K followers on her Instagram and about 60K followers on her Facebook account.

She mostly posts about her recent work. She mostly posts about her son and her partner too. Lately, she has been posting a lot about gardening. Her content on social media is very interesting and entertaining that attracts lots of followers and that is why she has been gaining followers day by day.

For more information and update about her, you can follow her on Instagram at @tristanprettyman and on Facebook Tristan Prettyman.

Tristan Prettyman Involvement In Charity

Prettyman has a very humble nature and she is actively involved in social work. She has signed in many fundraising programs like WWF. She was involved with Panda Paddle and she also signed with some women’s charities. She does lots of work like this and utilizes her voice to help people in need. She has been able to make an impact on many lives.


Tristan is a rumor-free personality and she has not been in any kind of controversy yet. She is known for all good reasons only.

Her humble nature keeps her away from all the rumors. She also likes to keep her personal life private which is why she hasn’t faced any controversy.

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