Traves Kelly is the husband of the popular Ice Road Trucker actress Lisa Kelly. He is a racer and has a lot of interest in bikes. In fact, he is a biker.

Kelly is a private person who stays away from media and therefore there is no information related to his birth and early life. However, there are many more interesting facts and features relating to his life, so let’s take a look at Traves’s life.

Net Worth

Traves Kelly has not provided enough information about himself which would be helpful to determine his net worth. Thus his net worth is under review. It is known that he is a racer so he might earn a few bucks from his career.

In addition to this, Traves’s wife Lisa Kelly is evaluated to have a net worth of $1 Million which she has earned from multiple sources.

She has been a truck driver and has played in the reality show Ice Road Truckers. As per the American Association of Truckers, the Ice Road Truckers are paid $80 thousand per season.

Furthermore, she has a career in horse riding and motocross driving. Lisa was a state champion in motocross. Also, Lisa is the chief operating officer of Nottingham Hospitals trusts.

With all this sum, Traves and his wife are living a comfortable life in Alaska.

Is Married To Hot Chick Of Racing Lisa Kelly

Traves Kelly is in the limelight for being the husband of Lisa Kelly. He is currently living a blissful marital life with Lisa who is often referred to as the hot chick of racing.

Traves Kelly with his gorgeous wife Lisa Kelly 1
Traves Kelly with his gorgeous wife Lisa Kelly.
Source: Lashkar

The two lovebirds eventually tied their knots in the year 2008 after being boyfriend and girlfriend for more than four years. They exchanged wedding vows in the holy ceremony attended by their family and friends in an undisclosed location.

Traves and Kelly have not been involved in any conflicts and disputes and are living a happy life together. However, they have not been blessed with children.

Shares Love For Racing And Biking With His Wife

Traves and his wife Lisa share a lot of things in common among which their love and interest in racing and biking are one. As mentioned previously, the celebrity husband is a biker and racer. His wife also has interested in it.

Traves Kelly – Freestyle 2012.

Furthermore, whenever they get the opportunity and spare time, they go on a long drive on their bikes. Their similar interest has also further strengthened their relationship.

Traves Kelly Is From Alaska

The celebrity husband Traves is originally from Alaska which is located in the western part of the United States. He spent the majority of his childhood in Alaska before moving to his current location.

During his time in Alaska, he has learned about various traditions and cultures of Alaska. Additionally, he also knows skiing.

Wife – Lisa Kelly

Traves’s wife, Lisa was introduced to the world in the year 1980 and celebrates her birthday every 8th of December. She grew up in Michigan which was her birthplace until she relocated to Sterling, Alaska with her parents.

However, she returned to her birthplace to join the university. After her college life, she started her professional career as a school driver. Not only that, she was also actively participating in many motocross championships.

Traves Kellys wife Lisa Kelly
Traves Kelly’s wife Lisa Kelly.
Source: IMDb

Lisa also worked at gas stations and pizza shops to earn extra few bucks to support herself.

After all her hard work, she won the state championship for motocross. Soon she decided to go for a long-run career and decided to be a trucker which she finds to be interesting. Upon asking what she loves about truck driving, she replied that one could go to work in pajamas.

Lisa said that being a woman was challenging for her in that profession and she had to work twice hard, put some weight, and work fast.

Lisa rose to prominence after appearing in the TV reality show Ice Road Truckers. Additionally, she has a Youtube account where she talks about trucks and their components.

In 2021, she disclosed that she was working with new logistics provided but nonetheless, she had to drive the same route as before.

Traves’s Wife Owns A Horse And Other Animal

Traves’s wife, Lisa is an animal lover and has a great affection for them. She owns a miniature horse which is named Rocky by her. Additionally, she also owns a cat named Tanzi and a pig.

Lisa Kelly with her pig Bykir 1
Lisa Kelly with her pig Bykir.
Source: Facebook Lisa Kelly

Also, during her time filming the Ice Road Truckers in the Himalayas, she found a puppy whom she used to give food and look after. She named it Rampur Jackson, which was later given to one of the show’s producers.

What Truck Does Lisa Kelly Drive?

Lisa presently works on Freightliner Coronado, which is changed to Coronado, the 122SD, by the manufacturer. The truck has the same engine as the Cascadia, but because of its less-exposed bodywork, it can withstand the toughest surroundings.

She was usually encountered driving a Kenworth w900 while she was a member of the Ice Road Truckers. However, she has operated on different sorts of trucks.

Lisa Was The Only Female When She Joined Ice Road Truckers

As season 3 of Ice Road Truckers was set to be in the United States, Lisa joined the show. However, she was the only female and had to work hard twice that of others.

Ice Road Truckers: Lisa Almost Falls Through the Ice (S9, E4) | History.

She also took part in following seasons, including the Ice Road Truckers Deadliest Roads. Lisa took a year’s leave and did not appear in the sixth season of the show, but later she appeared in the final season of the show i.e eleven.

Kelly was labeled as the Ice Queen for her exceptional skill displayed in the show. In The Late David Letterman show, she said that the route to India was scarier and tough than it seemed and had a lot of difficulty during the show.

Currently, Traves’s Wife Is Raising Fund For Sharon Hunter

Lisa Kelly is helping her friend to raise an amount for her treatment. As per her, she suffered a lot during Covid-19 and had lost a significant amount in treatment.

Due to some allergies and side-effect of medication, Sharon is losing her hair, and she needs money for treatment. For this, kelly is trying to help her friend.

Traves’s Wife Loves Horse Riding

Traves’s wife, Lisa loves horses and horse riding. She also owns a miniature horse named Rocky. Lisa is seen riding horses often and has posted many pictures of herself riding horses on her social media platforms.

Traves Kellys wife Lisa Kelly riding a horse. 1
Traves Kelly’s wife Lisa Kelly riding a horse.
Source: Facebook Lisa Kelly

She has also talked about these interests of hers in different interviews. However, It is still unclear where she got the interest in riding horses.

Maintains A Low Profile

The bike racer Kelly prefers to stay away from the media attention and tries to stay away from them as much as he can. He does not seem to have his accounts activated on any social media platforms.

However, his celebrated wife, Lisa is available on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Her Facebook account has more than 900k followers. Likewise, her tweets and retweets on various topics can be found under the username @LisakellyIRT. She has managed to accumulate more than 61k followers on Twitter.

Besides this, Lisa is not found on any other social media platform like Instagram.

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