Thomas Zizzo gained recognition primarily as the former spouse of Erika Jayne, a prominent American singer, actress, and television personality. Moreover, he is recognized as the father of Thomas Zizzo Jr., who is more commonly known as Tommy.

Thomas Zizzo’s Wiki/ Bio

Thomas Zizzo was born in Italy in the 1960s, and he’s now in his mid-60s, although we don’t know his exact birthdate. There are no exact details regarding his family, early life, and education.

Meanwhile, the star spouse also has kept his family details private from the media. However, Zizzo gained popularity through his marriage with media sensation and TV star Erika Jayne.

Is Thomas Zizzo Dating Married? Who Is His Wife?

The Law & Order actress Jayne is a famous American singer, TV personality, and actress. She was married to Thomas Sr. from 1991 to 1996, and they had one child together, Thomas Zizzo Jr who is known as Tommy.

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Thomas Zizzo is the first husband of Erica Jayne.

Moreover, the celebrity ex-husband Zizzo was a DJ, and he met Erika while working in a Manhattan club. The love mates after dating for a while exchanged vows in 1991 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. However, their relationship couldn’t last for long, and ended their marriage in 1996. Since their divorce, he has stayed away from the public eye.

The reason behind Erika and her spouse Zizzo’s divorce isn’t clear, but they decided to part ways after a few years of marriage. Both have moved on to other relationships however the star husband kept his relationship private

On the other side, The Watch star Erika got married to a lawyer named Thomas A. Girardi on January 27, 2000. They met when she was working as a cocktail waitress at a Los Angeles restaurant called Chasen’s. There’s a significant age difference between Erika and Girardi, with Thomas being 33 years older.

Sadly, the actress is currently going through a divorce from her second husband, Tom Girardi, who is 84 years old.

What Does Thomas Zizzo Do For Living?

As for his profession, Thomas works as a DJ. He started DJing in clubs during the early 1990s, which is when he first crossed paths with Erika. While he continues to pursue his DJ career, he prefers to keep it low-key and out of the public eye. See another media sensation, Deidra Hoffman.

However, the media star values his privacy and has chosen not to reveal much about his personal life or career. He is not active on major social media platforms including Instgaram, Facebook, and Twitter which is why it is difficult to know his present occupation.

Thomas Zizzo’s Son Is A Police Officer

Thomas Jr also known as Tommy is a police officer who works in Los Angeles. He was born in the United States in 1994 and grew up with his mom, Erika, and her second husband, Thomas Girardi.

Similarly, the celebrity son decided to become a police officer because he liked watching cops on TV and in movies. In 2016, he went to the police academy in Los Angeles. After he finished, he became a police officer in New York City. Right now, he works in both Los Angeles and New Jersey, and he has to travel between them a lot.

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Thomas Zizzo’s son is a police officer at LAPD. Image Source: Instagram

On November 11, 2014, Tommy graduated from the police academy in Los Angeles, and his mom was really proud of him. He takes his job as a police officer very seriously, and he’s focused on it. Also, have a look at another celebrity son Luc Coulier.

Is Tommy Zizzo’s Son Dead?

On September 15th, 2021, Zizzo was in a severe car accident, sparking rumors of his demise. Thankfully, he survived the accident and is alive and well. The accident occurred on the same day when his stepfather, Girardi, confronted a robber at their mansion and suffered an eye injury that needed surgery. Tommy intended to assist but was involved in the accident instead, leaving him in critical condition.

Despite the harrowing incident, the star kid has recovered and continues to work at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

How Wealthy Thomas Zizzo Is?

As of 2023, the former celebrity spouse Thomas Sr.’s estimated net worth is approximately $400,000.

On the other hand, his former wife, LowBall alum Jayne, is a well-known American singer, actress, and TV personality with an estimated net worth of $5 million. She built her wealth through a successful career that includes being a full-time cast member on the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Besides her entertainment career, Erika is a savvy real estate investor with properties like a $2.6 million home in the Hollywood Hills and a $3.3 million residence in Beverly Hills.

Who Is Erika Girardi?

The 52-year-old Erica Jayne Girardi, who goes by Erika Jayne in her professional career, is an American singer, TV personality, and actress. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1971, and her mother, Renee Chahoy, raised her as a single parent. After she finished high school at North Atlanta High School, she moved to New York City when she was 18 years old.

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Erica Jayne is a versatile TV star. Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, the pretty woman’s first appearances on screen were in the legal drama series called Law & Order. She also acted in independent movies like Alchemy (1995) and Lowball (1996).

In 2015, the TV star joined the cast of a reality TV show called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during its sixth season, which aired on Bravo. In 2019, she got a role as Roxie Hart in a Broadway show called Chicago, but the production had to stop after only two months because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interestingly, the name “Erika Jayne” was given to her by a music producer named Peter Rafelson. Her latest project is The Prince released in 2021.

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