Tassie Cameron is a Screenwriter based in Canada who has demonstrated her skills in different TV shows and films. She is known as a writer for the TV series Pretty Hard Cases, which was broadcasted in 2020.

Besides her own fame, she is also recognized for being the daughter of well-known journalist Stevie Cameron. Tassie was born in Canada to David Cameron, a professor at the University of Toronto. Her birthdate is kept secret which is the reason her zodiac sign is under review. She had acquired writing skills from her mother.

How Much Money Does Tassie Cameron Have?

According to Networth wiki-bio, Tassie Cameron is estimated to have a net worth of around $800 thousand. This includes all her salary, assets, and properties. She has generated this big amount of money from her long professional career of over two decades.

Cameron is a writer and producer who has been involved in the projects like Pretty Hard Case, 10 Days in Valley, Little Dog, and so on. She is also the co-founder and executive producer of the production company Cameron Pictures Inc.

In addition to this, Tassies’s sister Amy is estimated to have a net worth of $6 Million. Likewise, Tassie’s mother Stevie has around $1.5 Million in her possession.

Mother – Stevie Cameron

Tassie’s mother, Stevie Cameron is a recognized personality in the world of Journalism. She is an investigative journalist and author. No wonder, where Tassie got her writing skills from.

Stevie was born on the 11th of October, 1943 Belleville, Ontario. Her father was a mercenary American Pilot who operated during the time of the Spanish Civil war.

Tassie Cameron mother Stevie Cameron
Tassie Cameron’s mother Stevie Cameron
source: Rebel

After graduating from the University College London located in England, she started to work as a professional journalist. Initially, she was a food blogger and editor for Toronto, and later she started to work as a Lifestyle writer and eventually shifted to an Investigative Journalist that writes about National politics.

Also, she has expanded her domain to writing a book and has earned the title of author. The Pig Farm, The Pickton File, Blue Trust, The Pen: Scandal, Riot, and the Rise of a City are some of the books that are written by Stevie Cameron.

For her contribution to the world of Journalism, Humanity, and book-writing, Stevie has been awarded many titles Arthur Ellis Award, City of Toronto Community Service Award,  Business Book of the Year, Windsor Press Club: Golden Quill Award for journalism are some of the accolades she has received.

Educational Background

Cameron had the privilege to receive a quality education thanks to her stable and well-supportive family. She has a Master’s degree in Film making from New York University. Likewise, the screenwriter completes her Bachelor’s study in English at the University of Trinity College of the University of Toronto.

For Primary education, she went to Elmwood School which is an all-girls school located in Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa.

Further, the Gemini award-winning screenwriter has graduated from the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto.

Relationship Status And Children

Tassie Cameron is a private person who does not like to publicize all her personal details. She has not been spotted together with any person who can be labeled as her better half. The screenwriter is however known to be in a romantic relationship.

In an interview about 10 Days in the valley, Cameron said that she is also a mother and has a daughter. However, she has not introduced her daughter and also the father of her daughter. All the information related to her private life is yet to be disclosed.

Sibling -Amy Cameron

Tassie has shared a lot of her childhood with her sister Amy. She is an award-winning Journalist and writer just like her sister. The writer sisters both have the skills of writing in their genes.

Just like Tassie, Amy has also graduated from the Canadian Film Center. She studied Film at Concordia University.

Tassie Camerons sister Amy Cameron 1
Tassie Cameron’s sister Amy Cameron
source: Wikipedia

Amy is an executive producer of Camaeron Picture Inc who looks over TV series like Mary Kills People for Global TV/Lifetime, the CBC comedy Little Dog and their newest series Pretty Hard Cases for CBC.

She is married to John Rowley who is a music supervisor and composer.

Founded Cameron Picture Inc In 2016

Cameron Picture Inc is a production company that targets content that is based on scripts. It was founded by the Writer sisters Amy and Tassie Cameron in 2016 and hence the name Cameron Picture Inc.

Amy and Tassie jointly manage the company as executive producers along with Alex Patrick who is also an executive producer of the company. All the legal and business matters of the company are handled by him.

Mary Kills and Pretty Hard Case are some of the shows and series that are produced by Cameron Prictures Inc.

Tassie Is Working On The Production Of Pretty Hard Case Season 3

Currently, it is a busy time for Tassie and her production company Cameron Pictures Inc. She has been working on season 3 of a Pretty hard case which was co-created by Tassie and Sherry White.

Poster of Prety hard case 1
Poster of Prety hard case
source: IMDb

It is produced by Cameron Pictures in association with CBC and Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group. The show is produced by Wanda Chaffey. Cameron and White are serving as show-runner.

10 Days In The Valley

Tassie is the writer and creator of the series 10 Days in the valley. It shows the story of a missing girl and she was a little worried that it would be hard to watch as she also has kids.

Ten Days in the Valley – Official Teaser

The series is 10 episodes long and was released in 2017. Her company Cameron Inc, along with her co-worker Sherry White, Jill Litman, and Marcy Rose is involved in making this series.

According to Tassie, she and the main female character are more alike and she was very worried about writing it.

As A Producer

Tassie is not just a writer but also a producer. She has been involved in many projects as a producing team.

Throughout her career, She has nine credits as a producer. Pretty hard case, Little Dog, Mary Kills People, Ten Days in th Valley, and Rookie Blue are some of her credits.

Awards And Nominations

The Gemini-Award Winning writer is a veteran in the entertainment industry. She has displayed her exceptional talent for writing in various of her work. Recognizing this hard work and talent she has been entitled to 6 titles and has been nominated for 14.

Some of the titles Tassie has won are Gemini in 2005, the Creative Excellence Award, Bronze Award, WGC Award, and so on.

Social Media Presence

The Pretty Hard Cases writer Cameron is not that active on social media. Although she has activated her account on both Instagram and Twitter, she rarely posts on them. She rather enjoys her time in the real world than immerse in the virtual world and scroll the screen.

Her Instagram id is @tassievcameron where she has collected more than 400 followers. She has not uploaded content in a while now. Likewise, her Twitter account @tassiecameron has more than 8k followers.

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