Taryn Simon is an American artist who has displayed her proficiency in photography and sculpture. Her artwork is displayed in multiple publications and has won numerous awards. She is more popular as the wife of American film director Jake Paltrow.

Simon blessed her parents with her arrival on the 4th of February, 1975, and was raised in the city of opportunity New York City. As per her birth information, Simon holds the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Net Worth

Taryn Simon is speculated to have a net worth of $1 Million based on her professional life. She has poured her dedication and hard work into her professional life.

Simon’s primary source of income is her photography career. She is viewed as one of the most successful photographers in her country and her photography style alongside the documentary is widely appreciated.

Her artwork has been displayed in various publications, and museums and some has converted into books. Simon is earning a good amount from the book sales.

Furthermore, Simon has also been involved in the film industry and has been a producer, director, and actress.

In addition to this, Simon’s husband Jake Paltrow is estimated to have a net worth of $10 Million. With all this huge amount the couple is living a happy life with their two children.

Married To Jake Paltrow

Taryn Simon is living a happy married life since 2010 when she tied the knot with Jake Paltrow, an American film industry personality. She first met with Paltrow in 1999.

Taryn Simon with her husband.
Taryn Simon with her husband.
Source: Artnet News

The couple exchanged vows in a tiny ceremony at the United Nations chapel. They share two children together i.e Eliel Paltrow and Whister Paltrow and have not created headlines with their disputes.

Besides this, Simon is not known to have romantic links with any other people.

Educational Background

Simon is a well-educated person who received her education from Brown University. She graduated with a BA degree in 1997.

Initially, she attended classes in environmental studies but later her desire shifted to arts, and pursued a degree in art semiotics. During her studies, Simon took photography classes at the neighboring Rhode Island School of Design.

Family Background

Taryn was born to Richard Simon and his wife Susan. She has not identified her grandparents yet but it is known that she has kept pictures of her grandparent’s family in her workplace.

Her father Richard is an adventurous entrepreneur and spent some years in Thailand. She was raised alongside her two siblings in Locust Valley.

Husband – Jake Paltrow

Simon’s husband, Jake Paltrow is an American director and writer. In addition to this, he also makes appearances in movies sometimes.

Taryn Simons husband Jake Paltrow
Taryn Simon with her husband.
Source:Celebrity Networth

He comes from a well-known family. His father and mother are both from the movie industry. Jake is the son of Bruce Paltrow, producer, and his wife Blythe Danner, an award-winning actress.

Furthermore, his sister Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known actress. Throughout his career, Jake has 11 credits as a director, one credit as an actor, and 3 credits as a writer. Some of his credits are for June Hero, Young ones, The good night, The jury, and so on.

Famous American Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Is Taryn’s Sister-In-Law

From her marriage with Jake, Gwyneth’s younger brother, Taryn is now related to the famous American actress. She has been the recipient of many awards including Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, and Academy Award.

gallery GPaltrowTSimon 050903
Taryn Simon with her sister-in-law Gwyneth Paltrow.
Source: Patrick McMullan

She started her acting career in 1989 by making an appearance in the TV movie High. Besides this, she has received credit for acting in Hard eight, Jefferson in Paris, A perfect murdered, Austin Powers in Gold member, Avengers, and so on.

Gwyneth is known for portraying the role of pepper ports, wife of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has 58 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile.

Simon Got Interested In Photography Because Of Her Father

As Simon’s father Richard used to work in the US Department of State he had to travel to different destinations frequently. He would return with tons of beautiful pictures and this got Simon interested in photography as she also wanted to capture the things like that.

Now, Simon is a reputed photographer and has made a name for herself. Her formal, and textured rich image with proper textual description is appreciated by most people.

Simon’s Series The Innocent

One of Taryn’s earliest works is the series The Innocent, which features images and tales of people who were imprisoned even though they did not do any violation.

She has captured pictures of the location of arrests, misidentification, crime scenes, and so on. The series became the recipient of the Guggenheim Award.

During the time Taryn spent making the documentary series about their lives, she found out that most of the people were arrested because of misidentification by witnesses. She discovered photography’s ability to blur truth and fiction.

The Innocent is being sold on Amazon for $52.70 for Hardcover which was created by Simon after collaborating with Joseph Logan.

Taryn Simon’s Contraband

Taryn started another photography series Contraband which was posted in An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar and in addition to this, the Whitney Museum of American Art also showed her work.

Taryn Simons contraband
Taryn Simon’s contraband.
Source:Hatje Cantz Verlag

Simon showed her determination and passion in her work on this project. She installed herself in the John F Kennedy International airport photographing more than 1000 items which consists of drugs, pirated DVDs, dead wildlife, and so on.

The book has got a 5-star rating and is being sold for $32.99 paperback on Amazon.

A Living Man Declared Dead By Simon

Taryn traveled to more than 25 countries and spent four years of time completing her new series with the title A Living man declared dead.

aryn Simon | A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII.

The project was divided into distinct sections, each with a person’s photograph as its focal point. Images of every surviving descendent and ancestor of that person were shown alongside that portrait, in addition to other things of value.

Simon has covered the story of the person who had to live as a body double of Iraqi president Sadam Hussein‘s son. Similarly, there was also the story of many Indian men who were declared dead legally by their relatives so that they could get their properties.

Involvement In Film Industry

Taryn has not limited herself to photography but has also explored different domains of the film industry. Like her husband Jake, she is a director, producer, and actress.

She has got one credit each for acting and producing and two credits for directing. Her credits are for American mistress, The Wannabe, The conversation machine, and so on.

Mass Moca breathes new life into Taryn Simon’s mourning sculptures

The mourning sculptors were designed by the artist Taryn for her performance  An Occupation of Loss at the Park Avenue Armory in New York in 2016. After the performance, it was purposeless.

The Pipes (2016–2021), a group of 11 monolithic concrete sculptures, have been purchased by The MOCA in North Adams.

Simon’s Work Was Exhibited In Gagosian

Gagosian is an art gallery museum that depicts the modern and contemporary arts. It has nineteen exhibition spaces in New York open to the public.

Taryn Simons A Color Of Flea Eyes
Taryn Simon’s The Color of FLea’s ee photo collection.
Source: Gagosian

Simon’s work has been displayed in the exhibition and Gagosian has posted about her on their website. The Color of a Flea’s Eye: The Picture Collection of Simon received wide appreciation from visitors.

Lives A Lowkey Life

Simon wants to live a low-key and private life without engaging in any controversies. She has not activated accounts on social media platforms as she prefers to live real life rather than spend time scrolling through the feeds.

Although she does not have social media accounts, Simon has her personal website with her name that showcases her works.

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