Taka Moriuchi is a professional singer from japan who is associated with a rock band from Japan called One Ok rock where he is the lead vocalist. He is also known by his birth name Takahiro Moriuchi.

Along with lead vocalist, he has also been working as the band’s main lyricist and composer. He is a multi-lingual singer who can sing in English and Japanese.

About Moriuchi’s Parents And Family

Taka was born in the capital of Japan, Tokyo on 17th April 1988 as the oldest child of Masako Mori and Sinchin Mori. His both parents were well-known singers during their time.

He has two younger brothers named Tomohiro and Hiroki with whom he shares a good relationship. All three of them are currently working in the entertainment industry.

Taka Moriuchi with brother Hiroki and Tomhiro when they were children.
Taka Moriuchi with his brother Hiroki and Tomohiro. Source: [email protected]

Early Life

Taka was the son of one of the most popular and recognized singers of Japan, despite that he didn’t have a pleasant time in childhood. As he was small in size compared to the rest of his classmates at school, he was often the victim of bullying and harassment in School. As the frustration of getting bullied got inside him, he started bullying his younger brother at home. This didn’t sit well with his father Sinchin who was strict and harshly punished him for bullying his brother.

Taka Mourichi recreates the same photo of him cooking during his childhood.
Taka Moriuchi during his childhood and adulthood recreated the same photo. Source: [email protected].

Moriuchi also didn’t have a normal youth due to his parent’s fame and popularity and couldn’t do normal activities like going out to eat or parties with his friends. His problem even got more worst when his parents decided to get divorced in 2005, this took a toll on his mental health and he started regressing in academics.

Education Information

Moriuchi was coming from a family extremely rich and his parents always ensured that all of their children have a proper and good education. He was sent to attend Keio School from his childhood and studied at Keio elementary, and Keio middle school after that, he entered junior high school.

Taka wasn’t that good of a learner and he has repeatedly said that he got through school due to his parent’s name and prestige rather than his hard work and he didn’t enjoy school. He got fed up with school as he was facing bullies and no wasn’t very interested in reading or writing, so he started skipping class and finally dropped out of High school in 2005.

Takahiro’s Career Before Joining One Ok Rock

Takahiro had the lineage of easily getting into the industry when both his parents were from the same industry but his father always resented the idea of his son joining the music industry. However after he didn’t listen to them and decided to join it anyhow, Sinchori reconsidered his decision and arranged for him to join Jimusho. He however never liked the idea that he would always be under his parents and would never be a star on his own and decided to start giving auditions on his own. his parents did find out and started giving out his resume behind his back and in 2002 he was contacted by johnny entertainment and his career officially began.

Taka wearing a hat and white full sleeve vest and clicking Selfie.
Taka enjoying his vacation. source: Instagram @10969taka

His first venture with Johhny entertainment would have been by debuting with boy band News which consisted of nine members. Everything was set as they had released a promotional song too but after its promotional song release, Taka was asked to leave the group. There have been varying reasons for this but the one that was made public was that “Taka wanted to focus on his school”.

Seeing his life not going as per his intention, he was getting frustrated as his life was in shambles. He started working in a restaurant part-time. He was helped by his father when he couldn’t get his life in balance. He secured taka’s place in a music school in Osaka where he later joined a band called “Chivalry Of Music” where he met his parents with whom later he would start a rock band One Ok Rock.

One Ok Rock

One Ok Rock band was formed due to the passion and drive of one guy who is the current guitarist of the band named Toru Yamashita. Toru always wanted to be a part of the band since his young days, this drove him towards his goal by recruiting some of the rock-hard members in the band.

Taka met Toru during his time in music school in Osaka. After listening to Mourichi perform at school and from their previous band he invited Mourichi to join his band which he initially declined but after several invitations, he got on board and joined the band in 2005. During its initial year band didn’t have great finance and had to rehearse exactly at one o’clock only in a small room where the band name originated.

One Ok Rock band member for their official poster.
One Ok Rock poster featuring band members. source: Instagram@

In 2007 band released its first song which was only a single titled ‘Naihisin’. The music didn’t get much recognization but it was still ok. After two more songs without labels promoting them, the band had a difficult time finding and reaching its audience. After facing difficulties of sexual harassment on one of the band members in 2009, the band kicked that member out and since then they had always been on rising.

So far they have released full nine albums and have traveled around the world for concerts and performances. Taka individually has made a lot more success in the band as he has been listed as a top rock star in the world numerous times.

Moriuchi’s Relationship Status

Taka Moriuchi has been a romantic guy getting involved in a lot of relationships. His relationship tale has been talked about a lot in recent times but currently, there is no strong evidence to suggest that he is dating anyone.

Currently, he may have been single but in the past, he has dated popular figures like Japanese model Suzuki Emi and others.

Physical Appearance

The lead singer from One Ok Rock band is a Slim handsome man who gets recognized for his unique tattoos and piercing. He has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches with a weight of around 62 kgs.

He has black color hair with some blonde and has beautiful black eyes.

Taka wearing a black suit clicking a mirror selfie.
Taka Moriuchi clicking a mirror selfie. source: [email protected]

About Taka’s Tattoo

The lead vocalist of one rock band from a young age has been a fan of having tattoos on his body. He has a total of 12 different types of tattoos on his body, all of which are different from one another.

He has a tattoo of Bat’s eye on his wrist which signifies the band which taka has also confirmed. There is another tattoo on his left arm which is of the eye of providence which is similar to the Illuminati. Many fans started speculating if Taka was Illuminati which he cleared by saying no he wasn’t. He said that it represents I believe the eye is more like an omniscient presence of him evolving as a human being, singer, and band member. similarly, he has more tattoos like a sun 1’O clock on his arm which is for the band.

He often removes and adds a tattoo to his body and it’s difficult to keep track of its motive and reasons.

Social Media

The lead vocalist of One Ok Rock has made his presence on various social media platforms like Instagram where he actively posts content related to himself and engages with his fans and well-wisher.

He has a verified account on Instagram with a total of 3 million followers as of April 2022.


Taka Mourichi has been a controversial person since his young age. Whether it be by rebelling against his parents at a young age and defying them or by getting engaged in pretty nasty things, he has always been in the center of media for the wrong reasons. After getting kicked out from the band News, his pictures of smoking, drinking, and engaging with girls in bed were leaked to the media. This incident resulted in his parents disowning him for a brief time and caused a huge controversy.

There have been a lot of rumors about Mourichi generally about his relationship. There is a strong rumor that he was dating Japanese figure skater Mai Asado. The rumor started circulating when she was spotted leaving Taka’s house after a night party.

Net worth

Taka Moriuchi has been a successful lead singer for One OK Rock for a long time. As the band got more success and recognization around the world the income of the band along with its band member also got a boost.

He has made a fortune for himself by being the lead vocalist for One Ok Rock from various tours to their hit singles he has made a net worth of a staggering $10 million.

Some Fun Facts About Taka Moriuchi

  • After his parents divorced Taka changed his surname from Moriuchi to Morita.
  • Moriuchi hated his family’s surname and wealth as he didn’t have the freedom to do anything he likes due to family popularity and fame.
  • His band song ‘Nobody Home’ was written by him and was about his own personal family.
  • The One Ok Rock band lead singer loves fishing during his spare time.

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