Taiye Selasi is a British-American writer who is popular for writing the novel Ghana Must Go and for writing the short story Sex Lives of African Girls.

Her origin is from Ghana and Nigeria mixed and along with writer, she is also a photographer who has been keen on photography throughout her life.

Biography And Education

Selasi was born on the date 2nd November 1979 and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She was born in the city of London, England however she moved from there to Brookline, Massachusetts when she was very young. She is the eldest twin daughter of Dr. Lade Wosornu who is from Ghana and a surgeon based in Saudi Arabia. Her mother’s name is DR. Julliet Tuakli who is from Nigeria and her profession is a pediatrician in Ghana. Her parents got separated when she was just an infant and she only met her biological father when she was of 12 years of age. her sister’s name is Yetsa Kehinde Tuakil.

 A Young Taiye Selasi with her mother and sister Yetsha.
A Young Taiye Selasi with her mother and sister Yetsha. Source: [email protected].

Her first name means the first twin in Yoruba which is her other’s native tongue. She has changed her surname frequently from getting her mother’s surname at the time of birth to adopting her step-father’s surname. She finally came to a conclusion to keep her name as Selasi which is from the Ewe language and the meaning behind it is ‘God has heard.’

In terms of education, she graduated from the prestigious Yale University with a BA degree in American studies. She has done her master’s in philosophy in international relations from Nuffield College, Oxford.


Selasi is an author who published a book titled Bye-Bye in 2005 and LIP magazine helped her to publish that book. In her book, she has described a New African diaspora in which she accepts a border mix of diversity and showcases that through her book. In the same year, she wrote an essay and a play that was played in the small theater nearby and was played by Avery Wills who is Toni Morrison’s niece.

She has also written a few short stories which describe the horror and pain of Africa along with joy and hope too. Her most popular short stories are The Sex Lives Of African Girls, and Aliens Of Extraordinary Ability. She appeared on the list of Best American short story writers in 2012 and also her story The Sex Lives of African Girls was published by Uk literary magazine Granta. She published a book titled Ghana Must Go in the year 2013.

What’s the net worth of Taiye Selasi?

Taiye Selasi has been writing for a long time now and has also been recognized as one of the top writers in the world. She has also had different brands and magazine sponsorships to look out for too which has made her a decent amount of money in her career so far for her.

From the various reliable sources, it is estimated that her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Her writing career is her primary source of income while brands and sponsorship also make a decent amount of money for her.

Physical Appearance

Ghana Must Go Writer Selasi is a tall and beautiful black woman who has maintained herself pretty well throughout her life. Her height is relatively tall, her exact height information is not available Publically. Likewise, her body weight also remains a mystery for us.

Taiye Selasi Posing for a picture during a photoshoot outdoor.
Taiye Selasi Posing for a picture. Source: [email protected].

She has a Slim well maintained body despite not having information about her body measurement we can see from pictures that she has kept herself fit and healthy. She has black Colored hair and black colored eyes.

Social Media Presence

Taiye has a presence in social media through two of the most popular social media platform Twitter and Instagram. She is active on these platforms and shares different kinds of content like her views on any social issues, her pictures with family, and friends, some quotes for motivation, and other various kinds of things.

She is active on Instagram with the username @taiye.entirely which is a verified profile and has 10.6k followers as of June 2022. She is active on Twitter with the username @taiyeselasi which is an unverified profile and as of June 2022, she has 11.7k followers on Twitter. She is active on Facebook with the username @Taiye Selasi and as of June 2022, she has 6.6k followers on Facebook.

What’s the relationship status of Selasi?

Selasi is a happily married woman who has been married to her longtime boyfriend David Claessen. Although they were dating for some time information regarding their relationship timeline isn’t clear as Selasi likes to keep her personal life in the dark from the public.

Taiye Selasi with her Boyfriend during Vacation.
Taiye Selasi with her Boyfriend during Vacation. Source: [email protected].

She and Classen got married in the year 2013 though the exact date of their marriage is unclear at the time of writing this article. Her husband Classen is a Cinematographer based o Neadtherland. They have no children yet at the time of writing this article nor are they expecting them currently.

Lifestyle And Hobbies

Selasi lives a luxurious and comfortable life in which she is enjoying herself. She likes to live life without any burden and always surrounds herself around positive surroundings. She mostly spends time with her close friends, family, and her husband and doesn’t necessarily interact with the media these days.

She likes reading and traveling a lot. She lives in three different cities across the world at different times and calls herself a native of New York, Rome, and New Delhi. She also likes to travel to different other places, especially during the summertime for refreshment.

Rumors about Taiye Selasi

Taiye Selasi lives a private and secretive life and doesn’t like much of the interactions with the media. She likes to keep her personal life private from everyone else.

That’s why there have been no rumors regarding her that have been going on. She has maintained her secretive personality pretty well.


Selasi has been a woman who likes to give her genuine opinions regarding different kinds of topics. She has always believed in speaking up. She has so far not started any kind of controversy.

Neither her name has been associated with any kind of controversy that’s worth talking about. She always tried to be a genuine person and respectful person.

Some Facts about Taiye Selasi.

  • Selasi describes herself as Afropolitan which is a new way of describing African-Americans and is a term she has made popular recently through her book Ghana Must Go.
  • Taiye is an athlete who was the first African member of the International Paralympic Committee who participated in the long jump for the Ghana National team.
  • She is also a photographer who does amateur photography here and there.
  • Taiye holds dual citizenship from Great Britain and USA.

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