Susi Cahn is an American celebrity wife known for her marital relationship with the well-known chef Mario Batali. Furthermore, she is also the daughter of the originators of the Coach Incorporation, a business known for its production of luxury items like handbags, and clothing.

Influenced by her parents, Cahn started to work at Coach dairy goat farm, which has become the main dairy product supplier of her husband’s restaurant as well as many other restaurants in the United States.

Let’s look into the life of one of the successful food suppliers of US restaurants.

Susi Cahn’s Net Worth

Susi Cahn is estimated to have a combined net worth $25 Million alongside her husband Mario Batali. She runs the restaurant that they own all over the united states with her husband and children.

She also manages the Coach Dairy Goat farm which produces dairy products and high-quality breeding business. Additionally, the couple has two houses, the primary residence being in Greenwich Village in Manhattan and they often go to their summer house in Grand Traverse Bay in Northport, Michigan.

Her father Miles Cahn was also a rich man with a net worth estimated in the millions. Being one of his children, she inherited some of his will and fortune.

With all this fortune, She is living a lavish and comfortable life with her husband and children.

Relationship Status – Is Mario Batali Still Married To Susi Cahn?

Susi Cahn is currently in a nuptial relationship with the famous chef Mario Batali. They initially encountered in 1992 during a food event when Mario was embarking on the restaurant business and Cahn was involved in her parent’s farm which was producing dairy products.

Susi Cahn with her husband Mario Batali 1
Susi Cahn with her husband Mario Batali.
source: Sportskeeda

Later they both started dating and got to know each other. After nearly two years of being together as girlfriend and boyfriend, the love birds eventually walked down the aisle in 1994.

The holy ceremony was conducted on the Caribbean beach among their friends and family members. Furthermore, they held another celebration ceremony two months later where they served ice cream to their guest instead of cake.

Husband – Mario Batali

Cahn’s husband, Mario Batali is a celebrity chef who is known for his conventional culinary skills and Italian cuisine. Furthermore, he is a businessman and an author.

Batali was born on the 19th of September,1960, and was raised in Seattle, United States. He was a cooking enthusiast ever since he was young. He started working in a pub named Stuff Yer Face while attending Rutger University in New Jersey.

Susi Cahns husband Mario Batali 1
Susi Cahn’s husband Mario Batali
Source: youTube Mario Batali

He was influenced by his parents Marilyn and Armandino Batali who were the founder of Salumi restaurant. Batali has a brother named Dana who worked as a director of Pixar Renderman.

Batali was one of the faces of iron chef America and also has made an appearance in many of the food shows and events like Emeril Live, The Daily show, and so on. Likewise, he has also worked in various hotels like Stars, Clif Hotel, etc.

Currently, Batali has more than 20 restaurants all over the United States of America which he looks after together with his wife.

Blessed With Children

After more than two decades of the relationship of Cahn with Batali, she has been blessed with two sons. Her son is now grown up and is following in the footsteps of their father.

Susi Cahn with her husband and children 1
Susi Cahn with her husband and children.
Source: married biography

Since childhood, Cahn’s son Leo and Benno Cahn had admired their father and wanted to receive fame like him. They went to cooking classes and under the guidance of their father now Leo and Benno are culinary experts.

Furthermore, they also released a cookbook with the name ‘The Batali’s brother cookbook‘ in 2013 and are helping their parents to run their business.

Her oldest son, Benno was introduced on the 30th of September,1996 whereas Leo was born on the 24th of April, 1999

Susi Cahn’s Husband Mario Batali Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Cahn’s husband Batali was accused of groping and sexual misconduct by an aspiring chef who once viewed Batali as her hero. According to the woman, she was having a conversation with the chef and drinking.

Mario Batali Acquitted Of Sexual Misconduct Charges By Boston Judge.

As the wine spilled on the chest of the woman, Batali started to rub the woman’s breast. As it was the peak of the MeToo movement, more women who worked with Batali previously also reported sexual misconduct.

They said that Batali would grab them from behind. There was a trial and conduct for that, and Susi had stood by her husband’s side.

Family Background

Cahn is from a well-known family in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Lilian Cahn and Miles Cahn. They are the founders of Coach Inc. which delivered luxury and fashionable items like handbags, and men’s and woman’s dresses.

Both of her parents are dead by now, but they gave a good upbringing to their daughter. They inspired her to be a successful person.

Also, her family member includes her sibling with whom she spent most of her childhood. She has a sister Julie Cahn and David Cahn.

Batali Declined The Right To A Jury In His Trial

As the celebrity chef has declined the right to a jury in his trial, the decision which decides the fate of Batali is now in the hand of the judge of the Boston Municipal court.

His case is being handled by his lawyer Anthony Fuller. Fuller is denying all the accusations made by the woman and has deemed it all to be false.

Is Associated With Non -Profit Humanitarian Organization Mario Batali Foundation

Cahn is also associated with the non-profit organization founded by her chef husband Mario Batali Foundation. She has been working alongside her husband in the noble deed.

The organization is established to provide food i.e. serving as a foodbank and charity for the children’s education and sustenance.

Cahn and her husband are involved in this noble deed because of her mother who met Kathy Goldman in the early ’80s and right away became one of the first supporters and contributors to the food bank. The enthusiastic nature of her mother in such a field has inspired Cahn also.

Coach Inc and Coach Dairy Goat Farm

Cahn’s parents Lilian and Miles started the Coach Leatherwear company which was a fashion line that delivered fashionable and luxury items like jewelry, handbags, and men’s and women’s clothing. They were both good at designing and business which flourished their business.

Susi Cahns Coach farm
Susi Cahn’s Coach farm.
Source: Facebook Coach farm

Later they sold their company for $30 Million to Sara Lee Corporation and started Coach Dairy Goat Farm in New York and were involved in cheese, milk, butter, and high-quality goat breeding business.

The products of the farm now supply many restaurants in the United States alongside Batali’s restaurants.

Susi Does not Like Cooking

As much as, Batali has patience and a love for cooking, Cahn equally dislikes cooking. She has revealed that she does not have an interest in cooking and also she has no need to cook as her husband is a chef.

However, she does make one dish every year which is a cake for her husband which is an orange sunshine cake with buttercream frosting and mandarin oranges.

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