Shirin von Wulffen is a francophile from New York. She is the co-founder of Bastide, the all-natural beauty and lifestyle collection based on life in Provence, and a business partner alongside her husband.

She is also known as the wife of the founder of the Fekkai Frederic Fekkai. Frederic owns six salons in New York, Palm Beach, and other locations. The couples are known for their excellent work in the beauty industry.

Early Life

Shirin was born in Iran. She grew up on a thoroughbred farm in Virginia. She has not disclosed many details about her early days. She is of German descent.

She is an Iranian by birth. Talking about her religious beliefs, she has not disclosed them. Her zodiac sign is still under review as the businesswoman has not disclosed her exact birth date.

Academic Life

Shirin is a well-versed person. she has acquired knowledge through formal education as well as from her life experience. Talking about her academic life, she has not disclosed the course she pursued as well as her educational qualifications are also behind the curtains.

About her primary education, she must have gone to a local school in her hometown like most people. However, she is a talented person.

Her Physical Appearance

Shirin being of German descent person has traits and features similar to Germans people. she has got a fair complexion and blonde hair. She has got attractive hazel eyes. She has a regular body build. She stands tall and has maintained her weight. She has not put on excessive body fat.

Shirin von Wulffen in her light Khaki outfit
Shirin von Wulffen in her light Khaki outfit
Source: Instagram @svwulffen

Apart from this, the Bastide co-founder has not disclosed the figures of her physical measurements. This includes her height, weight, dress size, shoe size, etc. Maybe she is not comfortable sharing that information. She does not seem to have any piercings or tattoos.

Hits Gym 2-3 Hours Per Week

Shirin is a fit girl. She prefers active and healthy life. Ever since she was in middle school she was in tracks. She loved to run and that remained in her 20’s and 30’s too. She used to go jogging and running.

Now she has decided to go to the gym instead. She spends 2-3 hours per week in the gym. This has helped this business lady to stay healthy and in the best shape. She has a set of gym routines that is tough but not painful.


Shirin being a secretive person about her personal life has not disclosed her family background. When the topic of her parents arises she is known to have her lips locked. The identity of her family is still a mystery. However, it is known that her parents are German.

Although she has not disclosed her family background, they provided her necessary love, care, and support. They provided her with a good upbringing.

Relationship Status

Shirin von Wulffen is currently married to Frederic Fekkai. She has not kept her relationship information secret like most celebrities. The love birds, however, have not revealed when they first met and how they got to know each other. They both share their interest in fashion, beauty, and design.

Shirin von Wulffen and her husband Frederic Fekkai
Shirin von Wulffen and her husband Frederic Fekkai
Source: Instagram @svwulffen

Most fans would like to know the love life of their favorite celebrities. Sadly, they have not given many details about it. However, the couple is living happily together and has not made any headlines with their disputes.

In addition to this, Shirin is not known to have romantic links with other men. However, her husband was already married before he married Shirin. Furthermore, her sexual orientation is straight.

Blessed With Children

Shirin is the proud mother of two children. From her relationship with her husband Frederic for over decades, she has got a lovely daughter Cecilia and a son Philip. However, the couple has not revealed much information about their children.

By their age, it can be assumed her children are school-going children. Probably they are receiving a quality education. The businesswoman and her husband are providing all the support for their children.

About Her Husband – Frederic Fekkai

Frederic Fekkai is a celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur in the beauty industry from France. Global fashion star Frédéric has six salons in New York, Palm Beach, and other locations. He rose to prominence after he started styling hair on both catwalks and magazine covers. He owns the Fekkai company.

Frederic Fekkai husband of Shirin Von Wulffen 1
Frederic Fekkai husband of Shirin Von Wulffen
Source: Dreamstime

Talking about his personal information, Frederic was born on 14th February 1958. He holds French citizenship as his national identity. He moved to New York City at the age of 21 for better career opportunities.

Career Highlights

Shirin von Wulffen is a talented woman and business-minded. She traveled to many places in search of better opportunities. After college in the US, she moved to Hamburg to work for a PR agency called Schoeller & von Rehlingen. After 2 years, she started her own agency with Gucci as her first client.

After working there she joined a German magazine, Amica. She worked in that company for three years as a fashion designer. Before she moved to New York, she stayed in Milan taking cooking classes. She became the Director of Communications for Saint Laurent North America.

Similarly, she worked as Director of communication for Tom Ford. She worked as a brand consultant until they launched Bastide. Now she is working as a co-founder of Bastide.

Net Worth

Shirin von Wulffen is undoubtedly a successful businesswoman. She is a co-founder of the first Boutique in Provence Bastide. She however has not disclosed enough information that can help to estimate her net worth.

Frederic Fekkai and his wife Shirin von wulffen in their car
Shirin von Wulffen and her husband Frederic Fekkai posing in their car
Source: Instagram @fredericfekkai

Her primary source of income is her business in the fashion, design, and beauty industry. Her enthusiasm and dedication in her professional career have helped her accumulate a huge sum of wealth. She has worked on famous brands like Tom Ford, and Amica which have significantly contributed to the increment of her bank account.

In addition to this, her husband Frederic Fekkai is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $2 Million. So, it can be said she is living a luxurious and comfortable life with her family.

Social Media Presence

Shirin is quite active on social media. She has accounts on major social media platforms and is very popular with them. This businesswoman uses social media to reach out to her loved and dear ones and as well as to give updates about her.

Her Instagram account is @svwulffen. She has collected a whopping amount of followers on this platform. She has more than 10k followers. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of the moments of her personal life and professional life.

Similarly, there is a Twitter account with her name but it is not verified whether it is her account or not. The account goes by the username @shirin1 and has only 48 followers at the time of writing.

Pet Lover

Shirin is one of those people who cares for and loves their pet. Shirin is also raising many dogs with her. It looks very cute with its brown color body. she displays positive positive emotions toward animals and enjoys her time with dogs whenever she gets free time.

Her Instagram post often contains pictures of her spending time with her family and pets.

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