The American lead singer Shifty Shellshock is a member of the Rock music group Crazy Town, which rose to prominence from the song Butterfly. Furthermore, he has also made appearances on two reality TV shows. Shellshock is a stage name; his full name is Seth Brooks Binzer.

Moreover, the household name blessed his parents with his arrival on the 23rd of August, 1974. He is originally from Los Angeles, California. Let’s learn about some of the interesting facts relating to the life of Crazy Town co-founder.

Net Worth

Shifty Shellshock is the lead performer of the rock band The Crazy Town. He has amassed a good amount of fortune from his musical journey so far. Some of the songs from this band are Butterfly, City of Angels, Never Give Up, etc.

Likewise, He also has some acting experience which he gained through his session in the show Celebrity Rehab and its spinoff. Furthermore, he has also made a brief appearance in some music videos.

In addition, Shellshock is speculated to have a staggering net worth of $25 thousand in his possession as a net worth from the earnings that he has made from his acting and music career. He is trying to reform his band.

What Is Shifty Shellshock’s Current Relationship Status?

Shifty is in a happy relationship with his friend from his young days, Soleil Moon Fyre. According to the Crazy Town lead singer, he is delighted to be in a relationship with her and is excited about their future.

Shifty Shellshock with his girlfriend Soleil Moon Frye
Shifty Shellshock with his girlfriend, Soleil Moon Frye.
Source: Instagram @therealcrazytown

Even though the couple had known each other since eighth grade, it took a lot of years for them to catch their emotions. They made their relationship public in September 2021. The love duo shares about each other via their social media platform with positive words. They are still in a healthy affair with no rumors of separation and conflict.

Past Relationship And Marriage

Solei Moon Fyre is not the only girl that the Rap Rock group Crazy Town‘s member Shifty has dated. He has been romantically linked with numerous women and also has tied knots with two women.

He dated Tracy Shelor from 2004 to 2008 despite being in a marital relationship with Melissa Binzer.

First Marriage With Melissa Binzer

Shellshock and his former wife Binzer got married in 2002, and the couple was together for nine years until they parted ways. They shared a son named Halo.

Shifty Shellshock with Melissa Clarke.
Shifty Shellshock with Melissa Clarke.
Source: FamousFix

The duo’s divorce reason is the unfaithfulness of Shifty. Melissa has been featured in Crazy Town’s music video and was also in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Shifty’s Second Marriage

Likewise, Shifty tied the knot with Ashiko Westguard on 31st May 2014 in Nevada, Las Vegas. They two were best friends before marriage. Both of them supported each other through their hard times and were very comfortable with each other.

Shifty Shellock and his second wife Ashiko Westguard.
Shifty Shellshock and his second wife Ashiko Westguard.
Source: Bjj western Europe

Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce just after three years. The Canadian model filed for divorce in March 2016, and their reason for divorce is stated to be irreconcilable differences.

However, they are on good terms even after their divorce and have remained friends. They do not share any children.

Shifty Is Accused Of Not Taking Care Of His Son Gage

Shellshock’s former girlfriend, Tracy Shelor, has accused him of not being a responsible father to his son. He has not paid for the child’s support money and owes her $64000.

Likewise, Gage has been diagnosed with diabetes and was hospitalized. Despite calling for help by Shelor, Shellshock has not visited his son and her in the hospital.

Although Shellshock is working on a new documentary, walking on red carpets, and buying sports cars and bulldogs, he said that he has no money to pay for child support to the family court. This shows that Shifty has abandoned his son.

Shifty Shellshock and Bobby Reeves’s Fight

Shifty Shellshock and Bobby Reeves, members of the band Crazy Town, got into a fight in May 2021 while they were in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. People recorded the fight, and it spread all over the internet, surprising fans of the band. The fight started because Shifty, who sings in the band, showed up late to the concert. Bobby had to sing in his place, which made Shifty upset.

In the video, Shifty hits and kicks Bobby while he’s on the ground trying to protect himself. Shifty also argues with Bobby about the money he thinks Bobby took from him. He yells and accuses Bobby of stealing, but Bobby denies it. Then things get more heated as they threaten each other. After the fight, Bobby posted a photo of his bruised eyes on Instagram, saying they’re still friends, but it caused problems for the band.

Meanwhile, Crazy Town was on tour with another band called Hed PE, but because of what happened, Hed PE decided to kick Crazy Town off the tour. The lead singer of Hed PE mentioned that Shifty needed help and that they couldn’t keep touring while Shifty was struggling with some personal issues.

This fight isn’t the first problem for Crazy Town. Another band called Brian Jonestown Massacre had a fight between two of their members, Anton Newcombe and Ryan Van Kriedt. They also had to cancel some of their shows. It seems like both bands need some time apart to sort things out before they can make music together again.

Family Background

Shifty comes from a well-known family background, as he is the son of Rollin Binzer. However, he has not disclosed the identity of his mother but has shared her images on his Instagram. Also, he has not talked much about his siblings.

Shifty Shellshock With his father.
Shifty Shellshock With his father.
Source: Instagram @thecrazytown

He was introduced to the entertainment industry during his childhood as his father was related to it. Shellshock shared his father’s passion for music and graffiti arts. He admires his father a lot and has walked in his footsteps.

Who Is Shifty Shellshock’s Father?

Shellshock’s father, Rollin Binzer, is known for his work as a producer and a director for the documentaries The Rolling Stone and Chicago Blues.

He has three credits as a producer and two credits as a director in his IMDb profile. Additionally, Rollin was the recipient of the award in 2009 Eugene Film Festival award in the category of Most Socially Engaging Feature for The Providence Effect.

Shifty Shellshock Was In Coma

Shifty was immediately hospitalized on 29 March 2012 after he lost consciousness. Later it was revealed that he was in a coma state.

Luckily, Shifty was able to wake up from the coma after spending some days in the hospital. He was released on the 3rd of April.

Although there was no official news regarding the cause of his coma, Many people believe that it was because of his high intake of drugs.

Used To Climb Tall Buildings And Write On It

As his father, Shellshock is an art lover, and by the age of 15, he already joined a cool graffiti crew. As the rap singer said, he was like a monkey back then who could climb tall buildings and write on them.

His artwork and courage were also appreciated by his fellow graffiti crew members. He shared this passion with his father.

Story Behind Butterfly

Butterfly is the legacy of Crazy Town and Shellshock which has been at the top in 15 different countries. Before this song, their album’s first two songs failed to become hits.

Crazy Town: The Sad Story of the Band Behind “Butterfly”

After the success of Butterfly, shellshock told the secret behind the Butterfly. The song was written by Shifty to make things right with his girlfriend, who was upset with him and the way he was carrying his band.

Shellshock dedicated the song to his girlfriend and put some romantic vibe with the title Butterfly as she used to collect insects. However, it did not help in winning his girlfriend back,

Nonetheless, It became the most famous song of his career and band.

Arrested By Police

Shellshock has been arrested numerous times for having drugs in his possession. He was caught with Cocaine after his fight with his girlfriend. This caused his band to step away from performing in Ozzfest.

He was again arrested in June 2022 by the LAPD, however, he was later released. He spent some hours in the local jail. Recently he was under the radar of a police drinking and driving case in April 2023.

Ozzfest Tour

Ozzfest is an annual summer music festival organized by hard rock legend Ozzbourn and his wife, Sharon. The Crazy Town was invited to perform in the fest. However, they were asked to pull out their name as Shellshock was arrested for his addiction.

They returned the next year. However, it was disastrous as the audience taunted them by saying Butterfly Boys.

Television Appearances

Besides singing, Shellshock has also appeared in a television reality show as a participant in curing his addiction problem.

He made his appearance in two seasons of the reality shows Celebrity Rehab and Sober House.

Shellshock In Celebrity Rehab

Shellshock participated in the VH1 show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, where the celebrity gets treated for their bad habit of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Seth Binzer of Crazy Town talks about his drug addiction and Celebrity Rehab.

Shellshock was in seasons 1 and 2 of the show, where he went to treat his Cocaine as well as Crack Cocaine addiction. Daniel Baldwin and Rodney King were also in the show alongside him.

In Sober House

Like Celebrity Rehab, Shellshock also participated in the two seasons of the TV reality show Sober House in the hope of treating his addiction.

This show was a spinoff of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Being in the two seasons of Sober house as well as Celebrity Rehab indicates he really wants to be free from his bad addictions.

Shifty’s Ex-girlfriend And Family Clashed At Hospital

Shifty’s Ex-girlfriend Jasmine Lennard and his family clashed at the hospital. As per Jasmine, the family kept her in the dark about Shifty’s condition.

She was aware of his health after her friend told her. Upon reaching the hospital, his family started cursing Jasmine.

Shifty Shellshock’s Physical Appearance And Measurements

The Crazy Town lead performer Shellshock is a stylist person and has a unique fashion sense. His appearance is all funky, and he has short hair, which is naturally black in color. He has sharp dark brown eyes.

Shifty Shellshock showing his tattoo. 1
Shifty Shellshock showing his tattoo.
Source: Digital Spy

Likewise, a distinctive feature of his body is his tattoos. Shellshock has tattoos all over his body. His star-shaped body inking is a famous one. In an interview, he revealed that he is a tattoo lover.

Shifty stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 5 inches which is equivalent to 170 cm. Similarly, he has a slim body and decent weight.

Is Shifty Shellshock Active On Social Media Presence?

Shellshock is quite active on social media and is available on Instagram. His official accounts on the other social media platforms are not found.

He uses Instagram under the username @therealcrazytown where he has collected more than 122 thousand followers. Shellshock has posted more than 24.7k posts on this platform which include moments from his personal and professional life.

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