Shelley Mathew Malil is an American actor who is popularly known for his role in the American Movie 40-Year Virgin as Haziz. He is a talented actor who emigrated to the U.s. when he was just a child.

Malil who has had a troublesome life due to his own repulsive and bad anger management is also a convicted criminal who has been imprisoned for more than a decade.

Early Life And Education

Malil was born on the date of 23rd December in the year 1964 and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. He was born in Kerala, India, and emigrated to the United States of America in the year 1974 when he was ten years of age with his parents. His parental information at the time of writing this article was kept private and not known to the public.

From a young age, he wanted to be a comedic actor and his biggest inspiration was Bob Hope when growing up. From his teenage years, he started pursuing his dreams as he entertained people on the high school stage and also performed stand-ups here and there.

He is a well-educated person who has got good education since his childhood. The details regarding his school, high school, and the university have been kept private and aren’t known at the time of writing this article. However, it is known that he had spent two years in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he learned acting which is located in New York before debuting in Hollywood.


After learning from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for two years, Malil was more than ready for Hollywood projects. In 1994 he moved to Los Angeles with a van and less than $1k in his pocket. He debuted with the Tv series The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr where he just played a small cameo in the series. After his debut, he got to play small parts in other various different series like ER, Seinfeld, the West Wing, and others. His performance was notably good however he wasn’t getting the recognization he deserved from these small cameos.

He got the fame and recognization from the Super Bowl in the year 2001 when the Budweiser beer commercial which he had played was shown at the halftime show of the Super Bowl which caught the attention of many people and also brought him a lead role for him in a Tv movie titled Bad News, Mr.Swanson. He then went on to do projects like Collateral Damage, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and others.

Shelley Malil with his co-star during the shoot of the movie.
Shelley Malil is on the movie set. Source:@People

He landed one of his biggest works as Haziz who was a co-worker of the lead star, Steve Carell in one of his best performances for the movie The 40-year-Old Virgin. He went on to win many accolades for this and all seems great for him but due to the incident that took place in 2008, his entire career went downhill.

What’s The Net Worth of Shelley Malil?

Shelley Malil has had a tough career where he has his ups but also has a very low point in his career. he hasn’t been acting since 2008 and has also severely damaged his wealth by the hassling and long judicial procedure in his carer

According to various online reliable sources, it is believed that his estimated net worth as of 2022 is around only $10k. His past acting career is still considered his primary source of income.

Social Media Presence

Malil doesn’t have a good impression among his own fans and supporters so having a social media platform for him would never work for him.

So he isn’t active on any kind of Social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, he isn’t active on any till the time of writing this article.

Relationship Status

Shelley Malil had a relationship in the past with a Woman named Kendra Beebe. They reportedly met on an online dating site and clicked at that time and began their relationship.

Shelley Malil with his ex-girlfriend Kendra Beebe clicking selfie.
Shelley MAlil with his ex-girlfriend Kendra Beebe. Source: @Celebrity Net worth.

Bebe was the mother of two young children when they began dating. Their relationship was always a rocky one and didn’t seem like a right fit for both since the start according to Bebe. They both separated completely after Malil stabbed her twenty-three times in an attempted murder.

Malil’s Troubled Life

Malil life started taking into turmoil after he began a relationship with Kendra Bebe in the year 2007. The couple who met on an online dating site at first was having a good relationship but soon the relationship turned sour. They were regularly having arguments and things weren’t going well, that’s when Kendra decided to call it a quit and move on from Malil.

However, Malil wasn’t ready to move on and wanted to keep her in his life and reconcile, or for some other reason, he went to Beebe Home located in San Macros, California at the time. When he reached there she was with another male companion, this triggered anger inside Malil, and with two knives present in the house he stabbed Beebe more than twenty times. The injuries fatally wounded Beebe and were immediately rushed to the hospital where she was kept in intensive care. The male companion who was present there also got stabbed in his hands when he tried to bruise off Malil.

40 Year old virgin actor 1 min
Shelley Malil during his hearing. Source:@ABC7 News.

Malil later was arrested when he was going to visit his lawyer for consulting him on his surrender. When the court hearing was completed Malil was charged with first-degree assault and sentenced to a life imprisonment sentence but he only served eight years before being released on parole for five years.

Physical Appearance

Haziz from 40-year-old Virgin is a handsome-looking man with good height with his height being 5 feet 11 inches or 180 cm tall and his body weight is unknown at the time of writing this article.

He has an average body shape which he has maintained well although his exact body measurement is unknown at the time of writing this article. He has black hair and dark brown colored eyes. His shoe size is 10(US).


Shelley Malil currently lives an isolated lifestyle where he doesn’t interact at all with anyone other than some selective people in his day-to-day life. He is still seen as a dangerous man by many including Kendra Beebe and nobody really likes to have any kind of relationship or talk with him.

Hence since his release from prison on parole he has been only minding his own business and is trying to integrate into society. So there are no rumors regarding him that are going on currently.


Malil has been a controversial figure for a very long time. He has been indulging in one of the worst controversies of stabbing. When he stabbed his ex-girlfriend Kendra Beebe, this created a huge fuss in the media. Many of his co-star friends were shocked and in disbelief likewise many didn’t want to talk about it to date.

Now his parole has also created another controversy where his ex-girlfriend has asked for more security for her as she believes that he is going to come after her or her children.

Some Facts about Shelly Malil

  • He is an immigrant who came to the U.S. at the age of 10 with his parents.
  • Comedian Bobe Hope was his biggest inspiration growing up.
  • Malil was sentenced to life imprisonment sentence for stabbing his ex-girlfriend more than 20 times.

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