Shaunette Renee Wilson is an actress who has been in the limelight after playing in the TV series The Resident. Besides this, she has also played the role of one of the members of the elite force of Marvel superhero Black panther’s bodyguard group Dora Milaje.

Renee Wilson has gained wide popularity for her performance as Dr. Mina Okafor in The Resident. As a fan you sure want to know about the interesting features relating to her life, so let’s dive deep into it.

Net Worth

Shaunette Renee Wilson is speculated to have a net worth of $1 Million which she has accumulated through her hardships and struggle in her professional career.

Her primary source of income is her acting career. As a veteran actress, she is estimated to earn 80 thousand yearly. Some of the credits Wilson has as an actress are Black Panther, Billions, Into The Dark, The Resident, and so on.

In addition to this, Wilson is also engaged in modeling and endorsing. She is advertising the skin care product for the company Byrdie. Also, she has tried other domains in the entertainment field i.e writing, producing, and directing.

With all this fortune, Renee Wilson is living a comfortable life in New York City.

Relationship Status

Shaunette Renee Wilson has not yet talked about her relationship status yet. She does not seem to be involved in a romantic relationship and is just focusing on her career for time being.

Shaunette Renee Wilson set to play opposite to Byd Holbrook in Indiana Jones 5. 1
Shaunette Renee Wilson is set to play opposite Byd Holbrook in Indiana Jones 5.
Source: Yahoo news

As a private person, she has hidden all the details regarding her personal life and this also includes her relationship. However, there was a rumor that Renee Wilson was in a relationship with an American producer Billy Randy. There is not enough evidence to back up the rumor though.

Relocated To New York At The Age of Two

Renee Wilson was introduced to the world on the 19th of January 1990 in Linden which is located in Guyana. Her parents migrated to New York for better career opportunities and to provide their children with a good environment to grow.

Therefore, Wilson was raised in New York alongside her three siblings from the age of two. She received all her education in America.

Educational Life

Wilson had decided to make her career in acting since her childhood, and therefore she did not have to struggle much thinking about the course or college to pursue.

She joined the Yale School of Drama where she learned about the basics of acting and participated in different plays such as  Cardboard Piano, Paradise Lost, The Seagull, and The Children

Furthermore, Renee Wilson received her Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Drama from Queens college. After her graduation, she started to be more serious about her career.

Why Did Wilson Left The Resident?

Wilson left the TV series The Resident because of her own personal reasons. She has not discussed the details in the public but it was revealed that she had decided to leave the show a long ago.

Why did Shaunette Renee Wilson leave The Resident, Mina Okafor’s role?

She had asked the producer of the show for leaving the show and they agreed with a heavy heart. They all loved the character of Dr. Mina. For her departure, they did a nice send-off to the character.

One of the executive producers of the show, Andrew Chapman has also said in an interview that Wilson is welcome any time in their show if she wants to

Family Background

Renee Wilson was introduced to the world by Deberah Wilson and Wesley Wilson in Guyana. Her parents nurtured all their children in a good environment and even migrated to New York to fulfill all their needs.

She is not the only child of her parents and has three siblings. Her two sisters are Serena and Synique Wilson and her brother’s name is Andre Wilson. She spent most of her childhood making beautiful memories with her sibling and is very close to them.

Received Popularity From TV Series The Resident

Even though Wilson has been a part of many hit projects she received fame from the TV series The Resident. She has delivered a praiseworthy performance as Dr. Mina Okafor in the series. The character is not only loved by the audience but also by the crew member.

Dr. Mina Okafor is always a mood | THE RESIDENT

However, she left the show and her last scene was in season 4. Her departure from the series was heartbreaking for the audience and the crew member. One of the producers has even said that Wilson is always welcome in the series if she ever wants to return.

Appeared As A Member Of Dora Milaje In The Famous MCU Superhero Movie Black Panther

One of the popular movies in that Renee Wilson appeared is the MCU Superhero Movie Black Panther. She was a member of the Dora Milaje, which serves as an elite female force of Wakanda and the personal bodyguard of Black Panther.

She also has a similarity with Dora Milaje in real life as both of them prefer to keep their hair short. The movie did a lot of earnings at the box office.

Did you know? Sope Aluko also played role in Black Panther. Know more about her life here.

Renee Wilson Is One Of The Cast Members of Indiana Jones 5

Wilson has been chosen as the cast member for part 5 of the Indiana Jones movie. The movie is in the post-production stage currently and is set to release in 2023 if everything goes according to plan.

Wilson is excited to be a part of the famous movie. The other cast members for the movie are Harrison Ford, Mads Mikkelsen, Boyd Holbrook, and so on.

Has Been Involved In Modeling

Although Wilson primarily focuses on her acting career, she has been involved in some side gigs. She is working on a skincare promotion with Byrdie, a skincare and cosmetics company.

Shaunette Renee Wilsons picture posted by Byrdie. 1
Shaunette Renee Wilson’s picture was posted by Byrdie.
Source: Byrdie

The product has been helpful for her skin too and she has also recommended people use it. For endorsement, Wilson has posed with her flawless skin.

Wilson Credits The Beauty Secret Of Her Homeland For Her Beautiful Appearance

Wilson being a member of the glamorous world always maintains her beauty. She is an actress and a model and many of her fans want to know about her beauty secret.

She gives credit to the beauty secret of her homeland for her beautiful appearance. It was revealed that the people from her homeland use a lot of oil both on their hair and skin. This helps to maintain the elasticity and life of her skin.

The oil is made from the backyard recipe from her hometown and is made by everyday people.

How Tall Is Shaunette Renee Wilson?

The Resident actress Renee Wilson stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 10 inches which is equivalent to 178 cm. She has an attractive body shape and has maintained a weight of around 65 kg i.e 143 lbs.

Shaunette Renee Wilson in brown outfit. 1 1
Shaunette Renee Wilson in the brown outfit.
Source: superstars bio

Wilson prefers to keep short hair now which is black in color. On top of that, she has big black eyes. Her physical apperance is enhanced by her styling and makeup sense.

Is Inactive In Social Media

Renee Wilson is not active on social media and has deleted her accounts from them. Before she used to have accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

It is still unclear why the Guyanese actress deleted her accounts from social media. Maybe she does not want to live a lowkey life or she does not want to spend her days scrolling the feeds and rather use her time on something productive.

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