Samantha Spiro is an acting professional based in the United Kingdom who has been a part of many popular movies and TV series. She has played the role of Melessa Tarly in Games of Thrones as well as Mrs. Figg in Harry Potter.

Spiro blessed her parents with her arrival on the 20th of June, 1968. She was raised in Radlett, Hertfordshire, in a Jewish family. Interested in acting from the age of 10 after watching Androcles and the Lion at the Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, she pursued many acting classes, which have helped her in her career field.

Net Worth

Samantha Spiro is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1 Million. She has successfully amassed this huge sum of fortune through her hardship and dedication in her professional career.

Spiro has been involved in hit and famous movies and TV series including Harry Potter, Sex Education, Games of Thrones, The Larkins, and so on.

Her husband Mark Leadbetter on the other hand is also an actor who is earning a substantial income. With all this fortune, she is living a comfortable and exotic lifestyle which can be seen on her Instagram wall.

Relationship Status

Samantha Spiro is living a blissful married life with Mark Leadbetter. The couple walked down the aisle in the year 2002 after spending some time together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Samantha Spiro with her husband Mark Leadbetter 1
Samantha Spiro with her husband Mark Leadbetter.
Source: MyLondon

Samantha and Mark had their first encounter in one of the theatres where she used to perform. According to the love birds, they liked each other at the moment they landed eyes on each other, It was love at first sight.

Now, their marriage has lasted more than two decades with no disputes that have become headlines. They are enjoying their married life and have two children together.

Husband – Mark Leadbetter

Spiro’s husband Mark Leadbetter is an acting professional like Spiro herself. He also started his acting career in theatres and later started appearing in movies and TV series.

Throughout his career, Mark has had a total of 27 credits as an actor. Some of his movies and TV series in which he has made appearances are Primeval, Doctors, A Thousand Kisses Deep, the Murder Investigation Team, and so on.

Blessed With Children

From the relationship of nearly two decades, Spiro shares two children with Mark. The couple is blessed with two daughters.

Samantha Spiro with her daughter Harriet Leadbetter
Samantha Spiro with her daughter Harriet Leadbetter.
Source: Instagram @samspirospiro

Her eldest daughter, Harriet Leadbetter was born on the 27th of July, 2004. She has got a beauty from her mother and uses Instagram under the username @harrietleadbetter which has more than 676 followers.

On the other side, Spiro’s youngest daughter, Heidi was born on the 7th of November 2006. Despite having busy schedules, Samantha and Mark find time to spend quality time with their children. They go to many beautiful destinations together and are often spotted in public.

Educational Background

As Spiro found her interest in acting at a very young age, she was clear about which course to pursue. She joined the National Youth Theatre to learn acting and later joined the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

Her time at Brancoffts University filled her with an interest in arts. She was in the university from 1982 to 1985 and subsequently returned in 2016 for an Arts & Drama masterclass.

Return Of Samantha Spiro In The Fourth Season Of Sex Education

The fourth season of sex education is filming and has announced its cast. The fourth season will show the adjustment of Otis and Eric to their new school.

In this season there will be the return of many actors among which Samantha is one. She plays the role of Maureen Groff who had to deal with a lot of problems.

As Melessa Tarly In The Popular Series Games Of Throne

Games of Thrones is one of the most popular series which has a total of eight seasons and has a lot of audience starring Nonso Anozie. It is a fantasy drama created for HBO by  David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Game of Thrones S06E06 : Sam, Gilly, and his mother Lady Melessa Tarly.

Randyll Tarly, the Lord of Horn Hill and leader of House Tarly has been represented by Samantha in the portrayal of Melessa Tarly. She has a friendly demeanor in the series.

As Miss Figg In The Popular Movie Series Harry Potter

Who does not know about Harry Potter? The movie series needs no introduction. Samantha was also part of the Harry Potter alongside Jacob Ifan.

She played the role of Arabella Doreen Figg, who was a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She used to live near Harry Potter‘s family to watch Harry on behalf of Albus Dumbledore. She is shown as the dealer of cats in the movie series.

Career Highlights

Samantha Spiro being an acting enthusiast took acting classes and enrolled herself in theatres. Her first position was with the Open Air Theatre’s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She performed in the play The Boys from Syracuse there as well.

Samantha Spiro as Maureen Groff in Sex Education.

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Spiro co-starred with Billy Boyd and Joseph Millson as Lady Macbeth. One of her most recognizable parts is one for which the fans may still recall her. Spiro also participated in other theater works such as Emmanuelle, Dick, Funny Girl, Cleo, Camping, and Mike Leigh’s Two Thousand Years.

Later, she made her debut on screen as Cherie in the TV series The Bill. Following that, she has 57 credits as an actress throughout her career. Some of her well-known movies and TV series include Harry Potter, Sex Education, Games of Thrones, The Larkins, etc.

Likewise, the media star has starred recently in Vera, Beyond Paradise, Inside No.9, Hoard, One Life, and Still Up. She will be appearing in Something Else.

Pet Lover

The Sex Education actress Samantha is a pet lover and loves having pets in her house, especially dogs. She owned many dogs until now. Her love for dogs is displayed all over her Instagram feed.

Samantha Spiro pet dog Mowgli.JPG
Samantha Spiro’s pet dog Mowgli.
Source: Instagram @samspirospiro

She once had a black dog named Mowgli who celebrated its fifteenth birthday on the 9th of October, 2015. Furthermore, she has also posted pictures of other dogs whom she has worked with.


There are some favorite things of Samantha which she is very fond of. She likes to listen to music and cook while she has time. As much as she loves her own cooked food, Spiro loves Italian food and pizza the most.

Similarly, her favorite destinations to travel to are Oslo and Denmark which are really beautiful places. She finds red and orange colors most attractive.

Samantha Spiro’s Height And Physical Appearances

The Me Before You actress Spiro stands tall with the height of 5 ft and 6 inches which is equivalent to 167 cm. She has maintained a weight of around 60 kg i.e. 132 lbs. Her waist size and hip size are 25 and 34 respectively.

Spiro wears the dress of size 5 (US) and has a slim body type. Furthermore, she has naturally black hair and brown eyes. Sprio is an avid fitness person and loves to maintain her body fit, and for that, she exercises daily.

Social Media Presence

Spiro is quite active on social media and constantly shares her beautiful moments with her fans and loved ones. She has activated her accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, and Twitter.

Her Instagram account is @samspirospiro which has more than 8.7k followers. Her personal life can be seen on her Instagram wall. Similarly, she tweets under the username @samanthaspiro and has successfully amassed more than 6.1k followers which is comparatively lesser than her Instagram.

Besides this, she is not available on any other social media platforms.

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