Regina King‘s son has committed suicide, according to people. Wednesday was his 26th birthday. “The loss of Ian has crushed our family to the core,” King says in a statement to people. “He was such a brilliant light who genuinely cared about other people’s happiness. During this private time, our family requests that you treat us with respect. Thank you very much.”

King’s only kid with her ex-husband, record producer Ian Alexander Sr., he was her only child. Ian was a deejay, following in his father’s musical footsteps. King previously described her son as “an excellent young man” to people. Despite her burgeoning popularity as an actor and director, King said that Ian was her greatest source of pride at the time.

King said that Ian was her greatest source of pride at the time.
Ian Alexander Jr. has passed away.
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After divorcing Ian’s father after nine years of marriage in 2007, King acknowledged that being a single parent wasn’t always easy but that her love for her son was stronger than anything. “You have no concept of unconditional love. You can say you do, but unless you have a child, you have no idea what it means “At the time, she explained. “It’s the most rewarding [thing] ever when you experience it.”

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Ian paid tribute to his mother on Instagram last year in honor of her 50th birthday, writing: “Happy birthday, my coworker! I’m so proud of you and inspired by your passion, artwork, and gangster attitude! I’ll be eternally grateful for being able to watch you grab this life by the neck and make it yours.”

He went on to say, “But having you as my mother is the most precious gift I could receive. It’s incredibly astounding that you can be everything you are while still making time to be there for me, love me, and support me completely. You are the true superhero, and the entire Marvel universe has nothing on you! Mom, I adore you! YO DAY!! Today and every day!!”

King acknowledged that being a single parent wasn't always easy but that her love for her son was stronger than anything.
Ian Alexander Jr. is the son of Regina King.
Source: Pinterest

They also have identical tattoos on his shoulder and hers on her arm that read “unconditional love” in Aramaic. On The View in 2017, King stated of the ink, “We were attending Kabbalah studies.” “Let’s pick three [designs] each and not tell each other which ones they are, and whichever one matches, that’s the one we’ll get tattooed — and we both chose unconditional love,” he said.

Ian has frequently accompanied his mother on red carpets, notably at the 2019 Golden Globes, where he referred to her as “super mom.”

He told E! News, “She’s really a fantastic mom.” “She doesn’t let difficult work days or anything else ruin the time we have together. It’s fantastic to have a mother with whom I can enjoy spending time.” Ian made her “happier than anything in the entire world,” King remarked at the time. LoveBScott originally reported the news of Ian’s death.

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