Piyarat Chotiwattananont is definitely one of those personalities that got immense fame from being associated with a celebrity figure. If you’re wondering who that is, then let us tell you it’s none other than her celebrity martial artist and stuntman husband, Tony Jaa. The love birds have been together for quite some time and share two equally adorable kids. Follow the read to learn more about Piyarat Chotiwattananont’s love life, net worth, and kids.

What Is The Net Worth Collection of Piyarat Chotiwattananont?

Piyarat Chotiwattananont must be quite the lucky lady who enjoys a comfortable life, thanks to her successful husband, Tony Jaa. Her husband’s spent decades of his career in the field of entertainment, which has led him to garner enough recognition for himself not only professionally but also financially.

Piyarat Chotiwattananont has a net worth of $10 million
Piyarat Chotiwattananont enjoys her net worth in millions.
Photo Source: Instagram

Specifically speaking about his riches, the stunt man enjoys a lucrative net worth of $10 million as of 2021. Not only that, he makes a handsome annual salary of $1.6 million as an action star which is only justifiable considering his risque nature of work.

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Tony’s work isn’t just related to performing action stunts as he’s also known for actively engaging in sports activities like running track, fencing, and gymnastics, bagging various accolades under his name. Some of his other sources of income are high brand endorsements and sponsorships in his social media handle. The Jaa family enjoys their life with all sorts of luxuries thanks to his successful career.

Piyarat Chotiwattananont and Tony Jaa Relationship

Piyarat Chotiwattananont and her husband are nearing celebrating a decade of togetherness. The lovely couple took their wedding vows back on May 03, 2012, after dating for quite some time, testing the waters of their relationship. Tony’s wife has been a constant figure of motivation throughout the time, whether supporting her husband’s career or personal life.

Piyarat Chotiwattananont husband and kids
Piyarat Chotiwattananont’s husband and kids sharing a frame.
Photo Source: Instagram

Together the couple is blessed with two beautiful daughters, Hataipavee Yeerum and Narinrat Yeerum. Since Piyarat is yet to share her personal details in public, it would be safe to assume that she’s in her mid-thirties.

Piyarat Chotiwattananont’s Husband Tony Jaa’s Career

Piyarat Chotiwattananont’s husband is a man of multi-talents with knowledge as a Thai martial artist, actor, action choreographer, stuntman, and director. He’s majorly famous for appearing in hit movies like Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior (2003), Tom-Yum-Goong (2005), Ong Bak 2: The Beginning (2008), Furious 7 (2015), SPL II: A Time for Consequences (2015), and Paradox (2017).

Piyarat Chotiwattananont is an action star
Piyarat Chotiwattananont is also a movie director.
Photo Source: Instagram

The 45-year-old‘s worked as a stuntman or Muay Thai for over 14 years and has performed many high-end and risky stunts, many of which have also led him hospitalized or hurt. In 2005, he got burnt with flames in the middle of performing an action scene that left him with burn eyelashes, eyebrows, and parts of his nose.

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