Peter Keleghan is well known Canadian personality. He is an actor and writer with a great career in the entertainment industry. His role as Ben Bellow in the comedy series 18 to Life gave him massive recognition among the people.

Not only that, he is well known for his role as Clark Claxton in the other comedy series Billable Hours. For his great work, he has been awarded several awards and recognition. Now, let’s know more about Peter and find out what’s going on with his life.

Formative Years

Versatile actor Peter Keleghan was born on 16th September 1959 In Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He grew up in a working-class family alongside his siblings. His sister’s name is Tereska.

From an early age, he is attached to acting and has joined several acting classes in his youth. Furthermore, he earned his BA degree in English Drama from York University in Toronto, Ontario.

Wonderful Acting and Writing Career

The talented personality Peter Keleghan started his wonderful acting career in 1983. He made his first appearance on TV through the role of Rick McKay in the series Screwballs. His role in The Comedy Mill for five years gave him massive recognition. After his iconic appearance in that particular show, there is no looking back for him.

Peter Keleghan and Victor Garber
Image: Peter Keleghan with his close friend and successful actor Victor Garber. Source: Peter Keleghan’s Instagram

Some of his notable appearances include The Red Green Show, Forever Knight, Picture Perfect, The Newsroom, The Mr. Men Show, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Sings & Arrows, Captain Flamingo and so on. Currently, he is playing the role of Richard Greenwood in the Workin’ Moms, which he started in 2017.

Awards and Accolades

Candian actor Peter Keleghan has been part of the film industry since 1983. During this long acting career and many successful years, he has earned several awards and nominations.

For his role as Ranger Gord in The Red Green Show, he has been nominated for Gemini Award for Best Performance in a comedy program or series. In 1998 for the Jim Walcott role in the series The Newsroom, he won Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Comedy series.

For his role as Alan Roy, CEO of Made in Canada series, he was nominated for Gemini Award and Canadian Comedy Award in the same category. Later he won Gemini Award for Best Ensemble Performace in a Comedy program.

Till now, he has been nominated and awarded several titles for his incredible performances. In 2009 he was even awarded the ACTRA Award of Excellence in recognition of his body of work. Canadian actors Yannick Bisson and Corey Sevier are also Gemini Award winners like Peter.

Who is Peter Keleghan Married? Know About His Relationship

The sixty-three years old actor, Peter Keleghan, is a happily married man. He exchanged his wedding vows with actress, Leah Pinsent. They dated for two years before accepting one another as husband and wife. However, the pair hasn’t yet revealed their wedding dates and photos to anyone.

Peter Keleghan and his wife
Image: Actor Peter Keleghan with his wife, Leah Pinsent, enjoying a holiday. Source: Peter Keleghan’s Instagram

Despite being a huge public figure, they love to keep their life private and far from negative publicity. The couple is also not highly active on any social media platform and keeps their things within themselves. Despite that, they love to spend quality time together and occasionally go hiking.

Although the pair haven’t revealed their exact date of marriage, it is confirmed that they have been bounded in love for more than a decade. Having the same working environment, they share a great understanding in their relationship. Currently, they enjoying a quality life together.

Wife, Leah Pinsent Previous Relationship

Prior to accepting Peter Keleghan as a life-long partner, Leah was previously a married woman. She was married to her ex-husband, Michael Capellupo. Taking a glimpse into their relationship timeline, they met one another for the very first time in 1989.

Peter Keleghan with his family
Image: Peter Keleghan and Leah Pinsent enjoy hiking. Source: Peter Keleghan’s Instagram

With a great first meeting, they began a sweet relationship and made it very serious. After dating for two years, they tied their wedding knot in 1991. However, after nine years of their marriage, they called it to quit. In 2002 they officially divorced and parted ways.

Who is Peter Keleghan’s Wife, Leah Pinsent

Like Peter Keleghan, Leah is also a successful personality in Canada from an acting background. She is a talented film and television actress who has had very successful years in acting since 1984. Her debut film was The Bay Boy, which is a semi-autobiographical film. From her incredible performance, she gathered Genie Nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

5 13
Image: Award Winning Canadian actress Leah Pinset. Source: Pinterest

With her great first role, she made several appearances in both TV and Film. Her first TV appearance was in Shades of Love: The Emerald Tear and Glory Enough for All. Her latest appearance was in the Murdoch Mysterious where she played the role of Deborah Anderson. Some of her well-known appearances are Sunshine Sketches of a Little TOw, Republic of Doyle, This in wonderland, Side Effects and so on.

Net Worth in 2022

Peter Keleghan is one of the successful Canadian actors with a great career. He has been part of several blockbuster movies and series from which he has gathered a huge amount of fortune.

Talking about his wealth, Peter currently enjoys a net worth of $5 Million. Since 1983 he has been part of this beautiful industry and has given his best to the business. So in return, he has collected a good amount of fortune.

As of 2022, he makes around $90,000 per annum through overall involvement. He is one of the experienced actors who charges a decent amount of wages and is proudly given to him. Currently, he charges around $80,000 per episode and sometimes makes more than that. Not only does he earns a good fortune but also uses it wisely.

Peter has invested his money in various profitable businesses. He has also invested in real estate which adds more to his income. He owns a house in Canada whose price is ranged over $1 Million in today’s market. Currently, he is living a happy and prosperous life with his family. On the other hand his wife, Leah is also a successful actress who has a net worth of $1.5 Million as of 2022.

TV and Film Appearances

Actor Peter Keleghan has been part of over 30 movies and series combined. He now has four decades-long experience in the acting field and is one of the superior actors. Some of his movies and series include Seinfeld, Viper, Cheers, Royal Candian Air Farce, Captain Flamingo, Ruby Gloom, Niagra Motel, Billable Hours and so on.

His 2005 released movie Cheaper by the Dozen collected over $135 Million worldwide under a budget of $60 Million. Similarly, his wife has also been part of several blockbuster movies and series. Some of her acting credits include Wet Bum, Walking the Dead, April Fool’s Day, More Tears, Side Effects, Murder, She Wrote and so on.

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