If you know the American radio show host, author, and political commentator, Dan Bongino, you know Paula Andrea Bongino. What? You don’t? Ok! Let us tell you who she is? You guys might be familiar with the quote; there’s a woman behind every successful man. Indeed, she’s that woman in Dan’s life who plays a vital role in his fruitful life. She’s the wife of the former special agent Dan Bongino.

Paula Personal Details: Age, Parents, Siblings, and Education

Paula Andrea Bongino came to the limelight because of her husband massive fan following in the crowd. Due to this, much isn’t known about her by the media persons. Thus, there aren’t many things to talk on her personal life.

Paula Andrea Bongino came to the limelight because of her husband massive fan following in the crowd.
Paula Andrea Bongino is in her early forties.
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Regardless of all, we came to know that Paula hails from Cali, Colombia. Although there are no records on her parents and siblings, we found she grew up in a Christian faith family.

Speaking of her academics, the gorgeous wife of former congressional candidate Dan Bongino went Baruch College in New York City, as per her LinkedIn Profile. Similarly, according to Information Cradle, she’s in her early forties, as of 2022.

Paula and Dan Met in a Blind Date

All of us know by now Paula Andrea, and Dan Bongino are married to each other. However, many of us are still unknown about how they met. So, how they began dating?

The lovely couple Paula and Dan first encountered in a blind date at Sullivan’s, a restaurant in New York City. It’s said that a couple of weeks from their first date, terrorists hit the World Trade Center, the deadliest assault in the history of the U.S.

Paula Andrea Bongino met her beau Dan in a blind date.
Paula gave birth to two daughters.
Photo Source: Information Cradle

Because Paula worked near to the terror attack site, it made Dan’s life upside down. Indeed, he was having a hard time thinking if he won’t be able to see her again for the rest of his life. He did everything to reach out to her, and luckily, she was safe.

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When Paula saw the caring part of Dan, she totally fell in love with him. Subsequently, a year after that, Dan proposed her on the same restaurant they met for the first time; she accepted him, and soon the lovely pair shared their vows.

Paula Andrea Bongino is Mother of Two Daughters

The Andrea-Bongino duo is parents to their beautiful daughters. Yes, they expanded their family and has two kids in their life.

Paula and Dan first gave birth to their elder baby girl, Isabel (2004), and later on, came the younger one, Amelia (2012).

Paula Andrea Bongino’s Beau, Dan is Diagnosed with Tumor

Recently, darkness covered the life of Andrea Bongino family. How? Paula’s beau Dan was diagnosed with a seven-centimeter tumor near his vocal cords.

When Dan shared the life-threatening news, many of his close ones and fans showed their support via Twitter and many other social media. Different processes are going on to know more about Dan’s current states in order to treat his illness.

Andrea Bongino Net Worth as of 2022

Unlike Paula’s husband Dan, who is a millionaire, her financial status is unknown. There’s no official document to vouch for her actual fortune. Nevertheless, it’s believed that she has accumulated an impressive net worth of $1 million, as of 2022.

Paula Andrea Bongino’s husband Dan was diagnosed with a seven-centimeter tumor near his vocal cords.
Paula helps her husband Dan in his business.
Photo Source: Twitter

Talking about Paula’s career, she worked as Director of Web Development at the Securities Industry Association when she began to date her lover, Dan. Currently, she runs three businesses with her husband from their home. They provide services including selling martial arts apparel, designing websites, and even consulting on security and risk management. 

On the other hand, her husband, Dan enjoys $10 Million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Paula Andrea Bongino active on Instagram?

Indeed, Paula Andrea Bongino is active on Instagram.

What’s Paula Andrea Bongino’s net worth?

Paula Andrea Bongino has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

How old is Paula Andrea Bongino?

Sources claims Paula Andrea Bongino is in her early forties, as of 2022.

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