Early Life of Patrice Gordy

Patrice Gordy’s precise date of birth is still a mystery; nevertheless, she was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. She was raised by her parents, George Weldon and Rosemary Gordy. Paula did not offer any information about her educational history or qualifications.

Patrice Gordy's Sister Denise Gordy.
Patrice Gordy’s Sister Denise Gordy.
Image Source: Bianca Lawson’s Instagram

Patrice grew up in a well-known family for their engagement in the music and entertainment industries. She is an American citizen. Her mother died in 1980.

Similarly, Patrice’s father died in his sleep in 2011 at the age of 85. Her dad worked as a businessman in the music industry before joining her uncle Berry Gordy Jr. as a composer.

Patrice has seven siblings: Denise Gordy, George Gordy Jr., and others. Denise Georgette Gordy, Patrice’s younger sister, was born on February 11, 1949. Marina Dedivanovic and Jane Stiles are famous Celebrity sisters similar to Patrice Gordy.

Who is Patrice Gordy’s Husband?

Patrice Gordy did not share any details about her personal life with the public. She kept her personal life a well-guarded secret. Denise, her sister, is now enjoying a single life after her divorce from her husband. Her marriage to the well-known actor Richard Lawson was celebrated on December 31, 1978.

Denise Gordy with her daughter and Ex-Husband.
Denise Gordy with her daughter and Ex-Husband.
Image Source: Pinterest

Additionally, they have a daughter named Bianca Lawson, born in 1979. Bianca began her career in the film business at the age of nine, following in her parent’s footsteps. In 1989, the couple decided to split.
Denise is the biological mother of Marvin Gaye III. Specifically, she welcomed baby Marvin via surrogacy as her aunt Anna Gordy Gaye could not conceive. Marvin Gaye III was born on November 17, 1965.

Patrice Gordy’s Net Worth Collection

Patrice Gordy hasn’t revealed what she does for a living yet. On the other hand, Patrice is content with her life and family. Denise, Patrice’s sister, has amassed a substantial financial fortune via her professional endeavors. She has most likely accumulated a net worth of roughly $10 million.

Denise began her professional career in 1972, while she was in her early twenties. Her father worked in the entertainment business as well, and she was cast as a dancer in the film Lady Sings the Blues as a result.

Denise Gordy with her daughter.
Denise Gordy with her daughter.
Image Source: Bianca Lawson’s Instagram

After then, she makes cameo roles in films and television programs. Up to 1991, she had several different jobs. The actress plays her role as Bea in the 1974 film Black Fist. Denise has also provided vocals to the soundtrack CD for the film Black Fist, which Bogard produced.

When it comes to her television appearances, she made her debut in 1976 on the television program Starsky & Hutch. Denise is well-known for her remarkable performances in the films Before School Girls (1986) and My Man Adam (1989), among other films (1895).

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