Ona Grauer’s Staggering Net Worth Collection And Career

Ona Grauer is a Mexican-Canadian actress most known for her roles in the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis television series. In addition, she appeared in films such as House of the Dead, Elysium, and Firewall. Grauer has also starred in several television shows, including First Wave, Ladies Night, Sliders, Freedom, Smallville, Archer, Andromeda, and ABC’s V series.

Ona Grauer is living a lavish lifestyle.
Ona Grauer is a millionaire.
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The model has amassed a sizable fortune through her acting career. She has been in a few television shows and films to date, which has helped her amass a substantial sum of money. Grauer’s net worth as of 2022 is above $1 million. She has kept the amount of her compensation a secret until now. She has achieved incredible success in the television sector, as we all know.

According to reports, the average actor/performer income is $50,64. However, the range is often between $41,737 and $61,840. Also, depending on the abilities, the wage range might be rather large. Grauer can achieve wide success and may be given a wage in the decent range after much hardship and effort. House of the Dead, one of Grauer’s films, grossed roughly $13.8 million at the box office. Similarly, Eiza Gonzalez has a fortune of $5 million.

Ona Grauer’s Relationship Status. Who Is Her Husband?

Ona Grauer was previously married to Aaron Dudley, an actor best known for his role in Smallville, John Tucker Must Die, and Good Luck Chuck. Dudley is also a designer and event planner. After dating for a few years, the former couple married in 2003. However, she wants to keep much of her personal life hidden. The specifics of their breakup have not been made public.

Ona Grauer was married before.
Ona Grauer is with her current partner.
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Aside from that, the former couple had two children together throughout their marriage: a boy and a daughter. Cian Dudley, their son, was born in 2004 and recently graduated from high school in June 2019. Similarly, their daughter, Maeve Dudley, is still in high school.

Despite their official separation, Ona and Aaron remain friends and co-parent their two children. In reality, Ona and her former husband and daughter were there to congratulate him during Cian’s graduation ceremony. Likewise, Zarela Martinez is married to Jamie Gillis.

According to her Instagram post, Ona is currently dating Teal Moffat. On January 25, 2022, she uploaded their photos together on their fifth anniversary. She wrote,” It’s been a fun five years, Teal!! One of my fave moments is when we sat down at Coast, and you said, “it smells good in here …. It smells like eat”ng!” I love you madly, and I love my ring!.

Ona Grauer’s Wiki/Bio

Ona Grauer was born Ana-Margarita Grauer on November 16, 1975 in Mexico City, Mexico. She is currently 46-year-old and holds dual (Mexican and Canadian) nationality. Scorpio is Ona’s zodiac sign. She later relocated to Nelson, British Columbia, with her parents and was reared there.

Ona Grauer is 46-year-old.
Ona Grauer is with her mother and husband.
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Her educational background is still kept under wraps. Her mother’s name is Kate Grauer, whereas her father’s identity is unknown. Kate just turned 85 years on March 18, 2022. Grauer made her acting debut opposite Richard Dean Aderson in Stargate SG-1.

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