Omar Yubeili is a well-known actor of Mexican descent who is in the spotlight for his appearance in series such as La Rosa De Guadalupe. His full name is Omar Yubeili Baños.

Mexican-born Yubeili blessed his parents with his arrival on the 2nd of April, 1996. According to the modern astrologer, his zodiac sign is Aries.

Omar has not shared his parent’s information and identity as well as kept his private information behind the curtains. However, he posted the picture with his nephew in November 2015.

The Physical Appearance Of Yubeili

The songwriter, Yubeili, has an attractive appearance and can charm any girl. He has got a fair complexion with dark brown hair accompanied by deep hazel eyes.

Omar Yubeili in short hair
Omar Yubeili in short hair
Source: Instagram @omaryubeili

The Mexican-born singer has some traits of his ethnic group and stands 5 feet and one inch tall, which is equivalent to 155 cm. He has maintained a weight of around 60 kg, i.e., 115 lbs.


Talking about his distinct feature, Omar Yubeili has a tattoo on his right leg and both arm. On his left arm, there is a tattoo of a lion’s head that symbolizes bravery. Similarly, his leg tattoo is made by a tattoo artist whose name is Alan Tocsik. Furthermore, Yubeili has said that his mother did not like his tattoo.

Suffered From An Explosion In His Resident

In 2021 there was an explosion in Yubeili’s house that damaged his face. The blast was triggered because he left the gas key open, and he accepted that it was stupid.

Omar Yubeili skin damage after explosion 1
Omar Yubeili’s skin damage after the explosion
source: newsfounded

Tomorrow is forever‘s actor, Yubeili, had gone through surgery to graft skin on his face as it was burnt and looked worse. He has shared his face condition covered by a bandage on his Tiktok. Even after the surgery, Omar had to take a lot of care of his skin as the sun rays could damage his sensitive skin.

Although he has recovered his face now and the scar is now gone, the fear strikes him every time now. Omar also thanked all the people who sent him well wishes and caring messages when he was going through his worst time.

Who Is Omar Yubeili’s Girlfriend?

Omar Yubeili has always kept his private life away from the public. He has not officially said anything about his dating life, however, Omar is likely in a relationship with Steffy Toresso.

Omar Yubeili with his partner steffy toresso
Omar Yubeili with his partner Steffy Toresso
source: Instagram @omaryubeili

According to his one Instagram post, they were posing together and a caption written as ” In the good and the worse” in Spanish.

In addition to this, He seems to be very close with his co-actor of the opposite gender but is not known to have romantic links with them.

Omar As An Actor

Omar Yubeili started his professional life at an early age, and throughout his struggle, he has become one of the most successful personalities. His initial role was in the Tv series Wild Heart where he appeared as Renato Vidal Montes de Oca, which was released in 2009.

Fernando sufre la sobreprotección de su madre | Para aplaudir… | Como dice el dicho

Omar is known for his role as Chino in the the TV series El Senor de los Cielos. He was appreciated for his exceptional performance as Chino by many people. Yubeili has also acted in Como dice el dicho and Simply María.

In his career as an actor, he has received the opportunity to work with many famous personalities like Malcriado, Carolina Díaz, Kevin Achútegui and Pellegrini. He has a total of 12 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile.

Some of the tv series to which he has contributed are Hijas de la luna, Yago, Simply Maria, and so on.

Yubeili in La rosa de Guadalupe

La Rosa de Guadalupe is the longest-running show on which Yubeili has worked to date. It was first released on 2008 and ended on 2016. It is a Univision tv show that has 14 seasons.

The series revolves around a story where people relies on Virgin Mary in their difficult time, and their problems get solved after Rosa’s appearance.

Omar has appeared on eleven episodes of this show in which he has played the role of a different character each time except for La cantet and  De su propio chocolate, where he appeared as Emmanuel.

Omar As A Singer

Omar is also known for his work in the musical field as a singer, songwriter and musician. He loves music and has been a music enthusiast from an early age.

Yubeili – “ALI” (Official Music Video)

Yubeili has been included in many songs and projects that have received a huge appreciation. His songs can also be streamed on Ganna, SoundCloud, Youtube etc.

The karma singer, Yubeili has a Youtube account through which he posts his projects. Some of his songs are Como Antes, Karma, Villana, etc.

Does A Lot Of Concerts

Yubeili, as a singer, always tries to be in the presence of his admires and wants them to feel good. For that, he signs a lot of concerts and always tries to find a way to reach out to his supporters.

He has posted moments from his concert on his Instagram post. A lot of his admirers were present at his concert to listen to his songs and get lost in his musical environment.

Was A Contestant For Billboard Latin Showcase

The simple Mary actor, Yubeili was a contestant in billboard’s Latin showcase in 2018. He has asked for the votes and supports from his close ones.

However, he performed in Billboard’s Latin Music showcase in 2019 alongside his other artist friends. His performance was one of the best performances that were in the showcase.

Omar Yubeili With Swaggy Wolfdog

The swaggy wolfdog is a male husky and famed dog who has more than a million followers on The dog is famous for having a pink ear and swag dress-up.

Omar Yubeili with Swaggy Wolfdog
Omar Yubeili with Swaggy Wolfdog
source: Instagram @omaryubeili

The canine celebrity has collaborated with many tiktokers and reels actors. Omar has also posed together with Swaggy Wolfdog which he has posted on his Instagram account.

Knows Horse Riding

Tomorrow is Forever actor, Omar is a multi-talented person who has a knack for everything. Horse riding is one of the many skills that he has.

Omar Yubeili riding horse
Omar Yubeili riding a horse
source: Instagram @omaryubeili

Yubeili learned horse riding in 2018 and that is something he is very proud of. He has posted an image of himself riding a brown horse on his social media platforms.

Net Worth

Omar Yubeili sure is rich as he earns a lot of money from his professional career as a singer and actor. He is speculated to have a net worth of a whopping $1.5 Million. However, the singer has not yet disclosed his salary and assets.

Also, he earns substantial income from modeling and endorsing different brands. With his large supporters on Instagram, he is doing well in the advertising market too.

Social Media Presence

Yubeili being a famous media personality is also actively involved in social media. He has activated his accounts on all major social media platforms and is quite active on them.

His Instagram account @omaryubeili has a massive 1.3 M followers that enjoy every post and update about the singer. Similarly, his Twitter id @Omaryubeili has a lot of followers as well, i.e. 162k.

Likewise, his Facebook account has more than 700k followers and his TikTok id @Omaryubeili has 2.9 M followers at the time of writing.

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