Who is Nina Chiellini? Know Her Birthday

Nina Chiellini is a celebrity kid who is the daughter of Giorgia Chiellini, a well-known Italian professional football player. She was born in July 2015. So, Nina is 6 years old as of 2022. Her mother’s name is Carolina Bonistalli. Her father, Giorgia, is 38-year-old and holds Italian nationality. Her grandfather’s name is Fabio, and her grandmother’s name is Lucia Chiellini. Claudio Chiellini, Guilio Chiellini, and Silvia Chiellini are her uncles.

Nina Chiellini is the eldest child.
Nina Chiellini is playing with her sister.
Photo Source: Instagram

Her grandfather was an Orthopaedist, and her grandmother was a business manager. Furthermore, Nina has a sibling named Olivia Chiellini, who is younger than her. Olivia was born in June 2019. Both sisters are spending quality time with each other. It is unknown about Chiellini’s education. She might be reading at a primary level.

Nina Chiellini’s Lifestyle And Parent’s Net Worth

Nina Chiellini is living a luxurious life. She is enjoying her father’s fortune just like other celebs’ kids Zoie Alecia Watkins and Marlowe Masterson. Her father, Giorgio, is a multi-millionaire whose net worth is reported to be $15 million. He gets up to $3 million each year, at least for this year. With Chiellini’s burgeoning star, the wealth will rise in the following years. His entire fortune stems from his successful football career over the last two decades.

Nina Chiellini is spending time with her family.
Nina Chiellini with her father and sister.
Photo Source: Instagram

Apart from that, there’s also sponsoring and appearing in advertising to consider. Giorgio has also appeared in several FIFA games. They all help to compensate for his salary and current Net Worth. In addition, Chiellini has remained relevant as one of the most prominent domestic and international football players.

Today, the footballer is still a part of both sides as a defender and captain for Juventus and the Italian national team. Chiellini, regarded as one of the top center-backs globally, has transitioned his career from many positions before settling on what he excels at.

Nina Chiellini’s Parents’ Relationship

Carolina Bonistalli, Giorgio Chiellini’s long-term partner, is two years his senior at 38. The couple got engaged in May 2014. In addition, after four years of engagement, the pair married in a private ceremony in the Sanctuary of Monticello in Livorno, Italy. They tied a knot in July 2014. Then, the couple welcomed Nina and Olivia.

Nina Chiellini's parents are millionaire.
Nina Chiellini’s Father and Mother.
Photo Source: Instagram

Bonistalli prefers to stay out of the spotlight and post images of her children on her Instagram account, with over 47 thousand followers. The footballer is also active on social media. He has 4.9 million followers on Instagram and 2.6 million followers on Twitter. Giorgio posted his family photo and football photos.

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