Niki Nihachu is a German Twitch streamer and YouTuber known for her gaming material. Twitch is where she has the most fans. She is well-known for broadcasting popular games such as Minecraft, The Sims 4, and Stardew Valley. Nihachu began streaming because she enjoys spreading positivity and making others smile, according to her.

In addition to her video streaming, she is a student who is pursuing her studies. In February 2020, Nihachu launched her YouTube channel. The Debut Of Us; The Last Of Us playthrough Episode 1 was her first video on her channel, and it was based on the video game The Last Of Us. Please scroll down to learn more about her.

Niki Nihachu’s Dating Rumour

Wilbur Scoot is rumored to be Niki Nihachu‘s lover. Because the two were paired together on a dating game show. The couple appeared to be compatible with one another. They used to cheer each other on both in-game and online. Wilbur is also believed to have flown to Niki’s hometown to meet her. However, he traveled to Germany for work and to stream a game, according to her.

Niki Nihachu and Wilbur Scoot appeared to be compatible with one another.
Niki Nihachu is rumored to be in a relationship with Wilbur Scoot.
Source: Pinterest

When Wilbur was in Nihachu’s place, they shot a video streaming with each other, and they were both having a great time. A video was also published in which Scoot is playing the guitar, and Nihachu is staring at him like a bride does as she walks down the aisle. Wilbur has numerous YouTuber pals, but he has never flown to every YouTuber’s house or spent so much time with any other YouTuber. Fans are confused and suspended as a result of this.

Niki Nihachu’s Relationship with Wilbur Scoot

When her followers began asking her about Wilbur, Niki Nihachu said in one of her streams. She claimed she had never been in a relationship with Wilbur. You people made your assumptions. They never made it official, according to her. Even if they were coupled, they would never have told anyone because it is their personal life, and they want to keep it secret. Nihachu also stated that all you need to know is that they are both content creators and rather good ones.

Niki Nihachu claimed she had never been in a relationship with Wilbur.
Niki Nihachu and Wilbur Scoot on a beach.
Source: Instagram

Fans should also respect their privacy by not constantly harassing them with questions they don’t wish to answer. Niki also stated that people had inquired as to what had occurred between Wilbur and her. So she cleared the air by claiming that nothing had happened between them. They are both lovely and coll. She stated that they play with practically everyone. And you know you can’t have a falling out with your gaming pal.

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The artist stated clear that they are “Just Friends.” Even if they were more, she would not reveal them to the public or her fans. That’s true; just because they’re famous today doesn’t mean they can’t live everyday life. Nonetheless, her relationship status continues to pique the imagination of her fans.

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