Nicolo Robert Tucci is the famous actor Stanley Tucci’s son. He started his showbiz career when he was quite young, just like his dad. Nicolo was born on January 21, 2000, in Manhattan, New York, and he’s now 23 years old.

Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Early Life

Nicolo Robert Tucci is a well-known person because he’s the son of the famous actor, director, and producer Stanley Tucci and his late wife, Kate Tucci. He was born on January 21, 2000, in Manhattan, New York, and he’s 23 years old now.

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Nicolo Robert Tucci with his family.

Moreover, Robert has two siblings who are his biological brother and Camilla and Isabella Concetta Tucci (Nicolo’s twin sister). He also has two half-siblings, which means they share the same dad but not the same mom. These half-siblings are named Matteo Oliver, and Emilia Giovanna, and they come from his father’s second marriage.

Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Mother Is No More In This World

In 2009, Nicolo’s mother died from breast cancer when she was quite young. She left behind a loving family and a legacy of being strong and brave. This article talks about how she passed away and what happened at her funeral.

However, in 2005, Kathryn found out she had stage 4 breast cancer. At that time, Citadel actor Stanley was in a relationship with actress Edie Falco. But when he learned about his wife’s illness, he got back together with his partner and took care of her.

Sadly, Tucci passed away on April 27, 2009, just a day after her 47th birthday. Her funeral took place at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, with close friends and family there. Big Night star gave a touching speech where he talked about how brave and strong his wife was while facing her illness.

About Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Parents’ Married Life

The celebrity son Robert Tucci’s parents, Stanley and his ex-wife, got married on April 18, 1995. Their marriage was going well, but there was a problem. Similalrly, the Hollywood actor cheated on Kate with another actress named Falco. In 2002, the big-name left their home without telling everyone. Nicolo was just two years old when his parents separated.

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Nicolo Robert Tucci’s parents are no longer together. Image Source: PEOPLE

But, Stanley and his late spouse worked things out and stayed together until Nicolo’s mom, Kate, got sick. She had breast cancer for three years and sadly, she passed away in 2009 when she was 47. Even now, Stanley remembers his first wife and wishes she could be with their children.

After that, the Spotlight star married Felicity Blunt, who is Emily Blunt‘s sister, on August 4, 2012. They had met in 2006. Stanley and Felicity have two kids together, named Matteo Oliver (born in 2015) and Emilia Giovana.

Similarly, Nicolo gets along well with his siblings and half-siblings. He even went to an event with his twin sister Isabel and sister Camilla on May 31, 2015, in London.

Who Is Stanley Tucci?

The household name Stanley, born on November 11, 1960, in Peekskill, New York, is a renowned American actor and filmmaker. His career spans film, television, and theater, earning him numerous awards and accolades. Tucci’s Italian-American heritage traces back to Calabria. See another media sensation, Mandi Gosling.

Moreover, the TV star discovered his passion for acting in high school and honed his skills at the State University of New York’s Conservatory of Theater Arts. He made his film debut in “Prizzi’s Honor” (1985) and directed the acclaimed movie “Big Night” (1996).

Tucci’s diverse filmography includes notable roles in “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Julie & Julia,” “Captain America,” and “The Hunger Games.” His television contributions, like “Murder One” and “Feud: Bette & Joan,” have also earned critical acclaim.

Who Is Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Dating?

Nicolo, who is 23 years old, has been private about his romantic relationships. We don’t know who he’s dating because he is not active on social media platforms including Instagram,. Facebook or Twitter.

We haven’t seen him with anyone, and there are no rumors about him having a girlfriend. So, it seems like he’s most likely single right now.

Is A Rising Actor

Nicolo has already started his journey in the entertainment world and is on his way to becoming a star in his own right. In 2019, he got his first acting job in a TV series called “MotherFatherSon.” He acted alongside famous actors like Richard Gere and Billy Howle. In the series, Nicolo played the character of a young Max Finch, showing how power works in media, politics, and the police.

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Nicolo Robert Tucci is an emerging actor. Image Source: Page Six

Likewise, Robert is following in his dad’s footsteps and is starting to make his name in the world of acting. He began with “MotherFatherSon,” and while he hasn’t been in many other things yet, we can expect to see more of him as he continues in the film industry.

Nicolo Robert Tucci’s Father Is A Millionaire

Well, the star kid Tucci is just starting his career, so he doesn’t have a lot of money like his dad yet. But he gets to enjoy a fancy life because his dad, Stanley, is rich. Even though Nicolo doesn’t own any houses or stuff like that, his dad, who’s a millionaire, has a bunch of properties in the United States.

Moreover, The Lovely Bones actor is a filmmaker and actor in the USA, and he’s won five Emmy Awards and a Grammy Award. His estimated net worth is $25 million. Apart from his big net worth, Stanley owns a lot of houses in the United States, and he sold one of them in South Salem, New York, in 2012 for $1.8 million.

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