Nicole Pena Pretelini is a Mexican citizen who is widely known because of her father, the ex-president of Mexico  Enrique Peña Nieto. She has a great social network and wants to be a YouTuber as well as host podcasts.

Pretelini was welcomed to the world by her parents on the 1st of March, 2000 and was raised alongside her siblings in her hometown. She is Pisces by the zodiac sign. Information about her earlier days is not yet revealed.

Family Background

Pretelini is the Youngest daughter of the 57th President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife Mónica Pretelini. Coming from a socially inclined family, her early life went without any struggles.

Nicole Pena Petrilini with her father mother and siblings
Nicole Pena Petrilini with her father, mother and siblings
source: ecelebrity

Her grandparents from her mother’s side are Pretelini Hernandez and Olga Saenz Jimenez. Her family is also scandalous in Mexico.

Current Relationship Status

Nicole Pena Pretelini is currently single and has not been involved in any romantic links. Recently, she announced that she ended her relationship with her former boyfriend.

Dated Alejandro Espinosa

Pretiini was in a relationship with Alejandro Espinosa, nephew of her father’s second wife, for a long period. Unlike any other media personality, she has publicly shared her love life and romantic partner.

Nicole Pretilini with her former boyfriend Alejandro Espinosa
Nicole Pretelini with her former boyfriend Alejandro Espinosa
source: Instagam @nicolepp18

The couple has not yet shades light on their dating life and their first encounter as well as the reasons for their separation.

The love birds used to travel to many beautiful destinations together and spending quality time. But unfortunately, the relationship ended before they could take it to next level.


Nicole spent most of her early life with her siblings and creating beautiful moments together. She has a brother Alejandro Pretelini and a sister, Paulina Pretelini.

In addition to this, Pena also has a half-brother Diego Diaz born from the relationship of her father with another woman. The siblings are close to each other.

Sister-Paulina Pretelini

Nicole Pena’s sister Paulina Pretelini is a Mexican model and the eldest daughter of Enrique. She earns money from her social media and photoshoot. Similarly, she was also associated with the travel agency and beautiful destination of Disney which she the model recently resigned from.

Paulina Pretelini with her hand around her hair 1
Paulina Pretelini with her hand around her hair
source: chic magazine

Paulina was born on the 3rd of October 1997 which makes her a Libra by Zodiac sign. She is in a relationship with Fernando Tena, the Son of the famous football star Luis Fernando Tena for more than six years now, and is set to marry each other.

The couple decided to walk down the aisle in October 2022 in Madrid, Spain. However, the exact date and location are not disclosed. Maybe, she is marrying in Spain because there might be a chance her father’s enemies ruin the wedding.

Father – Enrique Peña Nieto

Nicole Pena’s father, Enrique Pena Nieto is the 57th president of Mexico and a former politician of the Institutional Revolutionary Party who has been a part of many scandals and controversies. He served as a governor from 2005 to 2011 and as a President from 2012 to 2018.

Enrique Pena Nieto father of Nicole Pretelini 1
Enrique Pena Nieto, father of Nicole Pretelini
source: The wolf economic forum

Nieto was introduced to the world on the 20th of July, 1966  was the eldest of four children of his parents. He is a well-educated person who has earned a Bachelor’s degree from Universidad Panamericana and MBA from Monterrey Technological Institute.

Talking about his family background, his father was an engineer at the National electric company and his mother is a schoolteacher.

Prior to joining the Mexican longest ruling party, Enrique used to be a professor at University.

Mother -Mónica Pretelini

Mónica is known for marrying Nieto and supporting in his political campaign. She was born on 29 November 1962 to Hernandez and his wife Olga Saenz.

Monica Pretelini mother of Nicole Pretelini
Monica Pretelini, mother of Nicole Pretelini
source: spendRush

Unfortunately, she died of brain dead on January 11th, 2007 after the doctor could not recover her. Pretelini has a great influence on her children.

Love Life Of Nicole’s Parents

Pretelini first met her husband Enrique at the restaurant El Meson del Caballo. The couple get to know each other and dated for eight months. Pretelini and her husband eventually got hitched. The couple exchanged wedding vows in the Santa Teresita Church on February 12th, 1994.

After their marriage, the love birds have been blessed with three children. They did not show any disputes that would make headlines. However, he was involved in adultery and had extramarital affairs.

Following the death of Nicole’s mother Pretelini, Her father Enrique once again tied knots with Angélica Rivera, who acts in a soap opera that is broadcasted on the largest network in Mexico, Televisia.

The well-known actress previously wed José Alberto Castro, a producer and Verónica Castro‘s brother. Her first marriage to Jose began on December 11th, 1994, and dissolved in 2008. The couple gave birth to three daughters during this time: Angélica Sofa (born in 1996), Fernanda (born in 1999), and Regina (born in 2005).

Mónica’s Death Is Believed To Be Caused Foul Play

As per the doctor, Nicole’s Mother, Monica’s death is due to brain dead. However, a lot of people believe it to be done by Enrique. He was involved in extramarital affairs and had two children from his affairs.

Nieto told that he had confessed about it to his wife Pretelini on her way back to government residence from D.F. He claimed that after getting home, he performed various tasks like setting out the clothes for the next day and using the restroom. Additionally, he claimed that when he opened the bedroom, he found his wife in significant respiratory distress.

Upon reaching the hospital ABC located at Sante De, Enrique lost his wife and he said it was terrible for him. However, there is a number of people who finds his claims to be a lie.

Enrique Was Accused Of Bribery

The 57th President of Mexico, Nicole Pena Pretelini’s father Nieto was charged with accepting bribes while in office. Even though the indictment was a huge scandal, the former president was never brought to justice. The claims were leveled by Emilio Lozoya, the former CEO of the state energy company.

For this accusation, an investigation was done but due to the lack of evidence against Enrique, he was not punished.

Pretelini Has Her Lip Fixed (Plastic Surgery)

Pretelini was seen with a drastic change in her physical appearance. Upon asking her about it, she genuinely answered that she has fixed her face without lying.

Nicole Pretelini transformation
Nicole Pretelini transformation
source: American post

According to her, she was always insecure about her upper lips and has injected fillers. Also, she has done some changes to her facial structure. Enrique’s youngest daughter now appears older than she was before.

Nicole’s Zara Outfit

Nicole was spotted with a Zara outfit, white satin corset dress that was the recent trend also worn by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Danna Paola. It became viral after she was seen wearing an elegant dress.

This depicts that the youngest daughter of Enrique loves to be at the forefront of fashion trends and takes care of her physical appearance.

Interest In Becoming A Youtuber

Upon asking Nicole dream job, she revealed that she wants to be a YouTuber and do podcasts or interview people on her channel. Not only on youtube but her domain can expand on any social platform.

The youngest daughter of Enrique has even asked to collaborate with her if anyone has a similar vibe and knowledge of youtube video editing through her Instagram account.

Loves To Travel

The daughter of the 57th Mexican president is one of the personalities who prefer to go outside and meet new people rather than sitting inside the house. She has visited many places and has been involved in many fun activities. According to her, New York is her favorite city.

On her Instagram page, Pretelini also has shared pictures of herself spending a better time in beautiful destinations with her friends as well as her former boyfriend.

Owns Four Dogs

Pretelini is a kind-hearted person ans someone who admires the pet. She loves to own a pet as well as to spend quality time with them.

Four dogs owned by Nicole Pretelini
Four dogs owned by Nicole Pretelini
source: Instagam @nicolepp18

Nicole owns four dogs Sky, Lorenzo, Liöh, and Lucca whom she loves equally and indiscriminately. Not only her own pet but the celebrity child also care for other pets and animals. Her Instagram feed is covered with photos of her pets as well as different animals.

Net Worth

Although Nicole Pena Pretelini has shared a luxurious bedroom and swimming pool pictures. She has not officially started her professional career so she does not have a net worth of her own. But she is enjoying her lavish lifestyle through her parent’s fortune.

Parent’s Net worth

Nicole’s Father, Enrique is estimated to have a net worth of $20 Million. His assets include four houses, an apartment, land, art coins and jewelry. His current wife also has possession of a $7 Million worth mansion in her name.

Enrique claimed an entire net worth of 45 million pesos and an annual income of 3.4 million pesos in his 2014 wealth statement. Those amounts were equivalent to $3.3 million and $180,000, respectively, at the time.

Social Media Presence

Nicole is quite active on Instagram and keeps updating her personal life on this social media platform. She has a total of 92.3k followers and has a username @nicolepp18.

Furthermore, she also has a private account @nicoleprivate18 which has only 24 followers.

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