Nicholas Collins is an American drummer who is known for having blood ties with Phil Collins. He got into the limelight after he teamed up with his father Phil for a world tour and played the drum for his band Genesis.

Collins was born on the 19th of April, 2001, and was raised in Miami, Florida. He is influenced by his father and wanted to become a popular drummer like his father. Therefore, Collins practiced playing drums with his father from a very young age.

Net Worth

Nicholas Collins is estimated to have a net worth of $500k in his possession which he accumulated through the hardships and struggles in his professional career.

Nicholas Collins father Philip Collins sold his mansion for 39.2 Million
Nicholas Collins’s father Phil Collins sold his mansion for $39.2 Million.
Source: Vickierrealestate

He has created his own band named Better Strangers and has released music that is available on music streaming platforms. Collins earns money from advertisements and promotions too.

Likewise, Collins went on a music tour with his father Phil Collins, and the band Genesis. In addition to this, his father is estimated to have a net worth of $300 Million.

Family Background

Nicholas is a child of well-known parents i.e Phil Collins, drummer and lead singer of Genesis, and his former wife Orianne Cevey. His parents had a volatile relationship and got separated in 2006 but they got back after a decade.

Nicholas Collins with his family.
Nicholas Collins with his family.
Source: Yahoo

Likewise, he has a brother Mathew Collins with whom he shares both of his parents. He is also making his career in Hollywood.

Father – Phil Collins

Phil Collins is an American actor and music artist. He is known as the drummer and the lead singer of the band Genesis. He is one of the most successful musicians who had over 200 Million sales of albums.

Nicholas Collinss father Phil Collins
Nicholas Collins’s father Phil Collins.
Source: Wikipedia

Collins was interested in music and drumming from his school days and used to play for the band in the school i.e The Real Thing. Later he played for the Flaming Youth, Band X, and Genesis.

He was also inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in Genesis. Besides music, Phil is also a good actor with 97 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile.

Some of his credits for acting are for The Jungle Book 2, Calliope, Frauds, Top of the Pop, and many more. He also worked as a model in his younger days.

Collin’s Father’s Marriage And Divorce Settlements

Throughout his life, Nichola’s father Collin is married three times. His first marriage was with Andrea Bertorelli in 1975 and followed by Jill Travelman in 1984.

His first and second marriages resulted in divorce, together with his second leading to a £17 million settlement. Collins tied the knot with Nic’s mom, Orianne, a Swiss nationwide, in 1999.

Unfortunately, his third marriage was also not successful and their divorce settlement became one of the most expensive among the British celebrity which has done with £25 Million.

Collins’ Father Wants His Former Wife Orianne Out Of His $40 Million Mansion

Phil, the father of Collin, said that his ex-wife Orianne and her new spouse Thomas were living in his Miami home. He claimed that they threatened Phil, modified the security codes, and covered the cameras.

Phil Collins takes back his $40m Miami Beach mansion from ex-wife.

However, Cavey claims that Collins had promised to give half of his Mansion for reuniting with him which Collin has denied. Legal representatives worked to solve this case and Phil took back his house.

Collin’s Mother Orianne Is Accused Of Battering A Child

Orianne’s second husband Majjeti accused Orianne of abusing their 10-year-old son. She is said to have battered the child and even threatened to break his face.

Furthermore, she even exposed the 10-year-old kid to adult activities. The child is said to have to show mental illness.


Nicholas shares his both parents with his younger brother Mathew and has spent most of his childhood with him and holds beautiful memories together.

In addition to this, Collins has three half-siblings with whom he shares his father. From his father’s former relationship, he is a half-sibling of Joely, Lily, and Simon.

Joely Collins

Joely Collins was accepted by Phil after he tied the knot with her mother, Andrea. She was born from a previous relationship with her mother.

Nicholas Colllins sister Joely Collins
Nicholas Colllins’s sister Joely Collins.
Source: IMDb

The Boy II (2020), The Lifeless Zone (2005), The Ultimate Reduce (2004), Madison (1997), Motion Man (1995), and Lethal Sins (1995), among others, are only a few of the TV shows and films in which Joely has established a reputation as an actress.

Simon Collins

Simon Collins is the first son of Phil and is a musical artist.  He started a music profession in the Nineties that has lasted to the present time.

Nicholas Collinss brother Simon Collins
Nicholas Collins’s brother Simon Collins.
Source: Discogs

He began his career as a solo performer before joining the band Sound of Cloud, where he is the lead vocalist. His albums All of Who You Are (1999), Time for Fact (2005), U-Disaster (2008), and Turning into Human is the most well-known (2010).

Lily Collins

Lily Collins is the younger sister of Simon and is a well-known actress. She has been a recipient of multiple awards because of her exceptional acting skills.

Nicholas Collinss sister Lily Collins
Nicholas Collins’s sister Lily Collins.
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Some of her credits for acting are Emily in Paris (2020), Guidelines Don’t Apply (2016), The Mortal Devices: Metropolis of Bones (2013), and Mirror Mirror.

In the year 2021, she walked down the aisle with Charlie McDowell who is an American movie director.

Relationship Status – Is Nicholas Collins Dating Someone?

Nicholas Collins is in a relationship with Isabella Cristina Seralles. The couple first started to talk during their high school days in 2016 and gradually fell in love with each other resulting in their romantic love life.

Nicholas Collins with his lover Isabella Cristina Serralles during prom
Nicholas Collins with his girlfriend.
Source: Dreshare

They have posted many pictures together on their respective social media accounts including the one from their high school prom night. The love birds are currently enjoying their relationship by going on a romantic vacation and have not rushed to take it to the next phase.

Hopefully, the loving duo might give the good news very soon. Currently, Isabella is working to make her reputation in vogue and wonder.

Nicholas Took over the Drum From His Father

Nicholas played the drum in the place of his father Phil on the musical world tour with his father. He was seventeen when he played it officially. His father later said that Nicholas played because of his talent not because he was the son of the band leader.

Collins started to play drums at the very young age of two and honed his skills. The Genesis band member liked his skills and allowed him to play for them.

Nicholas has thanked his father on his social media account for giving him the opportunity to show his skill to the world.

Nichola’s Father Phil Could Not Play Drum Due To His Injury

Everybody knows how great Phil is when it comes to playing the drum. However, he is not going to play drums because of his injury. He suffered from a neck vertebrae dislocation on his music tour causing his nerves damaged.

He was unable to hold drum stick and play piano. In addition to this, his booze addiction has caused inflammation in his pancreas for which he went to rehab and did not drink for three years.

Professional Life – Has His Own Band Better Strangers

After playing with his father Phil Collins and for the band Genesis, Nicholas created his own band Better Strangers. It was created by recruiting members from different corners of the world.

Better Strangers – But I Don’t Know Your Name – Nic Collins Drum Play-through.

The band saw it first single released which was But I don’t know your name and has also released its song Nicotine Dreams which is about substance abuse and self-alienation.

Collins Shared What Genesis Former Frontman Told Him On The Backstage At Their Final Performance

During the final show of Genesis in 2022, Collins talked with the former frontman of Genesis. It was his first time seeing Gabriel and he was really excited about it.

Collin said that Gabriel talked with him for a brief moment and said that he was happy to see the grand end of something he was a part of.

Social Media Presence

Nicholas is very active on social media and keeps on posting from his accounts to keep his close ones updated about him. He has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Collins is available on Instagram under the username @nic_collins which has more than 72k followers. He has shared a glimpse of his personal and professional life on Instagram.

Likewise, he joined Twitter on September 2017 and has more than 100 tweets under the username @Nic_Collins21. He has more than 5k followers on Twitter. Nicholas is followed by more than 2k people on his Facebook account.

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