Myriam Hamma is an actress who was born in 2005 in France, Europe, and grown in the USA. As of 2022, she is fifteen years old (15 years). She is best known for her role as Yasmin in the recent film Cuties which was a French movie.

According to her birthplace, she is from French where she follow the Christianity religion since her childhood. She has been holding European nationality and her nickname is Myriam.

Early Life

Myriam was born in France, Europe with her parents. Also, she was raised with her parent’s support and care in the USA. She is quite close with her father and mother and shares a strong bond with them. At an early age, she is a hardworking girl which is why she discovers other skills like acting, dancing, and many more.

She is very passionate about her career is she keeps giving continuity to her career as an actress. With her family’s support and care, she has been able to uplift her career now.

Physical Appearance And Body Measurement

Myriam looks too cute and has a cubby body with her perfect body structure. She has maintained her body shape and size til now. She is not much taller where her height is 5 feet 1 inch( 157cm and 1.57meter).

A child actress Myriam Hamma portrait black and white photo.
A portrait photo of child actress Myriam Hamma. Source:

Her weight is around 53kg (116Ibs) which perfectly shoots her body structure. She has got brown pair of eyes and her hair color is Browm-blonde. He has maintained her body shape and size where her bust size is 34 inches, Waist size 28 inches, Shoe size 6, and Hip size 34 inches.

Family Background

Yamin was raised with her family’s support and care since her childhood. She was grown up with her parents in the USA. She is quite private about her personal life and she has disclosed her information on public sites. She is kept quite secure in her information about her parents and their professionals from the public eye.

Even in her childhood, she has been living with her parents but never mentioned family. Since she disclosed information, she might be living single. Furthermore, She never mentioned her family background while appearing on camera or on any social public social sites.

Qualification And Education

Myriam was well educated in her related subject major. She has highly educated and enrolled in a local elementary school and later started schooling near her hometown. She has completed her primary education and high school in her hometown.

As a child actress, it was very difficult for her to go to school daily. But faces many problems and obstacles in her studies and career. She is hard-working which is why she gives continuity to her studies and her career. But she hasn’t mentioned any detail about the university from where she completed her schooling on any public sites.


Hamma was raised with her sibling and she was too close to her sibling since her childhood. But she was quite private about her personal information. As she is known as a child actress, she is quite busy focusing on her studies which is why she has disclosed her sibling’s name and is professional till now.

She might be focusing on her studies and career where she was able to maintain her name and fame in her career industry so there is no detail about her sibling on any social sites till now.

Acting Career

A child actress can maintain her name and Fame in her acting career. Myriam was known for her role played as Yasmin in the recent film Cuties which was a French movie. The movie was released in France on August 19, 2020, and internationally it was released on the 9th of September 2020 on NetFlix.

Portrait photo of Myriam Hamma with her co-actor of movie Cuties in UGC club Paris.
Portrait photo of Myriam Hamma with her co-actor of movie Cuties. Source; Dreshare

The movie was directed by Director Maimouna Doucoure and produced by Zangro which was her first movie. Apart from this, the film won a Directing Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival. After receiving the award for Cuties movie which was played by Myriam, got more opportunities for an acting career.

Hobbies And Favorite Things About Myriam Hamma

A child actress is very hard working from an early age. With her busy schedule in her acting career, she also manages some time and got some hobbies in her personal life. She has had many hobbies and many favorite things since her childhood.

She likes to hang out with her friends, and she keeps posting some photos on social sites. Also, she likes to travel, watch a movie, and many more. Apart from this thing, her Favorite celebrities are actor Drake Bell who is an American actor, and Actress Miranda Cosgrove who is also an American actress. Her Holiday destination is Disney Land which was in Hongkong.

Dating History And Rumors About Myriam Hamma

Yasmin is quite private about her life which is why she has never been involved in any kind of rumors till now. As of 2022, she is just Fifteen which is why her age is t study so that she has not been involved in any rumors. She has been focusing on her studies and her career in acting.

Even though, she has never mentioned her past relationship on any social sites which shows she is very secure about her private life. She has disclosed her past relationship till now which is why she might be single now and has been focusing on her career. There is no detail on any sites about her past relationship.

Relationship Status

A child actress hasn’t revealed any of her current relationships till now where her age is to focus on her career. She has never mentioned any piece of information on any social sites which shows she is in a relationship. She was focusing on her career and Education because of that it is difficult to manage time for relationships now.

Also, she is very secure about her personal information and was able to maintain some distance from public sites till now which is why she is not in a relationship. But with her disclosed information, she might be in an unknown relationship.

Life On Social Media

A beautiful child actress hasn’t created any profile head on any public sites which are hard to find her on any social sites. But with her good response to her acting career, her fans and followers have been increasing day by day.

She might be focusing on her education and career so it is difficult to manage to get engaged on social media platforms. Cuties are known for many purposes but with her busy schedule with her studies, she was unable to create a profile head on any social sites.

Net Worth Of Myriam Hamma

Myriam Hamma was able to gather a good amount of money, With her hard work and passionated for her career, She is living a luxurious life where she has been to earn a Net Worth on her own. She hasn’t mentioned her Net Worth on any social sites.

As she is known as a child actress whose source of income is her professional acting. As another child actress was able to earn around $500k but Myriam has been able to collect $1 million with her professional acting.

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