(The following content on Misha Osherovich is written using the pronoun “THEIR” because the actor’s identity is non-binary. )

Misha Osherovich is an American actor who is known for playing the role of Josh Detmer in the movie Freaky which was released in 2020. The actor takes the pronouns they/them and came to find out identity lies in non-binary in the pandemic of covid-19.

Besides acting and filmmaking, Osherovich is also an activist who has been actively taking part in raising awareness on mental health and gender-related issue.

Earlier Life

Osherovich was born in the year 1997 and celebrates their birthday every year on the 5th of January. They spent some time in a conservative household with their family in Maryland, United States Of America. As per the birthdate, they hold the zodiac sign Capricorn.

Misha Osherovich childhood image 1
Misha Osherovich’s childhood image
source: WikiBio

Later, the family moved to Washington DC and Osherovich was raised there. Their parents were Russian-Jewish Immigrants. Likewise, the Freaky actor attended classes in Island view, a youth residential treatment center in Davis County, Utah, as a teenager and furthermore, went to Montclaire State University to receive Bachelor’s degree in fine arts in acting.

Net Worth

As per People ai Misha Osherovich is estimated to have a fortune that is worth $471k in their possession. The actor has accumulated this huge sum of wealth through their acting profession as well as as a writer and producer in the entertainment field.

Also, the actor has posed for many covers and photographers as well as endorsed different clothing styles which have helped to generate some amount and raise money in their bank account.

Osherovich is living a comfortable life with his family with all this fortune.

Relationship Status

Misha Osherovich has not been known to be involved in any romantic relationship currently. Apparently, the actor is single and is focusing on their career.

Also, they have not shown any interest in having a romantic partner. However, on the screen, they have numerous love.

Diagnosed With Eating Disorder

Misha received an eating disorder diagnosis in 2009, which led to their hospitalization. Osherovich, a problematic youngster, was raised in residential treatment centers that offer long-term recovery programs for teenagers who have problems with their grades, their mental health, their use of drugs, their emerging queerness, or their overall poor behavior.

Misha’s parents hired an escort service to transport them to a residential treatment facility as they battled all of these problems. Later the concerned authorities decided to send Misha to expel from the program.

Mother -Elena Romm

Osherovich has a lot of love and respect for their mother and wants all the happiness for her. She means everything to them.

Misha Osherovich and his mother Elina Romm
Misha Osherovich and his mother Elena Romm
source: WikiBio

She left her home country at 18 after facing discrimination for being Jewish in Soviet Russia and learning foreign languages while putting herself through school and working full time in order to support herself and her family.

On the 23rd of September, 1993 Osherovich took their mom to a bar and performed for her. It was the first time the Freaky actor’s mother had been to a bar.

They often spend quality time together and have a nice bonding. She accepted and loved Osherovich’s being queer and she gave anyone who questioned my validity as a queer person a special kind of hell.

Realized True Identity In Lockdown

Osherovich has said that they realized that their gender identification lies outside the binary and always has been geared more toward the feminine side. The realization has made Osherovich freer and has lifted the burden from his shoulder.

It all happened when the actor was thinking of their existence when their roommate has gone to live with her boyfriend during a pandemic.

Osherovich Said They Grew Up Stanning lady Gaga And The Little Mermaid

Osherovich grew up in a conservative family where there was no freedom to talk about gender-related issue. However, they grew up staining The Little Mermaid, an animated version.

Talking about the female pop star, the actor had first listened to Britney Spears’ CD from their sister’s collection but has a preference for Lady Gaga and said they will sob if they met Lady Gaga.

Osherovich in Freaky

In the TV series Freaky, Oshervich has been playing the role of Josh Detmer who is a high school student of American nationality. Josh made his first appearance in the episode Kill count.

Freaky – Millie chases Josh and Nyla

Josh is the best friend of the series’ popular characters, Nyla Chones and Millie Kessler. He is also one of the characters who does not bully Millie.

Osherovich got widely known after portraying the character of Josh.

Co-Created And Co-Wrote Troubled-Teen

Osherovich has worked together with the writer of The Americans and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Skylar Landsee to create Troubled-teen.

This darkly humorous series analyzes the troublesome troubled-teen reform industry, which made news after Paris Hilton exposed her personal struggles, and tells the narrative of Osherovich’s experiences and survival in the underground world of tough-love programs for rebellious children. 

Activist And Mental Health Advocate

Osherovich is a supporter of the queer community’s right to obtain mental healthcare. In collaboration with the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), Osherovich created the group’s first social media Pride campaign to promote understanding of disordered eating and challenges with body image among the LGBTQIA+ community.

They have also shared their experience in Island View Residential Treatment Center and how they are treated. Osherovich also takes active participation in rallies and awareness programs.

Loves To Travel

Osherovich is a travel freak and loves to visit and enjoy the serene and mesmerizing views of beautiful destinations. They have also gone to a foreign land to see new lifestyles and traditions.

Misha Osherovich during his travel in Thailand
Misha Osherovich during his travel to Thailand
source: Instagram @mishaosherovich

In 2019, the Freaky star traveled to different places in Thailand. Some of the places that Osherovich traveled to include Bangkok, Chiang Mi, California, Cathedral Liege, and so on.

Osherovich As Writer And Producer

Besides acting Osherovich also has been involved as a writer and producer in the entertainment field and has credit in each category.

Osherovich has been known for writing and producing E.very D.ay, a short that depicts a day inside the minds of two individuals living with active eating disorders.

This short movie was directed by Jordan Hidalgo.

The Physical Appearance Of Osherovich

Freaky star Osherovich has maintained their physical appearance really well. They have a beautiful personality and appearance which is even more enhanced by their deep green eyes and dark brown hair.

Osherovich has a lean body type and stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 6 inches (168 cm). Similarly, they weigh around 66 kg which is equivalent to 145 lbs. Their vital stats of chest, waist, and arms are 38-31-18 respectively. Likewise, the actor wears shoes of 7 (UK).

Social Media Presence And Instagram

Osherovich is a social butterfly who is seen active often. They have created accounts on the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. Through the app, they update their fans about his ongoing life and well-spent days.

Osherovich is available on Instagram under the username @mishaosherovich which has more than 22k followers. Likewise, their Twitter id is @mishaosherovich which has a lesser amount of followers compared to the Instagram account. The account has more than 1k followers.

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