Being a star is not only about fame and limelight, but it brings all your personal life to the public, and you have to be answerable for all your actions and happenings. Likewise, a celebrity’s personal life is always the topic of gossip, and people show more interest in knowing their life behind the camera. In this article, we will disclose the relationship timeline of a veteran news reporter, Michele Tafoya, and her husband, Mark Vandersall.

Do you know when did the pair tie the knot? How was their romantic relationship before saying yes to each other? How many kids do the couple have? What is the truth behind her miscarriage multiple times? Are they still married? Here below, you can find all the answers to these queries. Scroll down to learn more.

Who Is Michele Tafoya Married To? When Did She Tie the Knot?

The 57 years old American sportscaster Tafoya tied the knot with her husband, Mark Vandersall, in 2000. However, the duo hasn’t revealed much about their first meeting and dating life prior to exchanging wedding vows. Further, it has been reported that Tafoya met Vandersall in 1993 while she was working as a radio host in Minnesota. Additionally, it seems like the pair married in the presence of their family members and close friends in an intimate ceremony.

Michele Tafoya and her husband, Mark Vandersall walked down the aisle in 2000 in an intimate ceremony
Michele Tafoya and her husband, Mark Vandersall walked down the aisle in 2000 in an intimate ceremony
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The love birds are still together after 22 years of marriage. They are among those celebrities who have lived a long-married life together without any divorce issues. They may have had some personal fights, but the information regarding trash in their married life hasn’t been out till the writing of this article. Moreover, the Vandersall duo is often captured attending different events together. Another pair who has a beautiful married life are Leslie Cockburn and Andrew Cockburn.

Miscarriage For Multiple Times

Though the pair has a successful married life without separation issues, they struggled greatly to welcome their child on earth. The duo could not conceive a baby even after a long-married life. As per the reports, the TV personality tried to conceive a baby since she was 35 years old.

During an interview, Tafoya revealed that she knew her window for childbearing was closing. She and her husband tried every possible thing to conceive a baby; however, they failed. They had at least 3 miscarriages before having a child. Further, the sportscaster apologized to her husband after her second miscarriage. Not only this, but Tafoya also lost twin babies in her miscarriage later.

How Many Kids Do the Vandersall Duo Have?

After 2 miscarriages and depressed feelings, the Vandersall duo was able to welcome the couple’s first child, a baby boy, in 2005. They named their son Tyler Vandersall. The pair couldn’t express their happiness after having a baby. However, they didn’t stop there. They again tried to conceive for a second child. Sadly, they couldn’t give birth to their second biological child and adopted a baby girl named Olivia Vandersall in 2009.

Michele Tafoya with her kids
Michele Tafoya with her kids
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Currently, both of her children are teenagers and are sometimes captured in media cameras. They look adorable and charming. However, the kids don’t frequently occur on media platforms. Their mother often shares pictures of family outings and special moments on her social media pages. The married duo loves their kids and gives proper attention and time to their children despite having busy schedules.

Dating History and Past Relationships

As mentioned earlier, the duo met for the first time while Tafoya was working at the radio station in 1993. They might have dated for some years before saying yes to each other. Further, the love birds have been faithful in their relationship, and there is no information about their extramarital affairs till now. They are going stronger in their relationship and enjoying their family life.

Also, the married couple hasn’t revealed anything about their past relationships. It seems like they were neither married nor engaged before saying yes to each other. Also, there is no information about their children from their past relationships. Further, Tafoya and her beau share a strong, beautiful relationship even in their miscarriages and hard days.

Social Life

Talking about social media presence, the mother of two is an active social media user. We can see a glimpse of her personal and professional life on her Instagram account @ realmicheletafoya. She has 9067 followers till the writing of this article. Her Instagram account is flooded with her professional life glimpses.

Michele Tafoya is an active social media user
Michele Tafoya is an active social media user

Tafoya is also available on Twitter with the username @ Muchele_Tafoya where she has 50k followers. She joined Twitter in May 2009. On the other hand, her better half, Vandersall, seems absent from social media platforms. Further, the married duo shares a healthy relationship with their family and friends.

A Quick Look At Their Net Worth

Tafoya is estimated to have around $2 Million. She earned significant of her net worth from her showbiz career as a sportscaster. The media personality remained active as a sports reporter on NBC Sports from 2011 to 2022. Likewise, she is engaged in tv shows and political advising.

Meanwhile, her husband, Vandersall, has around $4 Million. He is associated with a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. Previously, he used to be a football quarterback at his university. Besides, he also worked as a linebackers coach. The married duo undoubtedly has enough money to live a comfortable life.

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