Who is Michaiah Hanks?

Michaiah Hanks is the child of Chester Marlon Hanks also known as Chet Hanks and Tiffany Miles. Michaiah is most known as the granddaughter of Tom Hanks, a famous actor. Her father, Chet Hanks, has appeared in “Empire” and “Shameless.”

Michaiah Hanks is the child of Chet Hanks and Tiffany Miles.
Michaiah Hanks with Rita Wilson.
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The artist was born in April 2016. She is of Greek, Bulgarian, Portuguese, and English ancestry from her father’s side. Michaiah’s mother is of African-American origin. Her mother is originally from Indio, California. Not much is known about her mother.

Michaiah Hanks’ Famous Grandparents

Michaiah Hanks was born into a well-known family. Her grandfather doesn’t require an introduction. Tom, the grandfather, is one of the most well-known and recognizable film stars globally, and many people see him as an American cultural icon. Michaiah’s actor grandfather’s films have grossed over $4.9 billion in North America and over $9.96 billion worldwide, making him the fourth-highest-grossing actor in North America.

Michaiah Hanks was born into a well-known family.
Michaiah Hanks with her father and grandparents.
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Tom has appeared in Splash, Bachelor Party, Big, and A League of Their Own. He won two consecutive Academy Awards for “Best Actor” for his work in Philadelphia (1993) and as the titular character in Forrest Gump (1994). Michaiah’s grandfather was Samantha Lewes‘s first husband from 1978 to 1987. Colin Hanks, their son, is also an actor. Elizabeth Hanks, Tom and Samantha’s daughter, was also born.

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The Forrest Gump star has been married to actress Rita Wilson (Michaiah’s grandma) for 33 years. Wilson and Hanks have two boys. Chester Marlon “Chet” Hanks, and Truman Theodore, born in 1995, are their son. The Hanks family splits their time between Los Angeles, California, and Ketchum, Idaho.

Michaiah Hanks’ Parents Relationship Status

Tiffany Miles, Michaiah Hanks’ mother, was neither Chet’s girlfriend nor did they have a romantic relationship. According to reports, they only had a one-night fling while intoxicated the celebrity’s son. On the other hand, Chet claims that the woman who gave him his daughter is the loveliest person he has ever known.

Chet announced his connection with Michaiah in a video posted to his Instagram. However, the post has already been removed. The joyful father walked out for the first time with his daughter Michaiah Hanks in La Quinta, California, in February 2019.

Who Is Michaiah Hanks’ Father?

Michaiah Hanks’ father, Chet Haze, is a $3 million net worth American actor, rap artist, and musician. He has yet to achieve the level of fame that his father has achieved over the years. Despite this, Michaiah’s father had regular parts on shows like Empire and Shameless. In the Showtime courtroom drama miniseries, Your Honor, he played Joey Maldini. He has appeared in Bratz, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Larry Crowne, Project X, Fantastic Four, and Greyhound.

Michaiah Hanks' father has a net worth of$3 million.
Michaiah Hanks’ father is an actor, rap artist, and musician.
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The artist is a musician/rapper in addition to being an actor. Under the alias Chet Haze, he released “White and Purple” in 2011. The song was a remix of Wiz Khalifa‘s “Black and Yellow” hit. Chet and Drew Arthur founded the musical duo FTRZ in 2016. Two years later, they released two singles, “Models” and “NowhereLand,” as well as the Ocean Park EP, and in 2020, they released two tracks under the new moniker Something Out West, “Harley” and “Ticket Out My Head.”

Michaiah Hanks’ Father Struggled With Substance Abuse

Michaiah Hanks’ father struggled with addiction in the past. In multiple interviews, he has been open and remorseful about them. Chet disclosed in November 2014 that he had struggled with substance misuse since the age of 16 but has become sober in his mid-20s. He made headlines in June 2015 for slurring the N-word on Instagram. Some weeks later, it was announced that he had gone missing.

The actor stated in an Instagram video that he was selling cocaine, “doing them until he couldn’t even snort it up to his nose anymore because it was so blocked.” Michaiah’s father claimed he smoked crack. He also wrecked a hotel room, posing with guns, and spent time in treatment.

The rap artist’s father allegedly caused an automobile accident while under the influence of alcohol in mid-2016. Chet, on the other hand, was driving his parents’ automobile. Later, the victim, Terry Morgan, filed a lawsuit against them. Chet sustained whiplash and brain damage. Parties and mischief defined the first kid of Tom and Rita.

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Those days appear to be behind him in the present, and Chet attributes this to his daughter, Michaiah. According to the Empire star, his daughter is the nicest thing that ever happened to him. He thinks Michaiah is the reason he changed his ways and became sober. He has been sober from everything for almost a year and a half.

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