Michael Vlamis is a US-based versatile actor who has been widely recognized for his exceptional performance in The CW series, Roswell, NM. Besides this, he is also known for making an appearance in various movies like The Resort, Spiral, Revenge Tour, and so on.

Vlamis is appreciated for his versatility and unique approach to acting. Although he was not interested in acting as a child, he has made great success in his acting career path.

Earlier Life

Vlamis was born on March 27, 1990, to his parents and was raised alongside his siblings in Chicago, Illinois, United States. As per his birth information, he is Aries and 32 years old as of 2022. He is a religious man and follows Christianity.

Michael Vlamis in his childhood
Michael Vlamis to his childhood
Source: Instagram @michaelvlamis

Talking about his educational background, he is a Chapman university graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in entrepreneurship that he enrolled in after moving to california.

As a child, Valmis was not interested in acting rather, he had dreamt of being a director, and producer to somehow get involved in movie making. Although Vlamis made a movie alongside his friends during his childhood, he had not decided on his career path.

Before entering into acting field, his preference was for baseball but Valmis had to settle with acting after receiving many injuries.

The Physical Appearance Of Vlamis

The Spiral actor, Vlamis has an athletic body and a distinct appearance. He has medium-length curly hair of dark brown color. Likewise, he has beautiful pair of light brown eyes. Usually, this celebrated actor does not cut his beard and mustache completely.

As per his physique, he stands tall with the height of 5ft and 11 inches equivalent to (183 cm) and maintains a weight of around 75 kg i.e. 165 lbs.

Family Background

Michael was born as the son of Peter Vlamis and his wife Dennise Vlamis. Although he does not talk about his family and has kept his parents identity hidden, he keeps posting pictures of them on special occasions.

Michael Vlamis with his family 1
Michael Vlamis with his family
Source: Instagram @michaelvlamis

He has recently posted his mother’s picture wishing her mother’s day. Similarly, he has also wished his parents their 31st marriage anniversary which took place on the 20th of September 2018.


Vlamis is one of the three children born to his parents and has two sisters named Kelsey Vlamis and Stephanie Vlamis. He has spent most of his childhood with his siblings and has created some beautiful memories.

His sister Kelsey has indulged herself in photography, collecting experience, and journalism. He has not revealed enough information about his sisters besides this.

Relationship status

Currently, Michael Vlamis has introduced Aurora Perrineau as her girlfriend. The love birds started their relationship on March 30, 2020, and were announced to the public on their one-year relationship that was posted by Michael.

Michael Vlamis with his girlfriend Aurora Perrineau
Michael Vlamis with his girlfriend Aurora Perrineau
Source: Instagram @michaelvlamis

They are living a happy life together and are not making any disputes that make headlines. Their love life can be seen on their Instagram page. Similarly, both of them have a picture of themselves as a kid in their profile pictures.

Prior to this, Vlamis was in a relationship with Ariel Frenkel. Besides this, no other person is linked romantically with him.

Girlfriend – Aurora Perrineau

Vlamis’ girlfriend Aurora Perrineau is an actress and a model based in the United States and comes from a renowned family. Both of her parents indulged in the acting field. Her father Harold Perrineau has appeared in tv series like clawsThe RookieStar, and so on.

Likewise, many of the projects such as Lost and many others have her mother’s name as an actress. Perrineau gained popularity for playing the role of Shana in the 2015 movie Jem and the Holograms. However, her debut movie was Pretty Little Liars.

She has been a part of many projects such as prodigal son and as a model, Aurora is associated with different modeling agencies.

Took Acting Classes At The Age of 25

Michael joined his first acting classes when he was the age of 25. He is not one of those personalities that started taking acting classes from an early age. As previously mentioned, he was not interested in acting as a child.

During his time in an acting class, the actor was not good but his teacher forced him to bring out his potential and now his acting skills are greatly appreciated.

As An Actor

In 2009, Michael Vlamis made his acting debut in the two short films One Good Apple and Chocolatits. After that, he struggled to find roles for a while, but he continued to make short videos. His patience paid off when he was cast as Hipster Jerkward on the television show New Girl.

Michael Guerin | Family

Michael gained popularity in 2017 by playing three characters in the television series Vlamcarter: Mike, Tommy Salami, and Michael. In the 2019–2020 season of Rosewell, New Mexico, he also performed as Michael Guerin. He is also contributing to the films Pools, which is in production, and Five Years Apart, which is in post-production.

Throughout his career, Vlamis has had 38 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile. Some of his credits as an actor include the originals, Roswell, and so on.

Michael’s Other Professions

Michael lived his dream of becoming a director, producer, and writer. He has been a part of making a movie without acting in it. He is known as a writer for Crossword, Making it, Vlamcarter, New Friend: True Love story, and MemE! True Hollywood Story.

He is also the director of the first three movies mentioned above and producer of all of them. Throughout his career, he has five credits as a writer, 3 as a director, 6 as a producer, and one as an editor. This makes him a multi-talented and versatile personality.

Michael And Roswell, New Mexico

Michael is popularly known for his performance as Michael Guerin in Roswell, New Mexico. He has played his character outstandingly and has received great appreciation from many people. He had not watched the movie before he acted on it as he wanted to give it a new and fresh spin.

Vlamis and his manager faced a lot of difficulty for the audition of this movie as he did not find the place for it. On the last day of auditioning, he submitted an audition video shot in his bedroom, and luckily he was called for the audition.

He believes the reason for his selection in the movie was the good impression he made on Carina MacKenzie and Peter Roth while in the elevator.

Vlamis’s Believe In Love Partner

As per Vlamis, love can be found and come from any person irrespective of their gender. He has also played the role of gay and has also supported the character.

For him, the best as the proudest part of the movie “Roswell, New Mexico” is when Michael and Alex confess their love for each other.

Awards And Nominations

Michael has not yet earned a title for himself but in the coming days, he might be receiving one. He is a versatile and talented actor and there is no doubt he will receive many titles in his career.

Support Me, Supporting You – Michael Vlamis Emmy Nomination Nominee

Vlamis has been nominated for the Emmy Award and this has been shared by him to the public via his Instagram post. He has asked his admirers to support him.

Has A Pet

The Roswell, New Mexico actor Vlamis has a pet of his own and concurs that having a pet is an excellent life experience. His pet is a member of his family, and he enjoys spending time with him.

Michael Vlamis with his pet Oliver
Michael Vlamis with his pet Oliver
source: Instagram @michaelvlamis

His pet’s name is olive and the love between them can be seen on his Instagram wall where there are lots of pictures of them together.


Michael’s favorite term is “can’t,” as it increases the likelihood that he will do anything to disprove your assertions that he cannot. Since he was a child, Michael has had an infatuation with royal purple and will always choose that color.

Michael’s favorite superhero, out of all the ones available, is still Spiderman. He enjoys watching a variety of films, but due of the plot, he still considers “Good Will Hunting” to be the finest. His favorite book was “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” which spoke to him because of where he was when he read it.

His favorite actor as well as role model and motivation is Shia LaBeouf. As per him Shia is raw and fantastic and on his bucket list, in addition to portraying a gangster, he also wants to work with Shia on a drama. Shia, in Michael’s opinion, puts his heart and soul into the roles he portrays.

Net Worth

Michael Vlamis is speculated to have a net worth of $2 Million which he has accumulated through his hardship and dedication in his professional career.

From his career in the entertainment field which includes acting, directing, producing, etc he earns a salary in the range of $400k-$1 Million annually. With all this fortune Vlamis is living a happy life.

Social Media Presence

Vlamis is available on social media and is quite active on them. His Instagram id @michaelvlamis has a total of 87.9k followers and his Twitter id @MichaelVlamis has 13.2k followers

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