Melissa Esplana is an American celebrity wife who was born on February 21, 1961, in San Franciso, USA. Her full name is Melissa Grace Esplana Fiesta. She is currently in her early sixties. According to astrological, her birth sign is Pisces. Her lucky color is Sea green, and her lucky stone is Aquamarine.

Being of different ethnicity, she belongs to the white ethnicity. She has been able to hold American nationality. She is known for the caring living of her husband and loving mother and is also a socialite.

Early Life

A celebrity wife who was raised with her family’s support and care. She has been spending her time with her childhood. She is officially known by her husband, who is a famous American baseball manager Dusty Baker. Since her childhood, she has been having supportive parents.

She is quite private about her personal life, and she has never mentioned her early life on any public sites. Grace has been very secure about her personal life, which is why there is no detail about her early life information. She might be focusing on her career in her major professional subject. Also, she never mentions any detail about her.

Qualification And Education

She completed her studies in English and literature after school. She might be focusing on her career as a Socialite and also got attacked by some social workers during her childhood.

She is very active in her dream and career, and she has been able to graduate in her major subject.

Physical Appearance

Melissa has got a cubby and a beautiful, charming face. She looks physically fit and healthy with her body shape and size. She might have gained some weight where her weight is 60kg. She doesn’t look much taller, but her height is 5 feet 2 inches (157.48 cm)

Her height and weight match her body perfectly, whereas the fiesta has got dark brown hair and brown eyes color. She has kept herself far away from the public eye, which is why there isn’t any detail about her.

Family Background

Mellisa was raised with her family since her childhood. She has got supportive and caring parents. She used to live with her parents in Franciso, USA. She likes to keep her personal life secure, which is why the isn’t any information about her family background on any social sites.

She has never talked about her parents on any sites or in front of the camera. She has been living up with her parents, but she hasn’t mentioned whether she is living up with her parents or not. It might be Mellisa has been with her husband currently.


A celebrity wife who has not been involved in any rumors till now. As we came to listen to many rumors about other celebrities, but till 2022 Melissa has never been involved in any rumors. Also, her past relationship hasn’t been mentioned on any site of social media, which is why she is a rumors-free personality.

But on November 27, 1994, she got married to famous American baseball manager Dusty Baker. She has never been in rumors, but before she married, she got in relation with a guy, but they got separated for some reason. But now she is living a happy life with her husband.

Married History Of Melissa Fiesta

Melissa is a celebrity wife, Socialite, and homemaker who is also known as the second wife of a famous MLB player. Melissa got married on the date 27th of November 1994 to Johnnie B. Dusty Baker JR, who is a famous baseball manager in America.

They have been living a happy married life. Similarly, they became parents on February 11, 1999, when they gave birth to a baby boy Darren Baker. With a small family, they are having a happy family together. Melissa is also known for being a loving wife to Dusty and a caring mother to her son Darren.

Melissa Fiesta’s Husband, Dusty Baker

As further information about melissa’s husband, Dusty Baker, who has been well known by his professional American Baseball manager for many years, also, Melissa is known by his husband professionally. Dusty was born on June 15, 1949, in Riverside, California, United States. He joined his first role in 1976 in Los Angles Dodgers and also got an opportunity to work in different states.

Melissa Esplana with her husband Dusty Baker at the party.
Melissa Esplana with her husband, Dusty Baker. Source: Biography Mask

As a coach, In 1984 got an opportunity in San Franciso Giants. He also got many more opportunities, and the BBWAA named him a National League Manager of the year in 1993, 1997, 2000, and 2002 (Baseball manager association of America). Even On September 7, he made major league baseball with Atlanta Braves. He has been the coach of Huston Astros, Chicago Clubs, Washington Nationals, and so on.

One weird habit of her husband, Dusty, is having a toothpick in his mouth. His father used to carry a toothpick with him. In addition to this, he picked the addiction of tobacco which is why he has toothpick in his mouth.

How Much Is Melissa Fiesta Net Worth?

Melissa Fiesta is known for being the celebrity wife of Dusty Baker, whose net worth has both been mentioned on any site nor her professional. Currently, she is having a luxurious life with her husband earning.

As melissa is known by her husband professional who the husband who has been able to collect a good amount of money with his professional. Her husband Dusty Baker is not exactly how much, but as estimated, his salary net worth is over $20 million.

Past Relationship Of Dusty Baker

Before getting married to Melissa Esplanem, she was in a relationship with Alice Lee Washington( Ex-Wife of Alex Cowper Smith). Alice and Dusty are connected with their which is known for their relationship. Also, Alice is known as the first wife of an America Major League baseball manager. They both manage some time together even though they spend some time together.

But he had a daughter named Natosha Lichon Baker with his first wife, Alice Lee. Natasha was born on 29th September 1979 to her father, Dusty Baker, and mother, Alice Lee Washington. But unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, and they got separated. The reason for the separation is disclosed till now. After separation, Dusty got tied the knot with Melissa Esplana and had a happy married life.

For more information about the Ex-wife of Alex Cowper smith.

Does She Have A Child?

A celebrity wife, Melissa Esplana, and a famous Baseball manager got married on the date of 27th November 1994. After some years together, they have a baby boy Darren Baker who was born on February 11, 1999.

Melissa Fiesta's husband Dusty Bakers with his son Darren Baker.
Melissa Fiesta’s husband, Dusty Bakers, with his son Darren Baker. Source: Abtc. ng

He has been living with his parents and having a luxurious life melissa is private about her life which is why she hasn’t mentioned any information about her son Darren Baker on any social sites. Esplana has stayed far away from public sites till now.

Is Melissa Active On Her Social Media?

Furthermore, information about MLB player Dusty Baker’s wife, Melissa Fiesta, was quite away from social media sites. She does not create any profile on any sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

She prefers to keep her personal information away from social media sites, so she has not created any profile head on any sites. She might be busy in her life being a lovely wife and caring mother, which is why she hasn’t been involved in any social sites, nor is her husband Dusty Baker not involved in social sites.

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