Maureen Blumhardt is an American model as well as an activist by profession who is in the limelight for her ties with the highly celebrated NBA professional. She is the wife of highly celebrated NBA player Charles Berkley.

Born in the year 1960, Blumhardt celebrates her birthday every 15th of January. She was raised in Arizona and based on her birthdate her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Besides this, there is no information regarding her childhood life and her parents.

However, there are many more interesting facts about the celebrity wife Blumhardt which are mentioned below.

Net Worth

Maureen Blumhardt has not yet revealed her exact property and other information related to her wealth like her income. However, her net worth is speculated to have a net worth of approximately $1 Million.

She was a successful model who had posed for many photographers as well as endorsed a vibrating machine for weight loss, Noblerex K-1. After that, Blumhardt began working as an advocate and an auxiliary member of the Fresh start women’s foundation.

In addition to this, Blumhardt’s husband is estimated to have a net worth of jaw-dropping $50 Million which he has accumulated from his successful NBA career. He earned around $40 Million during his playing days and an additional amount from endorsing brands like Nike. However, he is estimated to have more than $10 Million in gambling.

Married To NBA Star Charles Barkley

Maureen Blumhardt is in a marital relationship with NBA celebrity Charles Barkley. The couple exchanged nuptial vows in the year 1989 in a private location among their family members and friends.

Maureen Blumhardt and her husband Charles Barkley 1
Maureen Blumhardt and her husband Charles Barkley
Source: Players Bio

Blumhardt and Barkley first encountered in the late 1980s at a restaurant in Pennsylvania called City Avenue. After their first meeting, they gradually became closer and eventually got into a relationship which resulted in their marriage.

Today, it has been more than three decades since their marriage and they do not have any disputes which have made headlines and are living a happy married life.

Besides this, Maureen is not romantically involved in a relationship with any other person.

Husband – Charles Barkley

Blumhardt’s husband, Charles Barkley is a former NBA player who is currently working as an analyst on TNT’s Inside the NBA. During his active days in the game, he was known by various nicknames like the Chuckster, the round mound of rebound, etc.

Maureen Blumhardts husband Charles Barkley 1
Maureen Blumhardt’s husband Charles Barkley
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

After retiring, He tried to expand his work domain and has written a number of books and demonstrated a strong interest in politics. He had declared in 2008 that he would run for governor of Alabama in 2014, but in 2010 he changed his mind.

Blumhardt’s Marriage With Charles Received Denial From Racist Communities In the 80s

In contemporary society, although many people are well-educated there are still a bunch of people who are racists. It was much worse back in the 80s. Her marriage with Charles was not supported by society.

However, their parents were supportive and the love birds were madly in love with each other. Despite receiving a huge backslash the couple married by ignoring them.

Blumhardt’s Mother Had A Heartattack After The Rumor Of Charles’s Extra Marital Affairs

Sometime after Blumhardt married Charles, the rumour of him in an extramarital affair with pop-icon Madonna spread like a wildfire. However, he was ignoring the rumour.

After individuals began to contact and bother Maureen’s mother, she became anxious. Her heart attack struck. When people see Maureen in public locations, they also play Maddona tunes. Charles then broke his silence by claiming the hearsay was untrue and departing with his family by themselves.

Blessed With A Daughter

Christina blessed her parents in the year 1989, the same year her parents got into a nuptial relationship. She became well-known ever since her birth.

Maureen Blumhardts daughter Christina Barkley 1
Maureen Blumhardt’s daughter Christina Barkley
Source: The Famous People

Christina is a well-educated person who has received a degree from Villanova University which is a private catholic university located in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, she pursued courses in Journalism at Columbia Journalism School.

The celebrity child is very secretive like her mother and stays away from the limelight. Talking about her career, she works at the Koppelman group as a senior account manager.

The celebrity daughter, Christina married Ilya Hoffman which was covered by New York Times. The couple shares a beautiful child together.

Tamed Unruly NBA star

Prior to tying knots with Blumhardt, Charles was also famous for his controversial comments. He was seen as an unruly and uncouth personality.

However, the NBA star has become a changed man ever since he tied knots with Blumhardt. It is all due to the intimidating nature of Blumhardt.

Blumhardt’s Daughter Was Once Involved In Internet Scandal

Blumhardt’s daughter, Christina was once viral on the internet as inappropriate pictures of her started circulating around. As she was the daughter of famous NBA star Charles, it circulated even faster.

The photos were posted on Twitter under the username Ari. Under the investigation, it was later found out that, the picture was not hers but of her lookalike. This saved her name as well as her family name from being disgraced.

Blumhardt’s Husband Charles’s Bad Habit Of Gambling

Blumhardt was involved in gambling where he lost millions of dollars. In an Espn interview in 2006, he explained how he lost $2.5 Million in a two-hour window. Likewise, the total amount that he lost today amounts to more than $10 Million.

Charles Barkley on gambling: Lost $1 million 10-20 times

He had refused to leave his bad habits despite knowing this was leading to a dangerous path. As the celebrity was able to afford to gamble he was enjoying it.

However, after a casino sued him for not paying a $400k loan, he gave it a little thought and decided to join Michael Jordan in golf rehab. He did pay the loan with $40k additional attorney fees.

As per Barkley, his wife Blumhardt has helped him to quit his gambling habit.

Worked As A Model

Blumhardt started her professional career as a model. When she began seeing the NBA celebrity Charles she was posing for many agencies. However, she left her modelling career after her marriage.

She was also involved in commercials and brand endorsing. She has promoted Noblerex K-1 and posed for weight loss machines.

Paralegal And Activist

Maureen Blumhardt has supported the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and is a lifelong honorary member of it. She actively participates in many activities and is currently involved in humanitarian efforts.

Fresh start women’s foundation is located in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a non-profit organization whose objective is to empower women and equip them with education and career skill.

Maureen has contributed significantly to the distribution of funds for the battle against injustice and inequality as well as the enhancement of women’s lives up until this point. As a result, Maureen is regarded as one of the most respected women in the USA. 

The Physical Appearance of Maureen

The former model Maureen is a very beautiful woman and despite her old age looks more younger and attractive. She has blonde hair and attractive blue eyes.

Likewise, Maureen stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 2 inches which is equivalent to 157 cm. She has maintained her weight around 50 kg i.e 110 lbs. Her physical measurement is 37-37-37 and has an hourglass body.

Social Media Presence

Blumhardt loves to stay away from the limelight now and wants to live a private life. She wants to spend time with her family rather than being attached to the screen and scrolling through the feeds. Thus, she has not yet activated her accounts on any social media platforms.

However, her husband Charles is pretty active on them and is available on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram id is @officialcharlesbarkley in which he has more than 6k followers. Likewise, Barkley tweets under the username @BarkleyPresents which has more than 19k followers which is comparatively higher than his Instagram followers.

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