Matthew MacFadzean was born in 1972 in North York, Toronto, Canada. He is a son of Rahat Kazmi. According to astrologers, his Zodiac sign is Cancer. He has been holds Canadian Nationality and belongs to White Ethnicity.

Mr. Matthew is a Canadian actor who is best known for the role in Under the Dragon’s Tail 2004 as George Crabtree. Also, he appeared in many Tv movies such as Insecurity Judecast, a short video, The Hardy Boys as Mayor Krassner and many more.

Physical Appearances And Body Measurement

Matthew MacFadzean looks very handsome and has got an attractive personality. Mr. Matthew has got light brown color hair. He also has got a beard which is also golden brown. He also has brown eyes and a slim body, making him look more attractive.

A portrait photo of actor Matthew MacFadzean wearing his black coat with a white shirt and glass.
A portrait photo of actor Matthew MacFadzean. Source: MATTHEW MACFADZEAN

But, looking at his picture, we can assume he is very healthy. His body doesn’t look over-weighted, so his weight is around 77kg which is 170Ibs. Mr. MacFadzean has kept his diet balanced and seems fit and healthy with his tallness, so his height is approximately 6 feet 2 inches which is 1.88 meters and 188 Centimeters. Matthew might have been eating green vegetables and doing some workouts to keep himself healthy and looks energetic. His body measurement, such as waist size, is 32 inches, and other details of his body measurement are not mentioned.

Family And Sibling Background

A Canadian actor Matthew was raised with his family and sibling since childhood. But there isn’t any information about her current residence. An actor Matthew was born to his father, Rahat Kazmi, and the identity of his mother has been disclosed on every social site. Apart an actor hasn’t mentioned his parent’s profession on social media.

Mr. MacFadzean is living as a single, which is why he hasn’t mentioned any detail about her family. Maybe he has not spoken a piece of information about her family members and siblings in an interview or on any social sites. With his disclosed information, there is no detail about his sibling and parents’ professionals on any social sites.

Qualification And Education Background

Insecurity Judecast actor Matthew is a well-educated personality. He studied at the National Theatre School of Canada in Quebec and completed his schooling. Mr. MacFadzean graduated with a good rank.

Mr. Matthew has not faced any difficulties while graduating due to his supporting parents by his sites. After completing his schooling, Matthew joins McGill University, a Public university in Montreal, Canada. Besides this, a Canadian actor seems well-mannered and intelligent.

Career Highlighter

Matthew MacFadzean is a famous Canadian actor who started his career at a young age. After completing his formal education, he entered his career as an actor. Also, an actor joined acting at the National Theatre School of Canada, due to which he was able to play a role in many movies and Tv series till now.

With his hard work and passion for his acting career, he played his first role in 2001 as Stone guys in The Big Heist TV Movie. After getting into the film industry, he was able to play many more movies till now. In 2001 he was seen in Secrets of Forensic Science TV Series as Jason Petrie; also the same year, he played in Mutant X as Tony Reese. Onward, In 2003 he has seen in Owning Mahowny as Office Cop, which Richard Kwietniowski directed.

A portrait photo of actor Matthew MacFadzean with co-actor  Kenneth Welsh in the Murdoch Mysteries series.
A portrait photo of actor Matthew MacFadzean with co-actor  Kenneth Welsh in the Murdoch Mysteries series. Source: Instagram

The movies name played by Matthew is, Bury the Lead in 2004, and The Murdoch Mysteries in 2005, as in the same year he played in Sohni Sapna. In 2011, he appeared on Sohni Sapna, Beautiful Dream, Absolute Killers, Copper in 2012, Murdoch Mysteries in 2013 and Many more. He never thinks about giving up on his career, which is why he has been able to give his full energy to his acting and has been able to achieve the Fox Foundation Scholarship award.

As of 2022, a hardworking actor had played in many more such as Run the Burbs as Bill, Coroner as Randy Groat, The Handmaid’s Tale as a doctor and The Hardy Boys as Mayor Krassner. Matthew is known for his name and fame. Apart from this, Matthew’s hard work has been seen in many more movies, so we wish him good in the upcoming days.

Married Life

The Handmaid’s Tale actor Matthew is a married man who got married to a gorgeous actress and his long-time girlfriend, Natalie Lisinska. Matthew disclosed information, and there is no detail about the couple’s married date. But the couple keeps sharing photos on their social media.

A portrait photo of actor Matthew MacFadzean with his wife  Natalie Lisinska at their wedding.
A portrait photo of actor Matthew MacFadzean with his wife Natalie Lisinska at their wedding. Source: Favebites.

Natalie and her husband Matthew have been dating for many years and married after a long-time girlfriend. A couple has maintained their relationship strong and long-lasting with a perfect relationship. The couple has been able to welcome sons together. Apart from this, Natalie is active on her social media sites. To know more about Matthew’s wife, Natalie, you can follow her on her social media sites, Instagram with 1.2k followers with her username Natalie Lisinska.


The couple Matthew and his wife, Natalie, welcomed a son together whose name is JJ Matthew, But the detail about his son JJ has not been mentioned on any social sites. Mattew and Natalie have been able to be wonderful parents.

A portrait photo of actor Matthew MacFadzean with his wife  Natalie Lisinska and his son JJ MacFadzean.
A portrait photo of actor Matthew MacFadzean with his wife Natalie Lisinska and his son JJ MacFadzean. Source: ecelebrityFacts.

Mrs. Natalie becomes a mother from the child of her husband, Matthew. As per some sources, No, information is yet posted about their identity, but perhaps we could find one picture of the couple with their son.

Life On Social Media

Even after being a youth of this era, Matthew MacFadzean was active on his social media with many fans and followers. He has created his profile head on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. An actor keeps sharing his work on his social media, so his followers are increasing daily.

MacFadzean loves interacting with his followers and wants the public to know about his personality; that’s why he is most active on his account. An actor has been holding his Twitter account with more than 1.1k Followers and around 1.0k Followers on his Instagram account. To learn more about an actor, you can follow him on his social media account with his, Instagram with his username Matthew MacFadzean and On Twitter, he has been holding a statement with his username @macFaddo.

Net Worth

Matthew MacFadzean is a Canadian actor, and he began her career at an early age. With his incredible acting, he has been able to get many films and Tv shows. Mr. Matthew has been making more money with this talent and hard work. An actor wants to keep her private and has not mentioned her net worth openly.

But according to some sources, his estimated net worth is $ 1 million. His earnings are majorly from his acting career. With the amount he earns and his wife, Natalie, making around $ 3 million, they can live a luxury life to live everyday life and enjoy her life with her beautiful small family.

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