Mara Corday is an American former model and 1950s cult figure who was highly appreciated for her beauty and style. Besides, she has been in movies and TV series like Naked Gun, The Man from Bitter Ridge, and so on as an actress.

Moreover, Corday is also a playmate, i.e. model that appears in the Playboy magazine of the month in the centerfold. If you find this interesting then continue reading to know more facts and features relating to her life.

Net Worth

Mara Corday is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1.2 Million as per Idol Networth, which she has accumulated from her professional career. She has worked as a model and an actress.

As an actress, she has played in many movies and TV series like Son of Ali Baba, Yankee Pasha, Mr. and Mrs. North, etc. Likewise, Corday used to be a pin-up girl in most men’s magazines. She was even featured in a famous magazine like Playboy.

In addition to this, her late husband Richard Long was estimated to have a net worth of $1.6 Million in his possession.

Was Married To Richard Long

Mara Corday was married to her co-star in Playgirls Richard Long. The couple first met at the set of The Playgirl and got to know each other. Eventually, their friendship started into a relationship after the death of Suzan Ball, the first wife of Richard.

Mara Corday and her husband Richard Long 1
Mara Corday and her husband Richard Long.
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The couple tied the knot in the year 1957 in a holy ceremony among their friends and families. Corday left her professional life after marriage to raise the family. Corday stayed in a marital relationship with Long until the end of 1974.

Early Life

Mara was born on January 3rd, 1930, and was raised in Santa Monica, California, before relocating to Hollywood in quest of employment.

Before being a model and an actress, she was involved in the showgirl and dancing profession. She was accompanied by her mother while working as a showgirl in the Earl Caroll Revenue Theatre.

She worked there for two and a half years and shifted her career to acting.

How Corday Decidesd Her Stage Name?

A lot of people may be surprised by the fact that Mara Corday is not the real name of the Playboy magazine model. It is a stage name that she made to sound more exotic.

Her Real name is Marilyn Joan Watts and she went by her nickname Mara while working as a dancer. She picked Mara from the bongo player who used to call her Mariata.

She picked Corday from the name of the perfume when she used to work as Usher in Maryan Theater.

Past Relationship

Before marrying Richard, Mara was involved in relationships with other men. She is known to have dated Hugh O’Brian in 1953 which lasted for a year.

Mara Corday and her former love Lex Barker 1
Mara Corday and her husband Richard Long.
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Following that, Corday was in a relationship with Lex Barker in 1954 but they were not able to take their relationship to the next level.

Husband -Richard Long

Corday’s husband Richard Long is an American actor who is a recognized personality in the film industry. He played the main character in the TV series The Big ValleyNanny and the Professor, and Bourbon Street Beat.

Mara Cordays husband Richard Long.
Mara Corday’s husband Richard Long.
Source: Wikipedia

Long was born on the 17th of December, 1997, and was raised in Chicago. Before entering the acting industry, he was in the US Army and served during the Korean War. He was posted in California and was also stationed in Tokyo.

Later, he made his debut in acting in 1946 by appearing briefly in Tomorrow is Forever, Following that, he appeared in numerous movies and TV series like The Black Mirror, All American, The United States Steel Hour, and so on.

He died of a heart attack in 1974 in Tarzana Medical Center. Pneumonia has weakened his heart and suffered from cardiac arrest.

Corday Once Thought Of Divorcing Long

Long was arrested by the police because Corday accused him of attacking her when he was drunk. His bail was paid out by his brother-in-law Marshall Thompson.

She did not pursue the charges but was going to file for a divorce. But they got along with each other later.

Blessed With Three Children

Corday is a proud mother of three children whom she shares with her husband Richard Long. Her daughter Valerie Long has walked in her footsteps and has worked as an actress. Likewise, she has two sons Carey Long born in the year 1957, and Gregory Long born in 1960.

Mara Corday with her husband and children
Mara Corday with her husband and children.
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Unfortunately, Carey is no more and died of a heart problem on the 21st of September, 2008 in Los Angeles. Corday and Richard have made their children successful.

Daughter – Valerie Long

Corday’s daughter, Valerie Long was born on the 28th of September, 1958. She had a great influence on her parents in her personal and professional life. She walked in the footsteps of her parents and entered the acting industry.

She made her debut with the TV series Thirtysomething in 1991 where she appeared briefly as a fan. Following that, she made appearances in numerous TV series and movies like Wannabe, Rip It Off, United We Stand, The E.A.T.S community, and so on.

Corday Is SistIn Law Of Actor Marshall Thompson

Corday is the sister-in-law of the American actor Marshall Thompson who is known for his good looks and acting skills. He has 118 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile which is for White Dog, The Formula, The Turning Point, etc.

Mara Corday brother in law Marshall Thompson.
Mara Corday’s brother-in-law Marshall Thompson.
Source: IMDb

He has married the sister of Corday’s husband Barbara Long. That made her the sister-in-law of the handsome actor Thompson.

Modeling Career – Featured As A Playmate

Mara’s beauty attracted some photographers when she used to work as a showgirl in Earl Caroll Revenue Theater. This made her a little easier to work as a model. She posed with different photographers and appeared in numerous magazines.

She was a pin-up girl in most men’s magazines in 1950. Likewise, Corday also became a playmate in 1958 featured in the centerfold of the famous Playboy magazine of the month. Her successful modeling career helped her to make entry into the TV and Movie Industries.

During her modeling career, she worked alongside many top models including Pat Sheehan.

As An Actress

Besides Modeling, Mara Corday also worked as an actress. Initially, she was given only B movies and television series. She was contracted by Universal International Pictures. She made her debut on screen as a showgirl in the movie Two Tickets to Broadway.

A DAY OF FURY (1956) *RARE* Theatrical Trailer.

Following that, Corday appeared in many movies and TV series including Son of Ali Baba, Yankee Pasha, Mr. and Mrs. North, Man from the black hawk, The Rookie, and so on. Her acting roles were small until 1955 when she was cast opposite John Agar and Leo G. Carroll in the successful science-fiction film Tarantula, which has Clint Eastwood in a very brief role as a jet fighter pilot.

Throughout her career, Corday has had 45 credits as an actress. Her last movie was The Rookie which was released in 1990.

Mara Corday Physical Appearances And Measurements

Corday is known for her exotic beauty which has made many guys daydream. She can make any guy fall in love with her appearance. As a model and actress, she used to maintain her appearance. Her style was copied by many females.

She has naturally black hair and attractive wide eyes. She stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 5 inches which is equivalent to 165 cm. Corday has a slim body and has maintained a weight of around 56i.e. i.e 123 lbs.

Corday’s Personal Site Is Under Construction

Although Corday is not active on any social media platforms and has not activated accounts on them, she has her own website.

It is not completed but it enables you to email her, check the information about autographs, etc. Click on the link to visit her website.

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