Mallory James Mahoney is an American teen actress who rose to fame after playing the role of Destiny Baker in the popular series Bunk’d on the Disney channel.

She was born on January 31, 2005, in, FortWorth, Texas, United States. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. She started her career as a child actor. She’s been in the entertainment industry since she was four years old when she found her passion for performing.

Former Life

Mahoney was raised in a small family. She was raised by her parents in her hometown formerly late she move to Los Angeles for working purposes. She was born into a well-to-do family and that is why she had a pretty good life and didn’t have to face many struggles.

She was interested in an acting career from a young age and started her acting career when she was just four. Before that, she was studying and was focused on her education and she is continuing her education. She is a very hard-working and obedient student.

Physical Appearance

Mallory James Mahoney has a doll-like face, She has a fair skin tone and looks thin and fit. She has blond and curly hair complementing her hazel brown hair. She looks adorable with her cute chubby cheeks and rosy lips.

Mallory James Mahoney wearing a blue top and surrounded by balloons
Portrait picture of Mallory James Mahoney, picture source Instagram: @malloryjamesmahoney

She stands about 5 feet and 1 inch and weighs about 46kgs. Her amazing physical features catch the attention of many fans and followers.

Family Background

Mahoney’s small family includes her and her parents only. She is a single child with no siblings. Her father’s name is Michael Mahoney and her mother’s name is Natalie Griffin. There is not much information about her personal life and family and neither there is any information about what her parents do.

We can see her posting about her parents sometimes on her social media account but their accounts are private which is why there is no other information about them.


Mallory James Mahoney did her schooling at River Trails Elementary School. She was one of the excellent students during her school days getting Straight As almost every time. She was the teacher’s favorite because she was a hardworking and passionate student.

Her career started during her school days. She later joined the high school as well. She used to participate actively in Extra-Curricular Activities during her school days. She is involved in many sports activities even now.

Career Highlights

Mahoney started her career when she was just four years old. she started her career in a commercial for cheese. After doing a commercial for Chuck E cheese she got many offers for short films and later she got an offer to star in Disney Channel Original Movie as Katy Copper.

She also got an opportunity to play a lead role in a movie where she was playing the character of Jenny. Her career began to take off after that role. She kept working hard and now she is also a part of a Netflix series named On My Block.

Net Worth

Mallory James Mahoney has been able to collect a good amount of fortune because of her hard work, dedication, and passion for work. She is known to be one of the richest teens. She was able together with this amount by working in many films, television series, and commercials. She is also quite active on her social media where she gets paid for promoting products.

The whooping net worth of an American teen actress Mallory is $3 million. It includes all her assets and royalties she has earned till today. She will be adding more value to her fortune as she is actively working in this industry.

Relationships And Rumors

There are not many rumors about Mallory James Mahoney dating someone. She is still a teenager and has not been involved in any love affairs till today. Neither we can see anyone spreading rumors about her.

She is very private about her personal life and has never mentioned anything about her relationship or affairs. As of now, she is single.

Hobbies And Interest

Apart from acting, Mahoney is interested in many other activities. She was always interested in sports and we can see her posting about hockey on her social media accounts. She keeps posting pictures of wearing a Hockey dress from her favorite team. She even posts pictures with the players. This shows that she has a great enthusiasm for Hockey.

She also likes traveling and exploring different places. She also likes to spend time with her friends and family. She usually goes out on tours and travels with her friends or her family. She also loves spending time with her pets. she also likes to read books and listen to music.

How Active Is She On Her Social Media?

Mahoney is quite active on her social media. She is available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She has a very good engagement on all her social media platforms. She keeps posting lots of stuff which is why she is getting good engagement. She mostly posts about her day-to-day activities, Her work, her co-workers, Friends, Families, and Pets.

She has about 445K followers on her Instagram Account, about 421K followers on her Facebook account, and about 4k followers on Twitter. For more information and update about her, you can follow her on her social media accounts.

Her name on Instagram is @malloryjamesmahoney, and on Facebook is Mallory James Mahoney.

Does She Own Any Pet?

Mahoney does have a pet dog. She spends most of her leisure time with her pet dog and she looks like a very good pet mom. She posts a lot about her pet on her social media account and we can see many fun memories of her with her dog on her account. She has created a separate Instagram account for her dog with the name @the.lord.stanley

Mallory James Mahoney celebrates her pet dog's birthday with stuffed toys in the background.
Mallory James Mahoney celebrating the birthday of her pet dog, picture source Instagram: the.lord.stanley

She has named her pet dog Lord Stanley. She got her pet dog on July 21 and she even celebrates her pet dog’s birthday every year on the same day. She has shared pictures on her social media account of her celebrating her pet dog’s birthday.

Is She Vegetarian?

Mallory introduces herself as a vegetarian as she shows great compassion for animals. She once spoke up about being vegetarian and gave her opinion about it. She has been a vegetarian for about more than nine years. She is against animal cruelty which is why she decided to be a vegetarian.

Even though she is vegetarian she tends to respect people’s opinions about it. She respects people having a different perspective and does not mind if someone does not want to quit meat. She has also mentioned alternatives instead of meat.


Mallory James Mahoney has never been in any kind of controversy. She is known for a very humble nature which keeps her away from all kinds of controversies.

She also tends to keep her personal life quite private and stays away from media and paparazzi which is why there are no rumors about her.

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