Lyzel Williams is a graphic artist and DJ from America. Most folks recognize him because he used to be married to the singer Jill Scott. He was born in Washington, D.C. around the mid-70s, but there’s still some checking going on to confirm his exact birthday.

Lyzel Williams’s Wiki/ Bio

Lyzel Williams was born around the mid-70s in Washington, D.C., but we’re not sure of his exact birthday. His dad was an electric designer and his mother was a fashion designer. He’s Afro-American and holds American citizenship. When he was young, he mostly lived with his grandma, who took super good care of him.

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Lyzel Williams is of Afro-American descent.

Moreover, the media personage went to Forestville High School in Maryland and played basketball there. After graduating in 1989, he headed to the Philadelphia Art Institute to learn about visual communication. Lyzel loves music and DJs.

Is The Ex-Husband Of Jill Scott

The household name Williams and his former beau Jill Scott met in 1994 and dated for seven years before tying the knot in 2001. They had a happy married life but ended up getting a divorce in 2007. They didn’t have any children together during their six years of marriage.

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Lyzel Williams with his former spouse Jill Scott. Image Source: Pinterest

After the split, The Way singer Scott dated her ex, Lil’ John Roberts, and they had a son named Jett Hamilton Roberts born on April 20, 2009. An interview with Jill after their divorce revealed that despite their happiness, their different careers became a problem.

In addition, Lyzel, a talented graphic designer, had put aside his music dreams for Jill, and that caused strain in their relationship. Despite their love and care, they couldn’t make it work, and they didn’t have any kids together.

Lyzel Williams’s Ex-Wife Is Now Happily Married

The 51-year-old Scott, a famous Grammy-winning artist, has a life filled with success, but also some tough times in love. She’s been through two marriages that ended in divorce, and she’s talked openly about these experiences in interviews and through her music.

Meanwhile, the big name mentioned the divorce was partly because Williams left her food sitting out, which hurt her feelings a lot. Later in 2016, Jill married Mike Dobson, who was a writer without a job. Their wedding was lovely, with a performance from a famous hip-hop artist.

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However, things didn’t work out, and by November 2017, they were getting divorced. Jill cited reasons like differences they couldn’t fix and behavior she found inappropriate.

Afterward, Dobson spoke out, calling Jill “evil.” Jill, on the other hand, shared advice about relationships. She said it’s important for people to know their own worth and not settle for less. She warned against dating people who disrespect their parents, have financial troubles, or aren’t emotionally stable.

Short Bio On Jill Scott

The media sensation Scott is a talented American singer, songwriter, actress, and poet who’s made a big mark in her career. She was born in 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up with her mom in a regular working-class home. She sang a lot in her church choir. She started studying education at Temple University but left to chase her music dreams.

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Lyzel Williams’s ex-wife, Jill Scott is an award-winning singer. Image Source: Instagram@missjillscott

Moreover, the TV star’s first album, “Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1,” came out in 2000 and was a hit with both critics and fans. After that, she released more successful albums like “Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2” in 2004 and “The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3” in 2007.

In addition, Jill’s not just into music—she’s acted in movies like “Why Did I Get Married?” and its sequel, and she was in the TV series “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.”

To add more, the renowned personality won lots of awards, like four Grammys, three Soul Train Music Awards, and many NAACP Image Awards. Jill’s not just about her career—she’s into giving back too. She’s done a bunch of charity work, especially promoting reading and education among kids.

What’s more, the gorgeous lady has been in films like “Hounddog,” “Get on Up,” and the TV series “Black Lightning” starring Teesha Renee and Bethann Hardison. After a break from music, she dropped her fourth album, “The Light of the Sun,” in 2011. Jill’s definitely a multi-talented star!

How Is Lyzel Williams’s Professional Life?

Lyzel is an American artist who’s really good at making cool designs. Before that, he studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He started working with pictures and designs for different companies in Washington D.C. People liked his work a lot because he was really creative.

Likewise, the celebrity husband was a big part of her music career, helping with the look and feel of her shows and even managing some parts of her music stuff until about 2008. Besides designing, he also used to be a DJ and was great at picking music that got people dancing.

At the beginning of his career, Williams worked as a designer at a software company for eight years, then did some graphic art for a newspaper in Philadelphia for a year. He also worked as a senior artist at another company for about nine years. Nowadays, he’s doing awesome design work for “Comcast Interactive Media.”

What Is Lyzel Williams’s Net Worth?

Well! Williams is said to have a net worth of $1 million in total money and earns around $40,000 to $50,000 every year. He’s really good at making art and has worked in big companies like Philadelphia Tribune. Right now, he’s working as a graphic designer for Intermedia Interactive Software. Besides that, he’s also done DJing.

Further, Scott, on the other hand, is a famous singer and songwriter in America. She’s got a huge amount of money, around $8 million, from her singing and acting career.

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